How to Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

Searching for images with the reverse image search feature available on major search engines helps you in several scenarios. The conventional searches use the keyword (text-based) and help you get the necessary pictures, videos, news, maps, etc. data. The reverse image search feature helps you get information in the form of text, similar images, videos, news, maps, etc. using a picture/image.

It is helpful for people who want to find out more about something based on the pictorial information that they possess. Search engines like Google are famous for offering the reverse image search.

Here, I shall teach you how to conduct the reverse image search on both a desktop/laptop.

Google Reverse Image Search Step by Step

There are 4 different ways in which you can conduct the reverse image search on Google using a desktop/laptop. These ways include:

1. Uploading an Image

 This method helps you when you are searching for an image for which you have an offline copy stored on your computer.

  • To use the reverse image search feature by uploading animage, first, you need to go to or and choose the Search by Image
  • Now click on the Upload an Image button to upload an image on your computer.

Upload an Image

  • Now, click on choose file to browse the contents of your computer on the screen.
  • Choose the correct file that you wish to upload and click

It is advisable to keep the image that you wish to upload, on the desktop so that you do not have difficulty in finding it quickly.

2. Dragging and Dropping an Image on the Search Bar

This method is a more straight-forward approach for the scenario when you have the offline copy of the image.

  • Open your browser window and go to
  • Now, press Alt+tab when you have the folder for the image that you wish to upload, open in another tab on your computer.
  • Pick the image by clicking and holding it using the mouse pointer.

Drag and Drop Image

  • Press Alt-Tab again to go back to your browser window. You can also take down the image to the browser window icon (when open) located on the taskbar of your computer.
  • Drop the image on the webpage to start the reverse image search.

3. Search using Image URL

This method is helpful when you want to search for an image pre-existing on a website. You can either download the image and use the first two processes or use this process instead.

  • You can search for a pre-existing image on a website by right-clicking on the image.
  • Now, select the option, Copy Image Address from the drop-down menu.


  • Open a new tab on your browser window and paste the link to conduct the reverse image search.

4. Right Click on an Image on a Site

This is a more straightforward approach to the previous method.

  • Right-click on the image for which you wish to conduct the search.
  • Now, choose the option Search Image on Google.

This will automatically open a new tab where the search results for the reverse image lookup will appear.

You can follow the same methods on your smartphone device to conduct the search too. Although millions of people across the world use Google on for conducting billions of searches every day, only a few of them actually know about the reverse image search feature. So, you can now use this feature on Google to use it as an advantage over the conventional search methods.


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