How To Make Torrents Download Faster – Best 5 Tips

InternetHow To Make Torrents Download Faster - Best 5 Tips

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                      Downloading a Movie through Torrent may take 1 week sometimes. If you have experienced that then you know how annoying slow download is. You can Make some Tweaks to make torrent downloading faster. 
Usually, ISP’s specify the upload and download most for the connections. So it is always better to have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) who provides better Download and Upload limits for an affordable price. Check Internet speed before entering into Tips to improve torrent speed.When you enter into Torrenting, you have to know below Seed, peer, leech.
  1. A peer is a computer which participates in the P2P(Peer to Peer) sharing either for downloading or uploading.
  2. A seed is a computer who has got a complete copy of the file and is sharing that file in the network.
  3. A leech is a computer who doesn’t have a complete copy of the file and is downloading the file at the moment.

How To Make uTorrents Download Faster

1)Choose the Suitable BitTorrent client:

                         Every time you go to download a torrent file choose the latest versions among the available BitTorrent clients. The latest versions is equipped with  the highest download speed and an overall smooth downloading experience.

2)Check the seeders before Downloading Torrent file:seeders-torrent

Choose Torrent file which has a large number of Seeds. A leech becomes a seed when it completes the download and shares it over the network. It is always advisable to choose the files with more number of seeds and less number of leeches. That means the file with the highest seed to leech ratio, which helps in faster torrenting.

3) Limiting your upload rate:

 By limiting your upload rate you can speed your torrent.
 Every BitTorrent client ( The Seed ) must upload some data at the same they are downloading some other data through torrent. For obtaining a high download speed you should cut your upload speed to min.

4) Altering the firewall configuration:

By default the firewalls block all the BitTorrent Connections coming through. This can adversely affect the downloading speed. So You must make sure that your firewall is configured in such a way that it Allows the BitTorrent connections through it.
So Add Windows Firewall Exception.

5) Enter trackers in uTorrent:

Open the torrent file in uTorrent, Navigate to Properties, Under general tab you could find some Trackers (links) add the below-given trackers to the bottom of the existing trackers, these trackers help in torrent speed up.

Experts Advice to Speed up Torrent:

  1. Increase uTorrent download speed – VisiHow
  2. 10 Ways to Speed Up Torrent Downloads – MakeUseOf

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