Turn ON High contrast theme to reduce your computer eye strain.

InternetTurn ON High contrast theme to reduce your computer eye strain.

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       Hello guys, have you tried using high contrast theme in windows? This is really awesome. Turning ON high contrast theme will bring your eye strains gets reduced.  The high contrast theme changes the text to white and the background to black. There are three pre-made high contrast themes built into windows 7 and this will work even in Windows XP.
How High contrast works:  
Actually, when you are looking into your monitor it’s just like staring into a lamp, if you do this for extended periods then it will be fatigued for your eyes. Turning ON this theme will reduce this fatigue.
Follow these steps:
  • Right click on the desktop and choose Personalize.
  • And select the High contrast black theme under Basic and High contrast themes.
  •  Select Ok, and click save changes.
  •  Or you can activate High contrast simply by pressing ” ALT+SHIFT+PrintScreen “, Windows Xp user can use this option.
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