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Owning an iPhone has, and still is, a big deal. iPhones have one of the most efficient and aesthetic operating systems that the market offers these days. Not only is the iOS fast and easy to navigate, but the simplicity of every function it can execute is also astounding, and is precisely what makes it so popular. The storage space available in iPhones is organized exceptionally well, which is why you can save and add a large number of contacts. In our previous post, we saw steps To Block A Phone Number On iPhone.

How to unblock phone number on iPhone

Ways To Unblock A Number On iPhone

But while you can have a lot of contacts on your iPhones, life is such that you may have to block, unblock and delete some of the contacts you may have accumulated. Sometimes, you may feel the need to unblock specific numbers you had blocked in the past. You never know when you will need to do this quickly, which is why you should know how to unblock a number on iPhone. Sometimes, we realize after blocking someone whose number we really need can put us in a pickle. It may be at a party or other social gathering that someone asks you to share a post with them or give them another person’s contact when you realize with horror that you blocked them a while ago!

To save yourself from this embarrassment , you must figure out the basic steps on how to unblock a number on iPhone.

Follow these steps to figure out how to unblock a number on iPhone:

  1. From the home screen of the iPhone, open Settings, usually a grey button with the iconic settings wheel on it.
  2. On the settings menu, you will see a variety of things you can change. Scroll down till you find the option ‘ phone.’ Tap on ‘Phone,’ 
  3. On this list, you will find an option called ‘Call Blocking and Identification.’ This is where you will find the choices leading up to how to unblock a number on iPhone.
  4. Press the option Edit. You will find this in the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. Locate the numbers you want to unblock. You will find a minus button next to it, in a red circle.
  6. Press the minus button. A red “unblock” sign will pop up on the right. Tap “Unblock.”

Now you know how to unblock a number on your iPhone.  A much easier way to do this is to swipe left on the name you want to unblock. This will automatically unblock the number. This will help you unblock contacts quickly and more efficiently, especially if you have multiple numbers you wish to remove from the Blocked list.

People usually block messages too. This is usually done because of the mass spam messages people send sometimes. But often, along with the message, the phone may automatically block the number also. Even if you do not want to get their unnecessary messages, you may still want to receive calls from them. This is why you need to know how to unblock a number on iPhone through the messages section.

Unblock a number on iPhone through the Messages option

  1. Launch the Settings option from the home screen of your smartphone.
  2. Scroll down till you find the Message option and tap on it.
  3. You will find an option called ‘Blocked,’ which will lead you to the list of emails and numbers you have blocked in the past.
  4. To edit this list, tap the ‘Edit’ option, which you find in the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. Locate the contact that you wish to unblock.
  6. Tap the minus button (found in red, just like in the previous set of steps) next to the contact you want to unblock.
  7. Press ‘Unblock’. As mentioned, you can also slide the contact from right to left to do the whole thing quicker.

You have now figured out how to unblock a number on iPhone in two quick and easy ways.

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The newer versions of the iOS come with the new interface. You can have a blacked list (the list of blocked contacts) on your phone, where you can block only a particular part of their communication. If you want to block emails or just their messages, you can do that manually. You can unblock these anytime. All of these features allow a significant degree of customization to your user experience. The fact that even your contact list can be customized so well will enable you to protect your peace of mind and privacy to a huge extent. These are just some of the reasons why millions of people all over the world prefer Apple’s range of iPhones to the thousands of other options.

It may seem like a trivial thing to learn, but not everybody is as well versed with technology as the millennial generation is. Often, when our parents or grandparents ask us to teach them how to unblock a number on iPhone or something seemingly insignificant, we get irritated. But the fact is that we have grown up figuring out the intricacies of modern-day technology, which gave us an innate idea as to how to figure out tasks like this. But our senior citizens learned how to work a whole other generation of gadgets, in which no doubt they will be dexterous. It is up to us to help them figure out mundane tasks like these, even if it is something like how to unblock a number on iPhone (and not ask them how they accidentally blocked people in the first place).

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