Top 5 Best Netflix VPNs to Access other Country Series and Movies

InternetTop 5 Best Netflix VPNs to Access other Country Series and Movies

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN is basically an encrypted tunnel between two devices or nodes that lets you access any website and privately and securely. If you are a Netflix lover and looking for other country content, this post will help you. Also, check my previous post to see How to access any Netflix content for Free.

So, how does VPN work? It’s super clear to understand that whenever you try to access a US website from India, you will be shown the content that the site wants Indians to see. There’s nothing wrong with it because its absolutely the company’s business decision to show whatever they want to visitors from any country. So, when you use a VPN Network, a tunnel is created from India to a selected country and your request will be routed through that country. This means you get to see the content that is designed for the middle man country.

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Tunneling will encapsulate your data into standard TCP/IP packets and transfers it across the internet. Because the data is encrypted, it is super hard to compromise your data. So, VPN is not just to watch Netflix it is also to make sure hackers, governments or anybody else cannot see or gain control of your information while you are connected to a VPN server.

Why use VPN for Netflix

VPNs for Netflix

For the context of this article, Let’s see why to use VPN while watching Netflix. We’ve all been there where we have binged watched everything and got nothing else to watch.

Like I said earlier, Netflix also serves content to their audience based on their preferences and especially based on their country. So, if you have run out of content and want to watch something entirely new, you need a VPN Provider.

VPNs can also be used to watch content that is not available in your country. For example, The Office UK or Japanese Anime, Indian Soap Opera, or much other amazing content. Especially during these lockdown times (2020), people are spending more time-consuming content than ever.

VPNs are essential to take away this geo-spatial restrictions.

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Top 5 VPNs and features

There are 1000s of VPN service providers and its a little hard to pick one from. Here’s a list of some really effective VPN services that will make sure that you can use internet safe and also unblock regional content in Netflix.

Each of this have their own amazing features, so, if you want to have a reliable VPN service not just to unlock Netflix content, you need to look into the respective features and pick one accordingly.

Tips! Best 5 VPNs for Android and iOS

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network focusing on protecting your privacy and security. This is basically the most commonly known and used VPN network. The marketing is beyond measure and the user seem to not have any problem with using it.

Some of the features are:

  • Huge Network — Express VPn has 3,000+ VPN servers in 160 locations which is located in 94 countries providing ultimate speed and bandwidth.
  • No Restriction — There is no restriction in terms of what you can access. You could stream or download anything from any servers across the world.
  • Anonymous — ExpressVPN has TrustedServer Technology that lets your encrypt your requests and data securely and makes sure your connection and activity logs are not accessible to anyone.
  • Hide IP — There is strict privacy policy to hide your IP address. So, you are super safe while using via a VPN network.
  • All Platforms — They have deciated apps for all the platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs and many more.
  • 24 x 7 — There’s very less chance that you might run into any problems. In the rarest scenario, you will get help in seconds from the award winning customer service all around the clock.

Some other features specific to Android app are Kill Switch, Split Tunnelling, Widgets, UDP & TCP etc.,

ExpressVPN gives you a 7-day free trial and you can download it right away from any device you have.

Download : Android / iOS

2. SurfShark

Surfshark VPN was voted the best value VPN of 2019, it’s the best VPN if you’re seeking security and don’t wan tot put a hole in your pocket.

SurfShark VPN

Surfshark is super easy to set up and to use. Surfshark allows you to make a VPN connection with a single click. One Click and you are safer on the internet.

Some of the features of SurfShark are:

  • No geo-restrictions: There are about 1100+ servers in 60+ countries to make sure your connection is strong and effective. .
  • Fast on all devices: Surfshark VPN doesn’t slow down your device at all at any cost irrespective of what platform you are using it from.
  • Customization: With Whitelister, you can choose to allow apps and websites which wil bypass the features of the VPN service provider.
  • Failsafe: Kill-Switch will make sure to disconnect your internet in case if the current VPN connection drops. This is to ensure that you don’t access internet without a VPN network.
  • Money-back guarantee: Get your money back entirely if you are unsatisfied with Surfshark VPN during the first 30 days of use.

Some extra benefits of using SurfShark are Zero-buffering speeds, Stay safe on the move, No logs, no tracking, Budget-friendly, Continually evolving, 7-day free trial and manyu more.

Surfshark VPN has a strict no-logs policy. Cybersecurity experts from Cure53 have audited SurfShark and have given a green signal saying its top notch. Also, Surfstack was given a AV-Test Seal of Approval by German cybersecurity institute.

Similar to ExpressVpn, Surfshark gives you a 7-day free trial.

Download : Android / iOS

3. NordVPN

Heavily advertised via the entertainment industry, NordVPN is right up there with ExpressVPN in terms of reach and usage. It is one of the best to enjoy fast, private, and secure internet in the click of the mouse.

Some of the features of NordVPN are:

  • Access the web truly privately — When you’re connected to NordVPN, there is almost no possible way for someone to find out which sites you access and also the files you would download.
  • No Log — Even the company has a strict no-log policy approved by independent auditors which ensures that hey company has no interest in selling your data.
  • NordLynxNordLynx is the new VPN protocol built on WireGuard® which primarily focuses on bringing high speed internet to the users without compromising the privacy at any cost.
  • Secure insecure connections — This is one major concern because we all go out and use internet connection from public places like coffee shop, shopping malls. There is no guarantee that these connections will be secured properly by the provider. But NordVPN makes sure that your internet access is secure even in an insecure network.
  • CyberSec — NordVPN’s CyberSec will make sure to block any malicious websites and protects your phone or any device from being any part of the bot world.
  • Hide your IP address — Your address is hidden from any server you are trying to access. As simple as that.

NordVPN lets you connect 6 different devices from one account. With 5500+ server, NordVPN network sis super huge and provides double security. Their 24/7 customer support is unmatchable in terms of its reach and service.

Download : Android / iOS

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is another leading worldwide VPN provider trusted by with over a huge mount of 36 million users. CyberGhost tops NordVPN with over 6000+ high-speed VPN servers located in 90 countries.

CyberGhost VPN

Some of the features of CyberGhost VPN Network are as follows:

  • Support for upto 7 devices — One subscription to CyberGhost will allow you to connect 7 devices to be supported via that same account.
  • 256AES Encyption — This is pretty much military-grade encrypted tunnel which will ensure that your data is tunneled and bypassed properly without any damage or breach.
  • Automatic WI-FI Protection — Irrespective of any wifi network you connect to, it will be automatically protected without any questions or manual enable.
  • Streaming servers — Since you are at home all the time, definitely the binging has exponentially increased. PureVPN has specific servers dedicated for streaming purposes.
  • Customization — Personalize your VPN experience according to your requirements. Choose which apps requires VPN access and which doesn’t.
  • No Logs Policy — No data of yours is saved in the Pure VPN servers including logs.
  • 24/7 Support — Like every other service provider, CyberGhost has 24 x 7 support and makes sure in case of any issue, the customers get the proper assistance they need to get out of that trouble. Support is available in English, French, German, or Romanian to answer any questions you have.

Download : Android / iOS

5. PureVPN

PureVPN is powered by 2,000+ servers spread across 180+ locations. Unlock any restricted website or your favorite content with our easy to use and fast VPN app.

PureVPN offers 7-Day Free VPN Trial which you can use to try and see if its a fit for you.

  • No-Log Certified — Like other names, PureVPN has been authorized a no-log certification from an independent auditor.
  • Amazing WiFi Security — There’s no point in being the best VPN provider if it doesn’t offer security on WiFi that people are looking for.
  • No Bandwidth Caps — Unlike your ISP, PureVPN doesn’t throttle your internet connection at all. That’s the last thing you want. Your internet experience is not reduced or damaged in any sense.

Some additional features that are added to PureVPN are Military-Grade Encryption, IP Address Masking, Private internet access, Split Tunneling, Auto Connect, Secure VPN Protocols, Throttle-Free Speeds, Internet Kill Switch, Secure Wifi, DNS & IPv6 Leak Protection and many more.

Download : Android / iOS

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