Top 20 Websites to Watch and Download movies for free

Downloading movies for free is not so easy till you see the below list. Yes, Movies are always the best time killer during travel or our leisure times, Although watching a movie in theatre is really an awesome experience, but it is not possible to watch every movie you want to experience coz there are several parameters sometimes you don’t have enough time to go to theatre for movie, sometimes the movie you wanna watch is even not running in cinema halls or maybe you don’t have enough money to afford every movie in a theatre.

Except all these, there are hundreds of websites to download movies from the web; but all of them are not legal ones coz most of them don’t even hold the license for movie distribution. So, now here I am gonna provide you with 20 ways/websites to download movies for free in a legal way.

Websites to Download and Watch Movies Online

  1. The Internet Archive

    The Internet Archive is the best place to download free movies. It is a non-profit digital library of internet sites. It also allows you creating a free virtual library card to gain full access to the Archive. Presently it has around 3 million videos. You can just found your movies by the specific genre menus.The Internet Archive

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    Fmovies offers a large collection of movies for free. Well, the best part here is you can watch movies just after the first cinema release although the first one was a cam version its really a nice feature for those who willing to watch movies just after release no matter what the quality is. They also provide the HD version of the movie as the movie available online.

    Fmovies - free movie download

    You can also browse your movies by the release year, genre or by just manually search it. This website also provides you top rates TV Series including the game of thrones; this is us and the Simpsons. Well besides all these there are some cons also such as some movies are there you can only stream and the other one is it doesn’t use the suggested keywords so if you don’t know the name of the TV show or movie then it is too much difficult for you to find here.

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  3. 123GoStream TV

    123GoStream TV has always been a prestigious name during talking about movie downloads. You can search them by then genre as most of the websites provide but this website provides you almost 30 genres you can search of. Now the next and best feature here is 123GoStream TV provides you around 70+ countries movies if you are interested. You can browse your movies by years from 1919 till now and the last one you can search it from the categories. Besides the movies, you can get a tremendous collection of TV shows here.

    123GoStream TV

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    Just like 123GoStream TV, provides you free online movies to free movies to download. You can browse here as by genre, countries, movie release year. Well, if you are finding animation, cartoon, and drama then it is the best place for you. And as most of the websites, it also provides TV shows. online movie website
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    Well, is basically a torrent search engine for free movies. But here you can find a large collection of movies. You can browse your movie by categories like 3D, UHD, HEVC, HD, DVD, and many more. You can also find your best TV shows here and the best feature it provides you is if you are finding some best movies then you don’t have to manually google them and find each. Here what you can just go through the category “Oscar Nominations” and you will find all of them here. Now, besides all that stuff you can find your application, Documentaries, Games, and Music on the same platform. Free Movies online

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  6. Watch Movies Free

    watchMoviesFree is a free website which allows downloading the best concept in free. This site is running from the past three years so you can freely visit there without any handles of any malware, Trojans or viruses. This website also gives the storyline of the movie you willing to download; here you can browse your movies by year, countries, and genre. You can also view the upcoming movies.

    Watch Movies Free

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  7. Full 4 Movies

    Full4moviFull4movies offers you a great diversity of movies. You can browse movies through the release year, by genre, even by the quality of movies. If you don’t find your movie there then you can request it and typically it will be made available to you the next day. You can also find the upcoming movies here. Well besides all these features if you are fond of Hindi movies then it is really a good platform for you.

    Full 4 Movies

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  8. See HD

    See HD got a big name in movie downloads. The special feature here is it provides two websites for downloading movies for free. The search panel is just like the other websites you can browse through genre, years. Now, here there is a con for this website you can’t browse the movies by countries. But still this is a cool website and if you can’t find your movies then unlike most of the websites you can also request your movies.See HD - Free movies online
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  9. The Pirate Bay

    It is actually a torrent search engine. The best feature here is it provides various proxy servers some of them are listed here. You can find almost everything you want here. Just search it and don’t forget to use the filter to get the best results.
    The Pirate Bay - free movie torrent download site

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  10. Watchsomuch

    WatchSoMuch is a free movie downloading site. By visiting this website you will get an amazing filter. Unlike every website I’d visited ever on this website you can filter your movies by movie status, its quality, release year, language, country, genre, resolution, format and even you can search by audio. You can find there some great TV shows. You can also request your movies if you can’t find them. The last feature of this site is by signing up you can also make comments on the movies and Shows.

    Watchsomuch - free movie online site

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  11. Best HD Movies

    Well again, Best HD Movies provides you a separate tab for new movies. Now here the new feature is this website also provides you separate tabs for Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hindi Dubbed Movies.

    Best HD Movies

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  12.  MoviesNoLimit

    Movies No Limit is a free movie streaming and downloading website. Here you can browse your movie by genre, most popular and release years or you can manually search them. It also provides you separate tab for new movies and you can also stream TV shows in HD here for free.

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  13. Alluc

    Alluc was originally a user-generated directory or unless a search engine for TV shows, music, movies, sports, pornography, anime, and cartoons. It doesn’t host any or upload any video files. So now it has a solid platform where you can search your movies by the release year, genre or even by quality also. You can also request your movie if it is not available there.

    Alluc - website to watch free movies

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  14. Movies Found Online

    This platform contains an amazing collection of HD movies and along with that you can also find their short films, documentaries, animation, TV shows, Comedy, and unlike all websites, it also contains viral videos. So, isn’t it cool why not to have a look out there.

    Movies Found Online

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  15. Mydownload tube

    Well, this is also a very good platform. You can download movies and games from here for free. But like alluc, it also doesn’t host any video or games on their server. They provide links to other popular streaming and downloading servers like 123movies, mega, etc.

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  16. PopcornFlix

    PopcornFlix offers you free documentaries, foreign films, and web series. This platform has movies easy to find coz of its amaze genre menus. It provides you better player options than any other player. But ads on the website may be a con here.


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  17. Solar Movies

    Solar movies also proved to be useful during free movies downloads. It provides movies by genre, by countries, top IMDB movies, TV Shows. You can also filter movies by top rating and top views today.

    Solar Movies

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    The best you get on 123movies is you got four working websites for your movies streaming. You can browse by genre, country; Top 100 and even you can search your movies by A-Z list. You also got TV Shows here and better player option than any player. Ads can be a pain
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  19. Hub Movies

    Once again Hub movies provides two websites for streaming and downloading. Another amazing feature here is you can find the schedule of the TV shows as per date and you can also manage them in your account settings although there is no need for signup to download any movies.

    Hub Movies

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    Movieswatcher provides you the movie’s storyline, unlike other websites. You can also browse here most popular movies and the new movies in a separate tab. Well, it provides movies and TV shows in a mixed way so it can be a con here. But besides all these it still a cool site coz it shows the IMDB rating as well as the quality on the upper right corner of the poster. You can also register on the website to stream the movies online. And unlike all the websites it also contains a new feature you if you have the valid for the movie then you can also submit your link there.

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So here ends our big list of Top 20 Free Legal Movie download sites, Finding any issues in watching movies online or Downloading them? Please reach out to us in comments, we will get back to you.

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