Top 10 Virtual Reality Apps for iPhone [2022]

AppleTop 10 Virtual Reality Apps for iPhone

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We spend most of our time with our cellphones but the content that we see the whole day is just the beginning of how our lives are becoming more and more virtual. Virtual reality is the aspect of technology that provides us with the interactive facet of technology. We can have adventures sitting on our couch and experience the environment of whatever world we want to enter in. Before entering into our iPhone VR Apps if you are an Android user, you can read our Top 10 VR Apps for Android or Best Virtual reality games PC, PS, Xbox, Steam

VR iPhone App

List of VR Apps for iPhone/iPad

Based on the iOS user rating and reviews on the Apple Store we have ranked these Virtual Reality [VR] Apps for iPhones and iPads, you can also play these games in iPhone Emulators. Below are some apps to change your iPhone VR experience forever.

1. VR Movies Player

VR Movies Player

The very realistic picture quality blows your mind when you use a cardboard headset. At the same time, if you use your iPhone, you get access to hundreds of videos to stream online.

VR Movies Player features-

VR Movies Player - Videos
  • It is an iPhone, iPad, and iPod compatible.
  • You can discover all there is to VR with this single app.
  • It’s easy to use interface makes your user experience best.
  • The quality can be adjusted based on your network connectivity.

2. Baobab VR – animated stories

Baobab VR - animated stories

Be a part of 3D environments and the most popular virtual stories by Madagascar films and baobab studios.

This app introduces you to family-friendly stories which you could watch on your iPhone or a cardboard headset. Interact with characters like never before.

Baobab VR features are –

  • In invasion, help a bunny with the voice of Ethan Hawke save the planet.
  • In the voice of Elizabeth banks and Ingrid nelson, go on an outer space adventure in asteroids.
  • In case you don’t have a headset, its 360 mode is just a phone movement away.
  • You can share the animated videos you like with your friends as well.

3. Oculus


Oculus VR device is your doorway to the virtual world. What makes it the best is the oculus app that not only allows you to explore apps on it but also helps you discover live VR events around you.

Oculus features are –

  • The Oculus store gives you a lot of games and experiences to look forward to.
  • It allows you to reserve your virtual seats for events that you are interested in.
  • Get notifications about your friends on the app, and get to share what you like with them.
  • Install your VR apps on it and manage your accounts to make your VR experience smooth.

4. Within VR

Within VR for iPhone

This app gives you access to award-winning documentaries, animation, music videos and much more.

Though it isn’t interactive and you have to use earbuds or headphones for the best 3D spatial ratio.

Within VR features are –

  • Capture everything with a camera or rendered CGI.
  • Watch the best hand-picked videos from independent creators.
  • You get high-res when you download the videos.
  • The best part is that it is ad-free.

5. Mobile VR Station

Mobile VR Station

Adjust what you watch, as you switch devices, to the best VR can offer. Though it does not display DRM protected content, it allows a lot of other things like 2D and 3D side by side/ over and under content.

Mobile VR Station features are –

  • You can views photos, panoramas, videos and files in floating virtual reality.
  • UPNP allows you to access external video content.
  • Its micro VR station extension allows you to watch html5 video and mobile safari as well.
  • With headset compatibility, it also offers 3D 180-degree and 360 degrees (spherical movies) experience. 

6. Sisters: A VR Ghost story

Sisters- A VR Ghost Story

This 360 degree visual and audio experience is not for the faint-hearted. Every turn unfolds something scary. So if you want to know what horror feels like, put your VR and headphones on.

VR Ghost Story features are –

  • Enter into a 360 degree spooky painted environment.
  • This is designed for mobile VR.
  • VR head tracking makes it more engaging, resulting in the environment to respond to what you are looking at.
  • Binaural and directional audio and simple look based content make it popular amongst horror fans.

7. VeeR VR

VeeR VR - Massive 4K

 This app not only allows you to stream videos but creates your content and it offers a distributing platform as well. 

Veer VR features are –

  • Explore the world of videos to watch with the preview feature.
  • The home page is user-friendly and makes content discovery easier.
  • Streamlined navigation adds a cherry to the top of user experience, and you get a leaderboard to see what’s trending.
  • Upload 3D videos and photos from your phone, while encountering a lot of renowned creators (like the world bank and warner bros studios) on the VeeR app.

8. Reality Augmented (VR)

Reality Augmented (VR)

This is the best app for experiencing VR through split screens and your camera. You are a headset away to watch the wonders a simple mobile app can make.

Reality Augmented features are –

  • It gives you access to a total of 56 augmented realities.
  • The adjustable aspect ratio gives you a whole new headset experience.
  • You can play files from your video library (record and playback) as well.
  • You can use your camera and camera filters to watch what you want to watch.

9. KinoVR virtual reality headset

KinoVR virtual reality headset

This app converts your iPhone to a quality VR headset, an expensive one at that. Get access to hundreds of stream VR games with low latency full HD video streaming. 60 frames per second and head and positional tracking help better your user experience.

KinoVR features are –

  • It supports streamVR and location tracking. This makes possible walking around in virtual reality games.
  • Adjust the video settings to match your headset requirement.
  • In case of stereo rendering failure, you get an option of side by side rendering for games.
  • KinoVR Pro makes the hearing experience best.

10. iVRy


This app is meant for you if you want to do more with your iPhones than using it for calling and texting. The best part is that scanning your headset QR code will help adjust the device to your field of view and lens distortion.

iVRy features are –

  • Wired (USB) connections result in greater quality content.
  • The frame rates are automatically adjusted depending on the connection type.
  • The user-configurable vignette, quality and performance option helps you get the most out of even your iPhones.
  • There is a lite edition which works pretty well if you want to get a headstart with VR.

Ready to Try iPhone VR Apps?

There is a lot to VR and so it gets hard to choose one app over the other. In-app purchases are an inevitable part of any app. But these apps, they offer the best even when downloaded for free. These are the latest versions of the app that not only provide you with the best features but a wide range of device compatibility. So if you haven’t already, now is the time to check them out.

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