10 Best Reddit Alternatives (Sites like Reddit 2019)

Sites like Reddit
Reddit is a popular place on the internet along with aspects of social networking for internet trends. As its tagline define it as “Front...

Top 10 Picasa Alternatives (Photo Editor Online 2019)

Here are the Best Picasa Alternatives, If you are still Missing Picasa photo editor. (Google announced Picasa as dead on May 1, 2016.). Before...

30 Movie Streaming Websites to Watch Movies Online

free movie streaming
Everybody likes watching movies, and some have good internet speed and they don't want to download movies, instead, they watch it online. I'm writing...

20 Most Reliable Health and Wellness Websites 2019

health and wellness websites
The adage goes something like this – “Health is Wealth”, indeed very true, isn’t it? In order to maintain one’s health, it is important...

20 Websites for Designers to Learn and get Inspired in 2019

websites for designers to learn
Learning Design online is becoming much easier these days, UI/UX User Interface or User Experience is as important as the functionality of any website....

Website for SEO’s and Digital Marketers to follow in 2019

seo websites
SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become the go-to subject for business owners, bloggers, digital marketers etc for it offers seamless and FREE traffic...

Top 35 Most Popular Viral Websites of 2019

Viral websites are called so for a reason. They publish content that can hardly resist us from sharing with friends and family. Although there...

Websites to Create Your Avatar online (Anime Maker 2019)

Anime Maker online
Want to create your own anime character – picture or video? If Anime and Manga characters interest you, definitely try out these websites which...

Hidden Spy Camera Detector Apps (Android and iOS Apps)

hidden camera detector apps
Digitizing the world comes with its own set of disadvantages. With mobile access made easy, capturing of videos and images is almost impossible to...
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