Testing your Wifi Internet speed doesn’t need any software to run, Just a click of a button should work. If you’re paying a premium for your broadband connection at home or office, you have the right as a customer to know if you’re getting your money’s worth. There are utilities that let you test your network connection, its speed, its ping time, etc. Internet speed test helps you to judge your internet connection and act accordingly.

Steps to Test Your Wi-fi speed:

1. Go to speedtest.net
3. Check the Download speed and Upload speed.

Check Wi-Fi speed using Websites:

Most are online web-based apps, depending on your location, the system recognizes a server and measures the data transfer speed between the server and your computer. This is normally done by transferring a small token file from the server to your cache and then reuploading the same to the server. Most such programs also let you measure your ping time.

Ping time is approximately the time taken by your network to connect to another one. It’s essential that this duration is very small for satisfactory online and LAN gaming also.

1. Test Wi-fi Speed Using speedtest.net by OOKLA

Ookla is the most popular and trustworthy online speed test website available right now. The UI is great, it’s accurate and it gives you a sense of how fast your speed is with respect to millions of the other users who use it. Checking internet speed is not that Hard.

Wi-fi Internet Speed test in Desktop:

Just follow the below given 3 steps to finding your internet speed in a minute

  1. Just Open your browser and go to speedtest.net and click on the BEGIN TEST button.How to check Internet step 0
  2. You’ll find the Arrow Increasing towards the speed.
    How to check Internet step 0
  3. The speed test will get finished and you’ll get a small stats screen showing Download speed and Upload speed at the Top Right corner. 

How to check Internet step 0

Speedtest.net – speed test Beta version

If you can’t see the above screenshots in your browser, that is because Speedtest.net started revamping(changing design and functionality) the site and they started rolling out beta version of the site, Below is the speed test flow in beta version –

  1. Go to speedtest.net and click GO


2. You could see the download time and ping time, and even the service provider at top right,


3. Final Internet speed test result

OOKLA now have an app for PC also, meaning you can now test your network speed more easily than ever, with just a couple of clicks. You can get a clear Internet speed check with speedtest.net.

2. Test Wi-fi speed using Geeksquad

If you wanna get more details regarding firewall, Ping, Jitter, and Packet loss. Just go to http://www.geeksquad.com/

You can also try the below websites to check your WiFi internet speed.

3. Fast.com

4. Speedof.me

5. Speedcheck.org

6. Testmy.net

7. Speakeasy.net

8. Bandwidthplace.com

9. Xfinity Speed Test

3. Internet Speed Test using Google

When you type “Internet speed test” in Google Search bar, you’ll find a small box at the beginning of the search results as shown below. Click on Run Speed Test.


If this form didn’t appear to you, then skip these steps and go to the 2nd website to Test Internet speed below. On clicking run speed test, a pop-up appears and starts testing the Internet download speed.


After finish testing, the Internet download speed, Internet upload speed test begins,


Finally, A report containing Internet download and upload speed in Mbps will show to you, which also includes latency and server location, the report will show you whether Internet speed is very slow or fast and will give the option to retest your Internet speed.


4. Wi-Fi Speed Test in Mobile App:

You can follow the same steps listed above in your Mobile browser, Ookla also has an android app, which lets you measure mobile connection speeds and keep a record of them.

Of course, there are other websites offering the same service, but non-matches with ookla on usability and UI design. Also, while testing your network, understand that the metrics were shown always change from time to time. The speed you get at 2 in the morning won’t be the same as what you get at noon or peak times.

5. Wi-Fi Internet Speed Test in Mobile Browser:

To check your internet speed on your mobile phone,

  1. Go to speedtest.net
  2. Switch mobile view to desktop view
  3. and now follow the steps as shown above

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