Use of Function Keys F1 to F12 …!

                 We are facing these Function keys (F1 to F12) from our childhood in our keyboard, But do we know the use of all these keys…!

                   F1: Mostly used to open the Help screen.

                   F2: Used to Rename the selected folder or icon.

                   F3: Used to open search option.

                         To change the Case of the letters by selecting the text and pressing Shift+F3 

                   F4: Alt+F4 is for closing all the programs. 
                         Ctrl+F4 is for closing the current program.

                  F5: Mainly to Refresh the system.

                         Start/Stop the slide show in Power point.

                  F6: Used to move the cursor to the address bar in explorer, even in browser.

                  F7: To check spelling and grammar in MS Word.

                  F8: Used to Enter in to the safe mode during system boot.

                  F9: Its confusing about why this key, But it  is used to open a measurement toolbar in quark 5.0

                  F10: Atl+F10 work as Right mouse click.

                  F11: To open full scree mode in computer programs and in browsers.

                  F12: Shift+F12 to save a MS Word Document.

 If you found something wrong on the above information, Just give me a feedback in your comments…!

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