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‘Thirty-Mile Zone’ or TMZ is a Company that owns a website for entertainment and celebrity news. It has several branches, such as’ TMZ Live,’ which is a live-chat program; ‘TMZ on TV’ is an American entertainment gossip news television show, ‘Dax Chat’, is another live-chat program and TMZ Sports.

  • Industry: Celebrity News Website
  • Founded: 8th November,2005
  • Founder(s): Harvey Levin, Jim Paratore
  • Headquarters: Los Angelos, California
  • Subsidiaries: AOL and Telepictures Productions
  • Website:

TMZ History

The entertainment-oriented ‘celebrity news’ website, TMZ is a venture of Warner Bros in partnership with Telepictures Productions and AOL. The site came into existence to satisfy the ‘Hollywood star’ craze of the Americans. Harvey Levin is the Managing Director of TMZ. Harvey is a lawyer turned journalist who earlier worked at the KCBS-TV (Los Angelos TV Station).

TMZ was launched on the 8th of November, 2005 after the American Online hinted in planning the launch of an entertainment website, in association with the Telepictures Productions that would feature news on only Hollywood celebrities and all information related to the Hollywood film industry. The site features an extensive collection of photographs and the videos of the celebrities aiding the fans to ape the celebrity dressing style, attires and much more.

All the sources for the news stories are verified for authenticity before being published on the official website of the Company.

More about TMZ

The ‘Celebrity Gossip Site’ TMZ features interviews, video footage and photos of celebrities and news on the television shows and movies.

Thirty-Mile Zone or TMZ is a historic ‘studio zone’ of a 30-mile radius at the North La Cienega Boulevard and the West Beverly Boulevard intersection in Los Angelos in the California State. The New York Times has acknowledged TMZ as among the most popular and successful ‘online ventures.’ New York Times in October 2008 announced TMZ as a popular website receiving over 10 million visitors every month. TMZ was ranked as the 505th website to receive the highest traffic in the world and 155th website for receiving a heavy traffic in the USA.

In the past few years, TMZ has made ‘notable coverage’ such as the arrest of the actor Mel Gibson for driving under the alcohol influence on the 28th of July, 2008. It has also stated the story of Paris Hilton socialite on the 3rd of May, 2007 and how she was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving under the alcohol influence. The website had released on the 22nd February 2009, the photos of the pop singer Rihanna being assaulted by her then partner Chris Brown.

It was the first website to break the news of the death of the pop star Michael Jackson on the 25th of June, 2009. It also was the first website to break the news of the death of the legendary actor Britanny Murphy on the 20th of December, 2009. TMZ was the first website to release the snippets of the controversial music video of Lady Gaga titled, ‘Do what you want.’


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