10 Ringtone Apps for iPhone & Android [Free] 2021

Internet10 Ringtone Apps for iPhone & Android 2021

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Ringtones are the best way to showcase your personality over the phone, be it an Android or an iPhone. There are some standard ringtones that come pre-installed on your mobile device, and it might be a little boring to keep using them just like the others. Want to stand out of the norm? Consider downloading these epic ringtone apps which provide the best options to be used on your mobile phone, such that, the next time it rings, people will want to hear of it more!

Free Ringtone Apps

Free Ringtone Apps for iPhone and Android

Below are the best Ringtone app for both Android and iPhone, we have ranked them based on the user reviews and ratings from Google play store and Apple Store.

1. Zedge

Zedge ringtone app

It is one of the most commonly used applications for Android and iPhone and apart from featuring a great library of ringtones, it provides tone alerts and notification alerts. Many categories of ringtones are available which are ranked according to their popularity and the date of release. The user can apply the ringtone for their phone from the application itself.

Download Zedge for iPhone or Android

2. Audiko Ringtones

Audiko ringtones, notifications and alarm sounds

This application is available on both iPhone and Android, and it features many genres in ringtones such as pop, rock, party, classic among the many others. One stand – out feature of this application is that the users can create ringtones from the sounds stored in the music library.

Download iPhone or Android

3. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Mp3 cutter and ringtone maker

As obvious as the name, the application allows you to pick existing music clips from your phone and edit them to create your own ringtone. It is like a mini – editor with a lot more flexibility, speed, and ease of operation!

Download Ringtone maker for iPhone or Android:

Ringtone Apps For Android

These are the top Android apps to set ringtones for Android phones especially, these won’t work on iPhone or iPad. Dedicated make for Android mobiles.

4. RingDroid

Ringdroid- Ringmaker

It is one of the highest-rated ringtone apps for Android and has been in the store for a very long time. This ringtone application is open – source and some of the features it provides include, making your own ringtones by cutting music clips. The interface is clean, and the app is free to use!

Download RingDroid

5. Mobile9

This app designed and built for Android has a fresh and modern interface, lets you download ringtones from a collection which is updated everyday. Through this application, you can also share ringtones among the friends in your network.

Download Mobile9

6. MTP Ringtones and Wallpaper

MTP - Ringtones

The user interface of the MTP app is easy to use, but the downside is that it is available only for Android. Ringtones can be searched easily and multiple of them can be stored without many settings.

Download MTP Ringtones

7. iRingtone


This application has a collection of more than 120 ringtones, some of them even from the iPhone library. You can choose the tune you like from the different categories of ringtone available. The ringtones can be set on your device from just a single tap.

Download iRingtone

Ringtone Apps For iOS – iPhone, iPad

These are the top iPhone and iPad apps to set ringtones, these apps won’t work on Android. You can download these apps from Apple store.

8. Ringtones Maker Free for iPhone

Ringtones Maker - the ring app

This great application is even available in the latest version of iPhone and in this, you can make an iTunes to iPhone ringtones. You can even make iPhone ringtones by recording your own voice.

Download Ringtones Maker for iPhone

9. Music Ringtones for iPhone

Ringtones for iPhone

It is probably the most comprehensive iPhone ringtone app available, and it offers great flexibility for you to create your own music or choose the one from the library and clip it with an existing tune. You can also share the ringtones on various social media platforms.

Download Music Ringtones for iPhone

10. Cool Ringtones Free

Cool Ringtones Ringtone Maker

It is a multi-functional ring tone application, which boasts a neat interface. Through this application, you can put up a specific song for contact and set ringtones and music for other applications as well!

Download Cool Ringtones

Ready to Install Ringtone App?

So, these are the top ringtone apps for free in both Android and iPhone. Explore them today and give a new personality to your phone!

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