Top 29 Useless Websites on the Internet that Actually Exist

29 Most Useless Websites

It is an absolute truth that the internet is made up of thousands and millions of websites and other online properties that impart some information to its visitors. However, there are some weirdoes, who put up websites that are utterly useless and random. But, if you may ask, why exactly I am writing about the most useless websites?  Probably, I am that one weirdo off a lot of writers on the internet. Although useless websites they might seem, they constantly succeed to drag our attention towards them. They make sure every second of our time on these random & useless websites are imprinted in our minds eternally.

What is that common factor that attracts all of us to these random and useless websites? Probably, it’s best to ignore these factors and look into the light hearted-ness escape they offer us each and every single time we visit them.

Here is my list of 29 useless websites that you must visit. Why 29? It’s for you to guess I suppose.

1. Staggering Beauty

This is one of my favorites for sure. On this useless website, you will find what looks like a rod-shaped jelly or blubber that follows the mouse pointer. It might look normal for some, but the game starts when you shake your mouse pointer vigorously. Try doing it once; you will see what is waiting for you. Whether you call it a useless weird website or not, but, it definitely blew my mind.

2. Koalasto Thermax 

Koalasto Thermax

Not sure what the developer was thinking while putting up this random website, but, hats off to his thoughts. When you open the portal you will come across a big random circle and upon moving your cursor on it, the circle breaks into 4 smaller circles. You can go on and on breaking circles into 4 and next 4 and so on. What really surprised me was the final design of the whole scheme of things. If you are an artist, you might definitely want to try this.

Although classifying this website as a useless might be rude, but I am putting it on this list solely for you to try it.

3. Chicken on the Raft 

Chicken On the Raft

This website definitely qualifies to be a useless one. You will notice an image of a chicken on a raft and a timer saying for how long the chicken has been on the raft it. Interestingly, the background music is a real party song, which you must play next time when you are a couple of beers down with your friends.

4. Corn Dog

Weird this random website might seem, but you are assured of witnessing a corndog on another corndog on a plate with some mustard dipping. Check it out at your own risk for I am not going to promise usefulness on this website for sure.

5. Eel Slap

eel slap useless and pointless website

Have you ever tried slapping someone with an eel, yes the same eel that sparks with electricity? You will find an image of a person and you can keep slapping with an eel as long as you want. For some it might come out as a stress buster, but, I found it to be awfully useless.

If you do not have anything else to do and your time is as useless as this website, do check it out.

6. Most Exclusive Website 

Most Exclusive Website

This random website will make you special for it allows only one visitor at any point in time for 60 seconds. You get a ticket when you are done. It also displays no of people waiting to get on the website and how much time people have wasted waiting to get on it.

7. Paper Toilet 

Paper Toilet

Keep rolling the toilet paper as long as you want. Next time you run out of toilet paper, do pull out your phone and start rolling until your wife passes a roll for you and thats why this website ranks in Top 10 of our Useless websites.

8. That’s The Finger

Thats the Finger

Give that middle finger that you always wanted to. Move your cursor up to offend someone and down to pull up your index finger. Probably, whatever you do on this website, it is you who is going to get offended. Check it out.

9. ZoomQuilt 

Zoom Quilt

Is traveling your passion? Quench your thirst for traveling on ZoomQuilt. It has nothing but awesomely created images of places which zooms in one after another – ideal for ones who are zoned out. Creepy is the word for some of the zoom in scenes.

10. I Look Like Barack Obama 

Here comes the 10th useless website by a random guy, who feels he looks like Barack Obama, compares himself with the former president. Images of both juxtaposed for comparison. Thank god for Michelle chose the actual one.

11. R33B 

R33B - Get Hypnotized By A Toad

A crazy large eyed frog thinks it can hypnotize you with its eyes and some random background haunting score. Do visit to check if you are lame enough to be hypnotized by this amphibious being.

12. EndLess Horse

If scrolling up and down on a website is your favorite past time, a must check out. You will find a horse with infinitely long legs, which grows as you scroll down and down.

13. Patience is Virtue

As expected, you will be made to wait for eternity on this random and really useless website. Hint: It’s a buffering icon that hates to load the website for you.

14. Falling Falling

A series of colored screens falling endlessly with a score which for me seemed like a plane about to crash, but actually, never do. Wish I could tell you the intent behind this useless portal, but definitely, the creator was falling into the abyss.

15. Zombo

On this weird and creepy website, you will hear a thick voice, with a 70’s techno music in the background narrating the importance of being on With a couple of random circles, it can get annoying for some. Funny is the word for it!

16. Heman Sings 

Heman Sings and Dances

A must watch for all fans of this 80’s hero character – Heman. If you have never seen a superhero singing in a high pitch voice, while dancing utterly stupid moves, visit these guys.

17. Bored Button

Do not expect much, except for a button that takes you to different activities when clicked on the red button. I just hope you don’t get bored, clicking the bored button.

18. Tholman Texter

Tholman texter

This one is interesting indeed. On the screen select from text styles, fonts, and size and randomly move your cursor. See the magic unwinding.

19. OMG Laser Guns Pew Pew Pew

OMG Laser Guns Pew Pew Pew

Oh man! Playing with laser guns, collecting nuts and shooting the guy with weird hair (you know whom I am talking about) can be fun. You as a squirrel with a laser gun, just Pew Pew Pew to get some points on your side.

20. Map Crunch

Map Crunch

Choose any location on the planet and visit the place as if you are there. Navigate across the streets and check out places. Why waste you money on flights and hotels when you can have fun on your screen! Duh!

21. The World’s Worst Website Ever

I so wish I had not visited this. Not really sure what is happening here. If you are that guy who feels homesick when there is too much order, make sure you have enough bandwidth to visit this portal.

22. Is My Computer On?

Know if your computer is on. I am mind blown by the accuracy of the answer made available. It’s 100% accurate all the time.

23. OMFG Dogs


Cheap techno music with a variety of happy dogs running towards you is the name of the game. Not sure if you have stolen something from them.

24. TryPap 

Create a password and let the algorithm comment on it. It cannot get weirder than this. Some comments can ache your stomach.

25. Grandpa No Clothes

Ever saw Grandpa without clothes? This is your last chance. Don’t look at me, go ahead and lose your appetite. this is 18+ and the worst ever useless website.

26. Much Better Than This 

Can you kiss like this? Or better.

27. Pixels Fighting

A laboratory with two colored bacteria teams fighting with each other. Sorry to say this, but there are no winners here.

28. bacon sizzling

Go here to see jaw opening bacon sizzling in a pan, I can see this for hours :O this is the best useless and pointless website you have ever seen.

29. BeesBeesBees

Reminds me of that scene from ‘The Mummy’ where you have moths all around the city. Same here as well, instead of months its bees everywhere. Location changed too! This time it’s Oprah Show.

Except for one or two, most of these random websites can be categorized as useless for we would not lose much without them. However, internet on the verge of getting a lot less interesting each passing day, with these useless websites our fight against being simple and monotonous.

Show us your best useless website in comments.



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