Best Samsung Smart TV apps 2022

InternetBest Samsung Smart TV apps 2022

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Samsung has embedded into its high-end flagship series of QLED and 4K UHD TV’s a new smart hub operating system which has given it a real upgrade. It offers the staple of Netflix , Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos and YouTube. Apart from these, there are a load of apps being introduced regularly which can be downloaded from the Smart Hub store.

It is difficult to decide the best apps on Samsung with so many being introduced every day but we have listed some of its more popular apps for you. These are the most popular apps on Samsung right now. Having a list by your side can make it easier for you to choose between many apps that are introduced virtually every day. All these apps are best on QLED and 4 K UHD TV’s which its latest flagship series. Not suggesting that these apps won’t work in the older Samsung TVs as well but for the best quality, these new flagship series offer great quality and resolution for streaming.

Top 5 Samsung Smart TV apps 2022

1. Netflix

netflix App
Here you can watch the latest movies, even streamline TV shows with games and much more. A most popular app it is a must download for the latest in entertainment. Netflix is America’s top media service providers which is a subscription-based streaming service offering the latest movies TV programs and also in-house entertainment programs.

2. Pandora


This is a free personalized music streaming app where you can get the best music selection. It is a music radio for streaming the best internet radio music service. You have the option of giving your feedback to the songs you hear with thumbs up or thumb down. It can also be accessed either through a web browser or mobile app and is among the popular apps on Samsung.

3. Hulu

Hulu App

This is a great app to watch the latest TV shows or movies online. This is a joint venture with Walt Disney, 31st Century Fox, Comcast and AT & T. It is an instant streaming service having the latest entertainment. It has a large library of content and is among the popular apps among all media services streaming offered.

4. Facebook

Facebook App

This social media giant is also a most popular app on Samsung. You can download it straight from the play store and has a lot of features making it very user-friendly on a Samsung device. Facebook is a social media and social networking site which has become one of the biggest social media sites today in the world.

5. BBC News

BBC News

A great App for the best in news and entertainment from a media leader, the app is for free and among the popular apps on Samsung. It gathers and broadcasts news and current affairs.

These are the top 5 apps for the Samsung series but ‘customer is the king ‘and best go through all the apps available on the Samsung website to choose what you would prefer.

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