5 Ways to Clean MAC Storage | Fix – Your Disk is Almost Full

Apple5 Ways to Clean MAC Storage | Fix - Your Disk is...

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MacBooks are vividly working throughout the world and are immensely popular amongst customers. Many people choose MacBooks because of the brand value of Apple. 

However, despite being one of the most popular digital devices, MacBooks can also have problems that their users might face. One of the main problems is the problem of Storage on your Mac. If you are seeing “Your Disk is Almost Full” on your MAC, then you should follow these methods to free up your MAC storage.

Methods to Clean up System Storage on MAC

Every computer gets full of files and documents at a certain point in time, and instead of replacing it, you can quickly fix it by cleaning it up. In this article, you can find some great tips to clean your Mac’s Storage.

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1. Uninstall Apps on Your Mac

At times, your computer can get full of files and apps which you no longer need and are old as weak as outdated. For such situations, you can opt for cleaning up the old apps from your Mac. 

To uninstall unused apps from your laptop, you need to drag them towards the Trash from the menu of Applications. For another way, you can use the Launchpad to delete the old apps. Thirdly, you can get software that deletes your old and unused apps. Download the ‘ CleanMyMac X ‘ app and go to the option called ‘Uninstaller’. There, you shall find a list of all the apps and delete the ones you do not require anymore. 

If you are looking for even more ways to get rid of unnecessary applications on your MacBook, you can find extra suggestions here.

2. Use Backup for Optimising the Storage

Clean MAC Storage: using backup

You can easily store your files and documents from your computer to your iCloud account storage to free up your Mac’s disk space. You can delete the outdated files quickly, but you can back them up into an external hard drive or your iCloud Storage if you need to keep them. 

You have to open the option called System Preferences and then click on Apple ID. Then, you have to go to the iCloud option and select the backup option. Then, choose the files you need to backup. This shall backup all your files to the iCloud. 

3. Find Duplicate Files on Your Mac and Delete Them

The easiest and quickest way to clean up your MacBook is to clean the files automatically you need on your own to free up Storage. Without knowing, you can free up lots of Storage that has been used on duplicate files, photos, and documents. 

The only problem with doing it manually is that it might eat up a lot of your time. For such scenarios, there are apps to do it for you. Apps like Duplicate Sweeper can easily track duplicate files and contents on your computer and delete them. Duplicate Sweeper scans your Mac for duplicate data. 

You can then select and delete the files you do not need anymore and keep the required ones. In this way, you can delete all the unnecessary files with a simple click on a button. 

4. Clean up the Downloads and Media on Your Mac

The quality of incoming and shared media like photos, GIFs, and videos is increasing and improving constantly. Unfortunately, this means the stored media on your computer gets more prominent with time due to the addition of bigger files than before. 

Hence, you might feel the need to delete some of your shared and received media on your MacBook to free up space on it. You have to open the Finder menu and go through your folders of Pictures, Music, Movies, etc. If you find any unwanted data stored there, you can select it and move it to the Trash. This will help you to delete them from the Trash later. 

You can also check the Downloads folder of your Mac to clean up some unwanted data from there. You can see the downloaded files by going to the Finder menu and selecting the Downloads header. There you can choose what you do not need and remove them easily. 

5. Delete Backups of iTunes on your Mac

Clean MAC Storage: Delete Backups on iTunes

You can delete the unnecessary backups or the backups you have stored on your external hard drive. To do so, you need to open iTunes on your Mac and open the Preferences option. Then, you have to go to the Devices option. There, you can select from the list and delete the backups you do not need any longer. 

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Final Words on cleaning System storage on MAC

These are some of the standard and easy ways to clean up the storage space on your laptop and get it cleaned. Try them if you need to clean your MacBook’s storage and use these simple tips for a better Mac user experience.


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