Best 5 Voice Changer for Discord on Android

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Hey! Do you know there is a communication app for gamers named Discord? Yes, you heard it right. You can now talk to your friends in real-time while playing online games. This app has already crossed over 100 million users since 2015. You can now communicate in the easiest ways over video, voice, and text. It is a custom server that has organized text channels and open voice channels that allows you to chat and catch up with your gaming buddies. These channels make it easy to play a game together, plan out weekends, or just hang out throughout the day with your best buddies.

Discord Voice Changer

Is Discord fun to use? I BET IT IS!

The feature of gaming and communicating together in Discord is just the best. Through open voice channels, you can just grab a seat when you’re free, and your friends can hop in without even having to call. You can watch your friends streaming their games while saying hello over a video or have fun with a screen-sharing session at any time. Share funny videos or turn an image into your custom emoji, it is fun for die-hard gamers like you. The most fun part of Discord is yet to come. It’s the voice changer for Discord! You can troll anyone with a female voice, a robot voice, or any scary voice and take advantage of the Discord voice chat app to irritate your neighbors. You can also link Discord with your Xbox live account and get connected to your Xbox live friends. If you are an Among Us fan? Then you can use these voice changer apps with Discord to play with your friends. You can also use Bots on Discord to change your voice.

It is so easy to just download and start using Discord

You can just download it from the play store and get it up and running on your phone. For web browsing, download the browser-based version. You just have to create a username upon signing up. Discord will automatically add a 4-digit number, called a ‘tag,’ and you are all set to go. To join a Discord server on Android, follow a few simple steps

  • Open the Discord app on your android phone
  • Tap on the icon on the top-left corner of the screen
  • Tap on ‘+’ on the left column.
  • Enter the invite link of the server you want to join
  • Tap on join.

See how quick that was! 

Let me show you some apps that you can use to troll like a pro!

The Discord chat app is a must to have in your arsenal. It offers some great voice changing features, but for that, I’ll show you some of the best voice changer apps that you can use for Discord.

  1. Voice changer with effects

    Voice Changer with Effects

    If you want to sound like an alien, or like you just inhaled helium from a balloon, you must use this app. You just have to record your voice and apply any effect, preview and modify it and share it on any app like Discord, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
  2. Voice changer

    Voice Changer Discord

    You can use this app for a better melody tune and voice. It works just like the previous app that I told you about, but the best feature of this app is that you can apply the listed effects multiple times to generate tons of effects on your voice.
  3. Super voice editor – voice changer app

    Voice changer with editing

    You can get on the nerves of your friends or family by changing your voice into a male or female voice. Just open the app once, and your existing audios from other audio software will be changed automatically. Experience the fun when you turn it on while chatting with someone on the voice. The easiest way to prank!
  4. VoiceFX – voice changer with voice effects

    Voice FX

    If you want to use your changed voices as your phone ringtone or notification ringtone, you should use this one for sure. You will definitely love the transformation of your Live playback voice and music with audio effects.
  5. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

    RoboVox voice changer

    Do you remember HAL from 2001: A space odyssey movie? Or troopers from Star Wars? Well, you can sound like them now. Use this app once with Discord, and you’ll know why I suggested it. Give your friends the Star Trek experience! Note: You have to download this app from a third-party App store.

Now that I have told you all about Discord and some amazing voice changer apps for it, what are you waiting for? Download these voice changing apps and prank away!


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