How to Turn ON Bluetooth on Any Mobile Device?

InternetHow to Turn ON Bluetooth on Any Mobile Device?

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New to the Smartphone thing or migrating from Android to iPhone? Finding ways on How to Turn that Bluetooth option on your phone to connect to a Speaker or your Car or any other Bluetooth device?

Many devices started using Bluetooth as a medium of connection these days. Bluetooth Speaker, AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, Connecting Mobile with your Car, Google Home mini, or Alexa devices, and even you can connect your PS4 controller to your PC with a Bluetooth connection. This post will help you Turn On Bluetooth on Any Device.

Also, You’ll need Bluetooth during, transferring files from Phone to Phone, Airdrop file transfer, and many more.

How to Turn Bluetooth ON on Android

Every single person or his/her neighbor has an Android phone. So, it’s becoming mandatory to understand these basic mobile phone options to easily get to know and work on the gadgets. below are the simple steps to Turn Bluetooth ON in your Android Mobiles and Tablets.

  1. Pull the Notification bar at the top, where you see Time, Date, and Network.
  2. Now you can see the Bluetooth symbol from the list of various options.

    Turn ON Bluetooth on Android
  3. Click on the Bluetooth icon to Turn ON Bluetooth
  4. If you couldn’t find the Bluetooth icon, click on the settings icon and search for Bluetooth Option.
  5. Turn ON the Bluetooth by entering into the options. In all the phones Bluetooth ON option will be the topmost option. You can either toggle a button or choose from a drop-down or a single Turn ON click, to Turn the Bluetooth ON on your Android devices.
  6. If you can’t find any of these options, you’ll see the Bluetooth pair option to connect with New devices. Choose that to turn ON Bluetooth Automatically.

    Bluetooth Pair

Note: Only turn Bluetooth ON when you are connecting with a device, don’t leave it ON and that will cost your mobile battery life.

How to Turn Bluetooth ON on iPhone

Turning ON Bluetooth on iPhones are very straight forward and you can use the same method on iPhone 7, 8, X, 11 and other iPhone or iPad models.

  1. Swipe up and open the control center
  2. Now, click the Bluetooth icon to Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad.
Turn ON Bluetooth on iPhone

If you couldn’t find the Bluetooth option on your iPhone Control center, Go to Control center settings and open customize controls and add Bluetooth from the list to make it available in the control center.

Long press the Bluetooth Icon to go to Bluetooth settings.

How to Turn Bluetooth ON on Windows PC

Turning ON Bluetooth on Windows 10 is a 2 step process in Windows PC, Most of the laptops will have a Bluetooth button, you can toggle that to Turn On. But, If you don’t have that, just follow the below steps.

  1. Click on the Notification tray icon at the bottom corner of the Taskbar, Now you’ll get the notification bar sliding from the right side of the screen.
  2. Now click on the Bluetooth icon in between other options like Airplane mode, Focus assist, mobile Hotspot, and more.
Turn ON Bluetooth on Windows

Right-click on the Bluetooth icon to go to the Bluetooth setting, you can see the list of previously paired devices and the option to pair a new device.

To connect Bluetooth on Windows 8 and the lower versions, you can find the Bluetooth icon on the System tray in the task bar.

How to Turn Bluetooth ON on MAC PC

Mac another best place to connect your wireless mouse, keyboards, headphone through Bluetooth If you don’t have that small adapter option. Just 2 clicks are enough to turn the Bluetooth ON on your Mac PC.

  1. Go to Mac Menu bar
  2. Click on the Bluetooth icon and turn it ON.
Turn ON Bluetooth on MAC

If you couldn’t find the option, follow this to find if your Mac PC has a Bluetooth.

How can you Turn Bluetooth ON without a mouse?

Now you want to pair your Mouse with your Mac PC, How is this possible without turning your Bluetooth ON? If you have a wired Mouse you can use that for this purpose to pair the wireless Mouse and Keyboard with your Mac. But, If you don’t have that too. You have 2 options on this.

  1. If you have configured Switch control already on your MAC PC, then you can use your iPhone to control the Mouse pointer and turn the Bluetooth ON.
  2. Open Spotlight by pressing Cmd+Spacebar and type “Bluetooth”, now Hit the return key. Now, you will see the Bluetooth File Exchange app, Open it up to Turn Bluetooth ON to connect your Mouse.

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