Top virtual reality games PC, PS, Xbox, Steam – 2022

GamesTop virtual reality games PC, PS, Xbox, Steam - 2022

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Virtual reality has been around for some time now, but till recently they were no proper headsets. However, that issue has been solved, and virtual reality games are the mood and trend of 2019. Here we cover the best Virtual reality games of 2022. You can also give try to “Websites To Play Games Online“.

Best VR Games to Try in 2022:

  1. Beat Saber
  2. EVE Valkyrie – War Zone
  3. Far Point
  4. Keep Talking, and nobody explodes
  5. Mine craft VR
  6. Project Cars 2
  7. Rez- Infinite
  8. Robo Recall
  9. Space Pirate Trainer
  10. Subnautica

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Virtual Reality Games 2022

These are the best games to experience the VR effect in using your, PC, Steam, Xbox or Oculus, these are ranked based on user ratings. These VR Games are Free and some are paid, but worth the try.

  1. Beat Saber

    beatsaber VR Game

    With an active twist Beat, saber is a rhythm and music game. It is very similar to older games like Audio surf, Guitar Hero, and Rockband but instead of using fake instruments or virtual ships you use a virtual sword to slash your way through songs. Beat saber generates patterns of different color-coded blocks which you must hit as the music lays.

  2. EVE Valkyrie – War Zone:

    EVE Valkyrie - VR Game

    This is a multiplayer space dogfighting game. You are in control of a spaceship. You have choices of Team Deathmatch or carrier assault, wormhole in multiplayer options or you have to fight your way through enemy space crafts avoiding any collision or crashes.

  3. Far Point:

    This is the first virtual reality game that uses PS VR Aim which is a first-person shooter with a specially designed gun-shaped controller. The VR aim is capable of movement and tracking players on a 1:1 scale. This creates a more realistic feel of shooting mechanics. The objective is to survive through an alien environment with deadly enemies.

  4. Keep Talking, and nobody explodes:


    This is a multiplayer game where you can test your friends. You have to communicate with each other to diffuse a bomb. You have two groups the diffusers and the experts.

  5. Mine craft VR:

    Minecraft VR

    This is an exploration, survival and creation game added with 3D Audio, VR turning and VR Controls. This game supports multiple players.

  6. Project Cars 2:

    Project Cars 2 VR Game

    In this game, you are strapped into a real race track where all the controls are as practical as it gets. This game makes driving a real experience from braking to steering, and if you disable the HUD, it goes into absolute realism.

  7. Rez- Infinite:

    Rez- Infinite VR Game

    This is a game of a computer virus ( Swayzak ) which is on a mission of a system known as Project K to save the systems AI known as Eden. You have to destroy all the obstacles on the way to Eden.

  8. Robo Recall:

    Robo Recall VR Gam3

    Robo Recall is an action-packed game of shooting designed by Oculus Touch controllers. You are in the midst of a robot uprising, and you have to take them down with various weapons you have.

  9. Space Pirate Trainer:

    space pirate trainer VR Game

    In this game, the task is to shoot down space enemies with dual blasters and on the way you can pick up upgraded weapons. You have to dodge oncoming space crafts and avoid attacks.

  10. Subnautica:

    subnautica VR Game

    This game is set in the future. A passenger spacecraft lands on an ocean planet which is called 4546 B, and you are left there stranded because of an ancient alien defense system called Quarantine Enforcement platform.

These are by far the ten best virtual games in 2019, You can comment on your favorite game below in comments.

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