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The Verge is an American website formed in collaboration with Vox Media and publishes exhaustive information on technology news, product reviews, culture, science, entertainment shows etc. It is run by its own Vox Media platform and it gets the revenue for its content through sponsorships and advertisements.

  • Industry: Technology News Website
  • Founded: November 1, 2011
  • Founder(s): Joshua Topolsky, Marty Moe
  • Headquarters: Manhattan, New York City, The United States of America
  • Website:

History of The Verge

American Online or AOL, which is a multinational mass media Company acquired several websites in 2010 with the aim of financing the content of AOL through advertisements. In the process, they acquired Weblogs Inc. in the year 2005 that operated a host of websites including the ‘technology news website,’ the Engadget. It was an industry-leading site for gadgets and Joshua Topolsky became its chief editor in 2007. After AOL’s acquisition of TechCrunch in September 2010 enemity surfaced between AOL and Topolsky. Michael Arrington the founder of TechCrunch made derogatory remarks of Engadget and Topolsky that enraged Joshua Topolsky and he left Engadget along with eight prominent editors, Nilay Patel, the managing director of AOL, product developers like Dan Chilton and Justin Glow and writers between March and the month of April 2011 on a mission for developing a new site for gadgets and this gave birth to ‘The Verge.’

The content of ‘The Verge,’ which includes articles, product directory, podcasts and videos are managed by the editor-in-chief, Nilay Patel and the executive editor, Dieter Bohn. The website’s ‘product table’ helps users to probe into the availability of products and correlate product specifications. Cellphones and computers are the main products reviewed on this website.

More about The Verge

The Verge was founded in partnership with the ‘Sports News’ website SB Nation. After launching of The Verge, the SB Nation brand became Vox Media.

Vox Media was the new Parent Company of The Verge. Twelve of the ex-employees of Engadget were with Topolsky during the launch of The Verge. By 2016, the advertising of the website had shifted from the display advertisements that matched with the content with the advertisements and partnerships with the user specific tweaks. The visual design of The Verge was revamped in November, 2016 on its fifth anniversary.

Vox Media now would not be focusing only on sports but would include various other categories, such as Consumer Technology and much more. It would now attract other bloggers and journalists out of sports medium. The Content Management System of Vox Media is led by Trei Brundett, the chief product officer of Vox Media.

The Verge launched a new section called ‘This Is My Next’ on, which is edited by David pierce and is a site for consumer electronics. The website even runs the technology news site ‘On the Verge.’

The Verge won five awards at the Webby Awards in 2012. The awards are the following:

  • Best Editorial(Writing)
  • Best Podcast for Vergecast
  • Best Site for Consumer Electronics
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best App for Mobile News
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