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Are you curious to know what your friend or Boss or Crush texted you in WhatsApp and deleted that before you see it? Annoyed to see "This message was deleted" in WhatsApp? With this guide, you can easily track and see the deleted messages sent to you by anyone.

Below is a 2min video that will totally help you to see the deleted message.

Steps to read deleted messages in WhatsApp

If you don't want to see the above video explanation, just follow these steps given below. This is the easiest possible way to track on the WhatsApp messages. This will work in iPhone and Android Mobiles and Tablets.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to read WhatsApp deleted messages:

  1. Search WAMR in App store and Install

    Go to Google Play Store or Apple store and search for WAMR and Install the App, you'll see the screen as shown below.

    Install WAMR

  2. In Apps to Monitor, Choose WhatsApp

    After opening WAMR app you'll ask what all apps to Monitor, pick WhatsApp. You can also choose other apps if you want to track notifications of them as well.

    Select WhatsApp to Monitor notification

  3. Enable Media File and Notification Access

    Now you have to give access to WAMR to enable the app to check the media files sent and the messages sent to WhatsApp. As you know we can't believe any app, do this at your own risk.

    Enable Multimedia download

  4. Now you can Read a Deleted Message

    You are all set, Now you can read any WhatsApp message sent to you and delete by anyone.

    Read deleted message

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