Top 8 Fantastic Google Search Tricks – I swear you love this

                           You may come across many google searches in your life, you may get results for some and unfortunately keep on searching for something. Here are some unusual Google search keywords which brings you amazing results. Go ahead, try these Top 8 Fantastic Google Search Trick. 


Google Search Trick 1: “Askew” or “tilt”

           On searching “Askew” or “tilt” in google search will tilt your Google search result page, try this by searching the keyword or click here.


Google Search Trick 2: Conway’s Game of Life
“Conway’s Game of Life” in the Search box, produces the Life simulation described by Conway.

 Google Search Trick 3: “Bletchley Park”

On Searching “Bletchley Park” will cause the title of the info card to appear as if it was being deciphered by Google.

Google Search Trick 4: ” kerning” and “keming

Searching for “kerning” will increase 1 pixel spacing between every letter in the word kerning on the search results page. Conversely, “keming” will decrease the spacing between letters of the word when it shows up in the search results page.

Google Search Trick 5: Recursion
Searching for “Recursion” will result in Google asking if the user meant “Recursion.”


Google Search Trick 6: “Do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice” 

On searching “Do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice” will cause the search result page  to rotate 360 degrees when showing.

Google Search Trick 7: Festivus

Searching for “Festivus” places a Festivus pole in the left side of the Search Result page.
Google Search Trick 8: Blink html
“Blink html” in Google search will make both of the words “blink” and “html” do just that “blink” wherever it apperas in the search results page.


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