Sharing Files from laptop to phones or other laptops through Bluetooth

Sharing through Bluetooth is an easy task in the case of the single and small file. Follow the below-given steps to share files through Bluetooth.

Sharing files between Phone and Laptop

Step 1: Make sure your Laptop has Bluetooth device or Bluetooth dongle and Activated.
Step 2: Turn ON your Bluetooth Device and make sure its Discoverability is ON and go to start menu and type ” Add a Bluetooth device ” and press Enter, add a device window appears showing ” Searching for Bluetooth devices “, and after sometimes Bluetooth devices will start to appear. 
Step 3: Select the particular device and click next, then the system will compare the pairing code from your system and the selected device. When you came to know that the other device accepted the pairing click on the next by selecting Yes.
Step 4: Immediately after getting paired with the system, you can see ” Bluetooth Device control “, choose File Transfer from the options below computer operations.
Step 5: You can send files to the recipient by Browsing files from your PC and click next.