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Given how important coding and programming have become in today’s world, no age is enough to start training in it. That is not to say that your child must learn Python and Java being a five-year-old, but it is good if they get the winds of programming in a fun way from an early age. Also, programming is exceptionally beneficial for cognitive development and broadens thinking in young kids. So, let’s get quickly started with the top free coding languages for kids in 2021,

code for kids

Code for Kids – Top Websites 2021

I’ve listed the top 10 websites where your kid can learn coding language through games, Entertaining activities and in all the way for children to learn codes without boring. These websites are ranked based on their quality, user reviews, and Experience in the coding field.

1. Scratch

Scratch - best kids coding

A product of the MIT, they believed that kids will never be interested to create websites. In order to make it kid-friendly, they launched Scratch which teaches the kids the basics of programming through which they can create their own games, animations and also work on projects! It is a visual programming language in which coding is done by movable blocks, similar to the toys kids play with.

2. Python

Python for kids

Okay, do not be shocked to see this on the list. But Python is a good thing to start early provided your child has become familiar with Scratch. The basics of Python programming are very easy even for a child level of understanding, and their detailed online guides available in makes it even easier to know things.

Udemy course – Python for Kids
Book from Amazon – Python for Kids

3. Blockly

Blockly code for kids

This language developed by Google works like the same way as Scratch, that is kids can bring blocks together and connect them. Once that is done, it converts into an automated javascript code, and the program is run on that particular webpage.

4. Tynker

Tynker code for kids

Before jumping to Java and Python, this is the best language the kid can learn. The motive of the company is to not introduce programming syntaxes to the kids at such a young age, as they can discourage them from learning further. By using blocks which later convert to actual code, kids can put their imagination to test and expand their learning.

5. Alice

Alice - coding platform for children

This is an excellent programming tool, something very unique from the others. Another visual aid for new programmers, in this language, kids can create a particular scene, and add objects in them. They can also be customized, and once that is done, they can move to the next scene. The best part is not the plethora of learning it gives, it is that such an innovative product is absolutely free!

6. Kodu


It is again similar to Alice but in this case, the age group suitable to use it are those in elementary school. The users in this language can create a game, by operating and controlling different elements provided and also see how they interact with each other.

7. Codakid

coda kid

This is a freemium model product in which kids can learn real and advanced programming language, and put them into practice through on-site activities. There is a mentor available always to guide the students when they get a doubt. The website allows children to use their imagination freely and arguably, this has to be the best way to get started with the industry – level programming languages.

8. Kano

Kano code

Another unique kids programming product, this language allows the kid to build their own computer! Once the computer has been made, the kids can also create music, artwork, and games in it and play. The kids not only learn how to code and realize how different things interact with each other, but they also learn the whole process of how a computer works.

9. Kidlo coding

Kidlo coding

Through this service, kids can play various games which are so designed to teach the fundamentals of coding. Some of the topics covered through these games include functions, sequences, loops and other basics.

10. Roblox

The programming language begins from the Roblox studio and from there, the user can create their own game. The user interface is similar to some Microsoft programs and the kids can learn some aspects of coding by dragging and dropping different elements such as terrain, objects, models, etc. It is the best to use once your child has learned the basics of code script – writing.

Best Coding Websites for Kids

So, these were the best online resources which can help your kid get started with coding. With the plethora of services available today, pick the best one and give them a new lease of learning! You can also suggest them for Web development, Ethical Hacking and more after this.

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