Top 20 Screen Recording Software for Windows 11

WindowsTop 20 Screen Recording Software for Windows 11

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Recording your screen be it your PC or your mobile devices, have a variety of utility value. When such is the case, accessing the right screen recorder for your work becomes of the highest importance, especially when you are on a budget. To aid you in your pursuit to record your screen, we are listing down some of the top FREE screen recording software that you can get your hands on effortlessly.

Screen Recording Softwares for Windows 11

Here we go, with the list of top 20 FREE software tools for screen-recording in your Windows 11 PC. Please note, in our list, we shall also cover those that are FREEmium in nature as well.

  1. ShareX Screen Recorder

ShareX is FREE to open source screen recording software that requires its users to download on the device they use. The software offers easy screen capturing, customizable workflows, scroll capturing, multiple windows, etc.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 128,771
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 7,392 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 8,166 
  1. OBS Studio

OBS of Open Broadcaster Software too much like ShareX is an open source screen sharing and broadcasting software. The tool is available for download on multiple OS including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 8,224
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 41,668 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 125,004 
  1. Bandicam Screen Recording

Bandicam is a FREEmiumm screen recording tool for Windows and machines. This tool also offers multiple features including game recording, device recording, real-time drawing, camera overlays, select area recording, voice mixing, mouse effects and many more.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 11,052
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 47,185
  • Daily unique Page Views - 94,849 
  1. FBX Free Game Recorder

FBX is primarily an open source screen recorder which is popular among its users for game recording. It allows instant clips, 24x7 recording without limits, screenshot capture, book marketing and much more.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 247,587
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 5,675
  • Daily unique Page Views – 6,446
  1. APowerREC

APowerREC offers a wide range of recording solutions for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android devices. In addition to recording, the software allows video editing, webcam recording, task recording, video conversion, screenshot capture, audio recording/mixing, etc. This is a paid software.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 7,944
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 97,231
  • Daily unique Page Views - 132,705 
  1. XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit is a powerful and FREEmium screen recording and broadcasting software and is OS agnostic. This Screen recording software in addition to broadcasting your videos on multiple platforms including social and one to one, one to many devices is popular amongst gamers.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 20,943
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 16,135
  • Daily unique Page Views - 48,404 
  1. ScreenCastify

ScreenCastify is fully FREE screen recording software that can be plugged on to your device as a chrome extension. The tool allows easy screen capture, chrome broadcast, offline recording, autosave, GIF creation, etc.

  1. iSpring Cam

iSpring Cam is a screen recording tool known to offer a complete e-learning solution. This FREEmium tool allows its users to create complete learning solution including power point creation and recording, video and audio recording, interactive assessments, screen recording, dialogue simulations, adaptive player support and more.

  1. Flashback Express Recorder

  1. Tiny Take

TinyTake is a FREEmium screen recording software that allows easy recording, annotation, and sharing of video content. A user of Tiny Take can record his screen for up to 120 minutes using a webcam. Additional features include – zoom in zoom out, proxy server friendly, custom short keys, screenshots, etc.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 110,899
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 5,364
  • Daily unique Page Views - 8,808 
  1. ScreenCast O Matic

ScreenCast O Matic is a FREEmium screen recording software. It offers easy video/screen recording, audio mixing, video editing and sharing features.

  1. Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Ice Cream Screen Recorder is a completely FREE screen and video capture software available on MAC OS and Windows 10 operating systems. This software is a must try for everyone for it is feature loaded and yet is completely FREE. This is popular among podcasters.

  1. Active Presenter

Active Presenter is feature loader Screen Recorder and Video Editor that is tailor-made for e-learning. The tool allows for easy screen recording, video editing, and sharing.

  1. Windows 10 Prebuilt

Microsoft along with its Windows 10 OS offers a prebuilt in screen recording software. To activate this feature on your Windows 10 devices you need not have to download any additional software. The tool is very comprehensive in features and allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks much like any other paid screen recording tools available out in the market.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 38
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 10,465,654 
  • Daily unique Page Views - 26,809,166 
  1. Fraps

Fraps is a FREE screen recording and screenshot capture software and is popular amongst gamers.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 30,976
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 19,347 
  • Daily unique Page Views - 33,026 
  1. Filmora Scrn

Filmora is a video editing and recording solution provider, who’s Filmora Scrn offers both FREE and Premium screen recording solutions for Windows devices. The free version of the tool offers Changeable cursors, video editing tool, 2 devices compatible, 15 to 120 FPS, Easy export, PIP ( Picture in Picture), Annotations and much more.

  1. Quick Time

Quick Time is a fully loaded built-in screen recording tool for iOS and MAC devices.

  1. MonoSnap

MonoSnap is a FREE screen recording software for Windows and MAC machines. The tool allows its users to capture screen, zoom in and out, annotations & highlights, easy storage and sharing and much more.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 16,494
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 26,378
  • Daily unique Page Views - 60,526 
  1. VLC

VLC is a FREE to use video player and screen recorder available for Windows, Android, MAC and Linux machines.

  1. Snagit

TechSmith offers a wide range of FREEmium and Premium video recording and screen capture solutions including Snagit, Camtasia, and Relay. Its Snagit tool allows its users to capture screen, video recordings, edit and share their work easily. Techsmith’s tools are compatible with Windows and MAC devices.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking - 5,719
  • Daily Unique Visitors - 63,359
  • Daily unique Page Views - 178,100 

Here ends the Top list of Screen recording software for Windows 11, If you know any Fantastic tool to record screens in Windows, feel free to mention them in comments.


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