Website for SEO’s and Digital Marketers to follow in 2021

InternetWebsite for SEO's and Digital Marketers to follow in 2021

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become the go-to subject for business owners, bloggers, digital marketers etc for it offers seamless and FREE traffic to your products and services. With more interest wielding for this popular digital marketing technique, more and more experts have come out to share their valuable findings and updates with the world.

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Websites for SEO and Digital Marketers 2020

In this article, we feature top 20 websites pertaining to SEO that every aspiring digital marketing professional should heed to.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a publishing company that features the latest news and opinions with regards to SEO, SEM, Mobile SEO etc. It is a sister company of MarketingLand.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 16,940
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 34,073
  • Daily unique Page Views – 58,243 


MOZ is one of the world’s largest communities of SEO and SEM experts. In addition to insights on SEO and SEM, the website also features some of their SEO and SEM tools as well.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 6,776
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 46,028 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 149,662 

SEO Book

SEO Book is a website owned by digital marketer Aaron Wall. In this space of his, he provides a plethora of information for search engine specific digital marketers such as SEO Lexicon, Articles, Updates, Tools etc.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 50,182
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 10,094 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 19,194 

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is a blog maintained by SelfCraft Media. The platform primarily features articles and expert views on Google Adwords and SEO.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 32,859
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 22,891
  • Daily unique Page Views – 30,098 

SERound Table

SEO Round Table is a community of SEO experts that provides information in the form of forum discussions, articles, blogs, infographics with regards to SEO and SEM. It covers information on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 66,501
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 8,243 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 14,896 

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is one of the most popular SEO editorials on the internet. The articles in the space are mostly authored by digital marketing experts who are well known among SEO and SEM fraternity.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 19,623
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 32,656
  • Daily unique Page Views – 54,214 

Black Hat World

Black Hat World is a search engine optimization forum run by Damien Trevatt. The forum primarily focuses on discussions about black hat techniques to gain rankings on search engines.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 5,586
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 33,344
  • Daily unique Page Views – 181,777 


MattCutts is the personal blog of Matt Cutts, a former head of web spam department at Google. In this space, he provides the updates, insights on how best to perform SEO on one’s website. It is a must follow SEO specific website. Following Matt Cutts on Twitter too is highly recommended.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 164,506
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 4,612
  • Daily unique Page Views – 6,259 

SEO Chat

SEO Chat is a search engine specific news and forum website. In addition to being an editorial, the website also features SEO tools and software as well.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 67,683
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 7,677
  • Daily unique Page Views – 14,909 

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is one of the most followed digital marketing forums. Discussions on the platform cover wide range of topics including – SEO, PPC, Mobile Ads, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 11,646
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 29,552
  • Daily unique Page Views – 87,663 

Elixir Digital

Ready to Start Your Digital Marketing Revolution? Elixir Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps companies build cohesive online experiences and market them effectively. They help businesses to design, build and market their brand through the most advanced digital marketing and technology. is a digital marketing agency based out of Utah, US.. In addition to its offerings, the platform features a wide range of must read content authored by SEO experts.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 120,370
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 5,588
  • Daily unique Page Views – 8,361 


Clickz is a digital marketing specific news and updates publishing website that features topics including – SEO, Mobile Ads, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 65,289
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 11,170 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 14,233 

BlackHat Team

Black Hat Team is a black hat SEO and Affiliate marketing forum.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 19,948
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 17,179
  • Daily unique Page Views – 51,536 


WooRank is a SEO product company that offers a powerful set of SEO and SEM specific tool. In addition to their products, the website also features insights into wide range of digital marketing specific topics.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 25,130
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 17,949 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 41,349 

Top Rank Blog

Top Rank Blog or Top Rank Marketing is a popular blog for digital marketers. The website publishes insights into SEO techniques and tools.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 167,329
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 5,072 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 6,090 


Backlinko is the brain child of SEO influencer Brian Dean. On this website he feature his popular Link building tools, in addition to a comprehensive Link building training and insights.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 28,695
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 19,114
  • Daily unique Page Views – 34,495 


Neil Patel is one of the well-known faces in the digital marketing space, especially SEO. In this personal blog of his, he publishes contemporary SEO techniques and strategies to gain higher rankings on search engines.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 6,528
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 76,200 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 152,755 


WordStream offers content specific SEO tools and techniques for SEO professionals and enthusiasts.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 7,611
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 80,384
  • Daily unique Page Views – 134,831 


SEM Rush is a company that offers a wide range of SEO specific digital marketing products for SEo Audit, Competition Analysis, Link Analysis, Keyword Research etc. Additionally, SEMRush also features awesome SEO related articles authored by industry experts.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 5,834
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 25,925 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 178,237


Miles Beckler is the personal blog of a popular affiliate marketer – Miles Beckler. This is a must follow website for Affiliate marketers.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 204,000
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 1,977 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 4,847 

All these Websites are the Top Sites for learning Digital Marketing, Did I miss Any of your favorite Websites? If so, please share them in the comments, let’s others. Happy Learning!!


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