Top 8 Shooting Games for Mobile [Android and iOS]

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Are you bored with endless action movie watching where you cannot move a single leaf? Then the online shooting games for platforms like android and iOS are designed for you. Be the best sniper out there and earn your position up the leader board.

Shooting Games for Mobile

Lead your team into victory and show off your moves on battlegrounds. If you aren’t a hero then be the villain without getting arrested for it in real life, and some are Multiplayer games to enjoy the game with friends. Also, you’ll be aware of PUBG, Free fire and Call of Duty, below are the games which you know less but worth playing.

Top 4 Android Shooting Games

Based on the Android gamers rating and reviews on the Google Play Store we have ranked these Shooting Games for Android mobile phones and tablets, you can also play these games in Emulators.

1. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Elite Shooting

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

Race against inevitable villains like time and hit the bull’s eye while you are in the middle of exploding helicopters and zombie attacks in this first-person shooter (FPS) action game. Though the content rating of the game is mature.

Sniper 3D Gun shooter game features–

  • You will get hundreds of missions so that you do not get bored of sniping.
  • Earn gems as you move forward in the game and buy the best rifles and upgrade weapons.
  • You might need the internet to download content from time to time but you can play the game offline.
  • The PvP mode helps you test the skills you learned in training.

2. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

Cover Fire Offline Shooting Games

You are the head of a team of veterans. You will have to face different scenarios that are common in a war-like situation, and so you need to focus if you want to win and save lives.

This game is a perfect blend of sniping and army tactics that will help you earn characters, ammo and player perks.

Cover Fire Game features –

  • As the name suggests, apart from downloading the game, it can be played offline otherwise.
  • The HD graphics interact with your mission, and so you will see the destruction your mission is leading to.
  • You get to see the battle in more than one perspective, so switch places with your real-time buddies to understand the battlegrounds better.
  • Although the worst enemy is time, you get 3 seconds more of survival for every enemy you hit.

3. Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS

Modern Strike Online PRO FPS

If you are into a SWAT vs terrorist game then this online multiplayer shooting game is just meant for you. Get prizes by participating in tournaments and choose from 70 weapons to decide what suits you the best. The best part about the game is its performance on the lowest-performing devices.

Modern Strike Game features–

  • Team deathmatch is about proving that you are the best team (and the best player) in the FPS games world.
  • You get to duel one on one with your opponent if you feel like showing off your gaming skills.
  • Every mistake just might cost you the victory, and so the game is one of the most hardcore.
  • A custom version allows you to decide your own rules.

4. DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline

DEAD TARGET Zombie Offline

Shoot zombies wherever and whenever you want. The best part is that the game is limitless even when offline. The zombies you fight are of different types – depending on their ability to kill you and on the level of how much they are affected by the virus.

Dead Target features–

  • The 3D weapons make zombie-killing cooler. Their sound resembles the real-life versions of the weapons.
  • You can upgrade weapons even in the offline version of the game.
  • Rank up every time you complete a quest to unlock something new.
  • You get a leaderboard to see where you stand as a shooter. You get access to different lands to defend them.

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Top 4 iOS Mobile Shooting Games

Based on the iOS gamers rating and reviews on the Apple Store we have ranked these Mobile Shooting Games for iPhones and iPads, you can also play these games in iPhone Emulators.

5. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

Create a squad of shooters to bring out the best team or test your shooting skills – you just have to beat other squads to show the mortal combat world who is the best.

Modern Combat 5 features–

  • Play either single or multiplayer, you get 9 customizable classes to level up to.
  • Skill points help you unlock and master class-specific skills.
  • Not only you get to talk to other players in global and squad chat but you can watch players in battle with the spectator mode.
  • Customize the weapons with attachments or earn high tier weapons by mastering the low tier ones.

6. Cover Fires: Shooting Games 3D

Cover Fire Shooting Games 3d

Survival is the priority and again, time is the biggest enemy. You need to kill all the enemies before time runs out and each right shot adds 3 more seconds to your life. If you get bored with humans, you can kill zombies too!

Cover Fires shooting Game features–

  • Help cops with their battles.
  • Change perspectives in real-time PVP.
  • The online tournaments prepare you for the worst.
  • You get access to 11 chapters while you are offline.

7. Armed Heist: TPS Shooting Game

Armed Heist Shooting Game iPhone

This is a third-person shooting game where you get to rob banks and armored trucks. Like being the bad guy, then why not become the crime lord?

Armed Heist Game features–

  • Customize your weapons with attachments.
  • A 3D crime map helps you find out the least secured banks.
  • The dynamic scenarios avoid repetitive shooting scenes.
  • Build your character (be a clown or a badass sniper), as you head off to a heist.

8. Noblemen – 1896

Noblemen 1896 shooting game for iPhone

It is the year 1896 and a war is coming, guess who can save the world – you! Because you are the best the world has got.

Noblemen game features-

  • Play without any internet connection.
  • Get to know an alternate reality by entering 1896.
  • Massive war campaigns help you design a strategy.
  • Jump in/ jump out gameplay allows you to be in the battle and have a look at where it is leading at the same time.

Ready to try the best Shooting Game?

The graphics these games introduce you to are mind-blowing. These are one of the few games that not only allow 3D weapons but a real-time environment that makes them addictive and engaging. Also, you get to know people like you and build a cult maybe. Be a part of the community that you belong to as the war cries begin.

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