7 Best Safari extensions for iPhone iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Apple7 Best Safari extensions for iPhone iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

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Back in June 2021, we got a sneak peek of all the good new features that are coming to iOS 15. Now that we have a public release in September, it’s time to start enjoying amazing features like Facetime Links, SharePlay, Shared with You, and Safari Extensions.

We had Safari extensions for macOS for a long time, but now those extensions could be used for the iOS and iPadOS version of Safari. For iOS 15, we have many updates in Safari, like a redesign and even Group Tabs, which work across all the devices.

What is a Safari Extension?

An extension is generally a computer program that is installed separately in the browser used to add new functionality like grammar checker, page zoom or font finder, etc.,

You could check out Safari extensions in the Apple Store and download them.

How to Install Safari Extensions in iOS15

Let’s see how we can install Safari extensions in iOS 15. Also, now, safari extensions are installed to the browser, but it’s accessible across all the safari installations in the same iCloud account. Assuming you already have iOS 15, follow the steps below to install safari extensions.

  1. Open the Settings app in your iOS or iPadOS device. Settings
  2. Scroll down and open the Safari settings. You could search for it in the search bar to get there faster. Safari
  3. Under Safari settings, in the General category, choose Extensions. Safari Extensions
  4. In case if you have not installed any extensions, this space will be empty. Choose More extensions. This will redirect you to the Safari Extensions Store section in the App Store. More Extensions
  5. Browser or even search for the extension you want to install in your iOS 15 device. It would look exactly how you would see an app in App Store. Tap on Get and it will start installing in your Safari browser. App store

Once done, you can open Safari, and the extension would be a part of the browser. It would also be part of all the Safari browsers and all devices in the same iCloud account.

7 Best Safari extensions for iOS 15 iPhone and iPadOS 15

Now that we can use Safari extensions in iOS 15 let’s see some of the safari extensions that could be useful to you.

1. 1Password

1Password safari extension
1Password Safari extension for iOS 15

1Password is a password manager available not only as a Safari extension but also for other devices. It would be best to have a subscription to use this, but it has been known to be a very effective password manager. You could try it for 30 days before signing up for a subscription.

1Password also suggests strong passwords whenever you need them. The passwords are securely saved and work only by using Touch ID. Also, 1Password lets you share passwords securely with your family or team members.

1Password subscription costs about $3.99 for individuals or $6.99 for a family of up to 5 individuals.

2. Cheep

Cheep Safari extension
Cheep Safari extension for iOS 15

Cheep is a fantastic app that gets you cheap deals on flights. It doesn’t matter where you are going. Cheep will always have a great deal for you. Domestic and international is all the same for Cheep.

Now, in iOS 15, Cheep comes with mobile browser extensions which give you suggestions on Google and Google Flights and would tell you whether it’s a good idea to choose the flight or not.

Reviews clearly say that people trust this app/extension a lot more than we would think of.

3. Honey

Honey Safari extension
Honey Safari extension for iOS 15

If you are not aware of honey, Honey has reached millions of users in the past couple of years as the perfect tool for shoppers to save some money. Even though it has been famous as a chrome extension, it has helped its users more than 1 billion dollars in savings.

Now that, Safari extensions work in iOS 15, honey can be used in the mobile as part of the mobile safari shopping experience. So now, users can get great deals even while shopping using your mobile. All you need is to install iOS 15 on your iOS device and install the honey extension in either iOS or mac Safari, which is connected to the same iCloud account, and you are good to go.

After adding, you might get a prompt saying “Enable Honey for Safari,” and make sure to enable it.

‎PayPal Honey: Coupons, Rewards
‎PayPal Honey: Coupons, Rewards
Developer: Honey
Price: Free

4. Vidimote

Vidimote Safari extension
Vidimote Safari extension for iOS 15

Vidimote is a newly released Safari extension that enables users to control video and audio playback directly from the toolbar. The screenshot below will make clear sense if you look at it. Unfortunately, this extension is not free because you need to pay $4.99, and you can check it out from the link before.

If vidimote is installed, it has support to control Amazon Prime Video, DailyMotion, MagentaTV, Netflix, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, SkillShare, TED.com, Dropbox, Udemy, BBC.com, etc., Also, it’s normal to assume that the support for Vidimote streaming control would be added to other apps which has video playback support.

‎Vidimote for Safari
‎Vidimote for Safari
Developer: IOSPIRIT GmbH
Price: $2.99

5. BlockBear

BlockBear Safari extension
BlockBear Safari extension for iOS 15

Blockbear is an excellent web extension that blocks online trackers and even unnecessary web elements like ads, social buttons, etc. The whole point of this extension is to improve your web page loading experience. It has been claimed to be 3-5x faster than how it would open normally. This means that it would enhance your battery life as well.

It has another feature that lets you whitelist your favorites as well. If whitelisted, then that site won’t be blocked and allowed entirely.

Developer: TunnelBear, LLC
Price: Free

6. 1Blocker

1Blocker Safari extension
1Blocker Safari extension

This is pretty much the same as BlockBear. 1Blocker also blocks HTML elements from a web page like ads, annoying pop-ups, internet trackers, etc. The developer claims that it would make the site 2-5x faster than it would normally load.

‎1Blocker - Ad Blocker
‎1Blocker - Ad Blocker
Developer: 1Blocker LLC
Price: Free+

7. Web Inspector

Web Inspector Safari extension
Web Inspector Safari extension for iOS 15

If you are a web developer, you know what an inspector is, especially a long-time Google Chrome user. So, this extension enables you to inspect pages from sites and even edit their elements. It’s super helpful if you are a Software Web developer. It’s free of cost and has no premium because all the features are entirely free.

‎Web Inspector
‎Web Inspector
Developer: And a Dinosaur
Price: Free

These are some of the safari extensions that I found to be useful, and now that these are available on the iOS/iPad, they could be extremely useful than before. Just download iOS 15 and start enjoying these amazing extensions along with other amazing features of iOS 15.

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