How to Edit Videos on iPhone [Super Guide 2021]

If you are looking for a smartphone device with a more efficient and potential operating system, iPhone should be definitely on top of your...

How to Scheduled Messages on Telegram 2021

If you want to send a message ahead of time but want to be delivered only when you would like to, Schedule messages work...

How to Create Chat Folders on Telegram

This is a feature that is very unique to Telegram. Chat Folders lets you add your telegram chats to Folders like Work, Friends, Schoolmates,...

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Top 10 Android Keyboard Apps – GIF, Emoji, Swipe 2021

Getting a new Android Phone and not sure which keyboard app to use? With so many apps out there, it must be pretty difficult...

How to See 3D Grogu on Google | Baby Yoda | The Child Google AR on Phone

Now you can see the Child, Grogu, Baby Yoda from Starwars, and the Mandalorian on your Android or iPhone using Google 3D AR. You...


Signal app on Apple Watch, is possible? here are some Good Alternatives

The signal app which has taken up a steep growth recently thanks to Elon Musk's one little tweet has users flocking Play Store &...

How to Play Stadia on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Google's cloud streaming gaming platform called Stadia is a revolutionary for gaming. Services like Stadia and other similar platforms like Microsoft's xCloud, Nvidia's GeForce...


How to do Spaces on Twitter [Audio chat]

Now that all iOS users are crowding around Clubhouse for the last couple of weeks, this might be a good time to actually share...

How to Change the username in Clubhouse

If you aren't aware of Clubhouse, this app is skyrocketing as the newest hype in the social media platforms. The new audio conferencing or...

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