10 Google Chrome Plugins for Everyone! (Productive)

Internet10 Google Chrome Plugins for Everyone! (Productive)

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Top 10 Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser with a quite large victory margin.

In very informal term 4 out of 10 readers are using Google Chrome. In this post, we will take a look at the 10 plug-ins which will change the way you browse. This post will prove to you that Google Chrome indeed deserves the position it holds right now.

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We write important things every day and correct grammar is a huge turn on. Small details, such as missing commas, etc., can leave a bad impact on your readers.

4. google chrome plugin

Grammarly is an advanced grammar and spelling checker. It can check and correct the advanced and seemingly correct mistake with the click of a button. Whatever work you do, Grammarly is a must have. From Facebook to Gmail, Grammarly integrates perfectly with the Web.

PDF Viewer

 The only down point of Google Chrome is its PDF preview mode. The default PDF preview of Chrome lacks many features and is at best horrible.

5. PDF google chrome plugin

PDF Viewer is another great Chrome plug-in which makes for the deficiency of Chrome. It allows you to jump directly to any page of the document, easily downloads the PDF file, etc.

Evernote Web Clipper

 We come across a lot of things while browsing the Web and often we don’t have the time to read every single word an article might have to offer. That’s where Evernote Web Clipper comes in.

2. evernote google chrome plugin

This brightly-thought out plug-in lets the user save whatever they come across while browsing. Images, documents, and even entire web pages can be saved on the command of a click. Plus, whatever you save goes to the cloud, i.e., is stored in a place where it can access from any device you like.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a dictionary plug-in for Chrome by Google itself; you can be more than sure about its quality. Finding the meaning of a word is extremely easy with Google Dictionary. Just double-click on the word, you don’t even need to leave or hide whatever you are reading in Chrome. Other than word meanings, pronunciation help is also present. This is a must have the tool, particularly for English learners.

3. google chrome plugin

AdBlock Plus

 One of the most annoying aspects of the Web is the excess advertisement. In order to monetize their websites, webmasters usually fill their websites with ads. This practice makes the page congested and clumsy.

This brilliant plug-in lets you browse the ad-less Web by removing advertisements from sidebars and everywhere else. This plug-in is highly customizable and lets you control which ads you want to see and which you don’t. Other than advertisements, AdBlock Plus provides resistance against malware and trackers as well.


Today on Internet, privacy, security, phishing, viruses, and fraudulent are a major concern. One mistake and you could lose your hard-earned money to a hacker.

1. blur google chrome plugin

Blur is another great Google Chrome plug-in. It is an all-round answer to all your security concerns; you can manage all your passwords, it secures your online payments, it can protect you from malicious websites which may try to trace your location, etc.


HTTPS Everywhere

A shark attack allows hackers to intercept Internet signals while they are traveling. This lets a hacker read messages and change them as well. The victim of these attacks is non-https sites which don’t encrypt your data.

HTTPS Everywhere is a Google Chrome plug-in which automatically switches to the HTTPS version of any site. If you’re concerned about security and privacy of your online browsing, HTTPS Everywhere is an extremely useful Chrome extension.


 The default Google Chrome New Tab is fine, but you can make it much better. While the default new tab offers most visited pages, websites, etc., you can replace all that with something entirely different.

6. google chrome plugin

Momentum allows you to replace the boring default new tab with a beautiful picture, a message, time, and an inspirational quote. On top of all this, you can configure Momentum any way you wish.


Search By Image

Google’s default interface allows you to search for images but doesn’t allow you to search by images. There are many external search engines which allow users to search using images but at a cost.

Search By Google is a Chrome plug-in by Google itself. It allows you to search using images very easily. This feature is very powerful and as they say, one picture is worth a thousand words!


Tank Riders

Sometimes your Internet connection might be down and you will be left with a “You are offline” error page. Wouldn’t it be great if you could kill the time playing a game!

7. tank google chrome plugin

Tank Rider is the game for you. It is the fun game with arcade style gameplay, various playing mode, completely free, and an awesome way to kill time. We have reached the end of this post and extension number ten was intentionally chosen to be something fun. I hope you enjoy this piece of art and engineering!


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