Twitter Keyboard shortcuts

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts:

         Hello Twitter tweeps… We are using Twitter daily, you could find many ways to use twitter effectively, this post helps you with super fast shortcut keys to deal with twitter. you could find this Keyboard shortcut  pop-up in your Twitter settings or Goto twitter Home page and just hit “?” button in you keyboard.


Twitter keyboard shortcut Actions:

Here are the Basic Twitter shortcuts to perform normal fuctions which helps you reducing time by just pressing buttons, instead of moving mouse and give a click. Just Press the following keys to perform the corresponding actions.

  • n – New Tweet
  • f – Favorite
  • r – Reply
  • t – Retweet
  • m – Direct message
  • u – Mute user
  • b – Block User
  • Enter – Open Tweet Details
  • l – Close all Open Tweets
  • / – Search
  • Ctrl + Enter – Send Tweet.

Twitter keyboard shortcut Navigation:

These are the Twitter Navigation Shortcuts, which helps you Navigate over the tweets, load new tweets.

  • ? – This menu
  • j – Next Tweet
  • k – Previous Tweet
  • Space – Page down
  • . – Load new Tweets

Twitter keyboard shortcut Timelines:

  • g hHome
  • g n – notifications
  • g a – Activity
  • g r – Mentions
  • g d – Discover
  • g p – Profile
  • g r – Favorites
  • g l – Lists
  • g m – Messages
  • g s – Settings
  • g u – Go to Users

You could get these Twitter keyboard shortcut Menu by clicking “?” in home menu.


There are many posts roaming in internet saying about hidden secrets of Twitter keyboard shortcut keys, but twitter gave its own keyboard shortcut keys in settings. and be frank there are “no hidden secret twitter keyboard shortcut keys“, Just tap “?” – this is the Shortcut key to Open the Shortcut menu.

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