Best Racing Games for Android (Car and Bike)

Best racing Android Games
Best Racing Games for Android

Racing games are the best pass time for young teens or toddlers to have fun. Here is a list of the best racing games for Android that are available which are totally ruling the market and the hearts of the people. We have listed Car Racing games first and followed by Bikes. Let’s check the list out.

List of Best Car Android Racing Games:

Below is the List of Top Car racing Games for both Android Mobiles and Tablets, Scroll down for Bike racing games.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing  3
Price: Free+

Real Racing 3 is an amazing free-to-play driving sim which lets one take charge of the wheel of some real-world cars as you drive around the beautifully rendered real-world racetracks. It has numerous game modes which you can swap according to your mood which also includes time trials, standard races and an amazing time Shift multi-player mode too which offers varied challenges to players to have fun. The updates keep adding new content such as new cars and racing events at regular time intervals.

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Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme is an amazing and captivating offroad racer game, which gets exciting as players race through canyons and dunes set across in a variety of game modes. Players have the facility to go behind the wheel of a variety of vehicle classes and the range is amazing- from dune buggies to humungous monster trucks and also automobiles having license from some big names in the market like Jeep, Ford, and Dodge. In addition to the basic five game modes that the game supports and hundreds of career events and challenges, Asphalt Xtreme has an interesting live multiplayer which has the feature of having up to eight players go head to head on the track.

Asphalt 9 Legends

This game in its latest edition focuses on blazing hypercars from some prestigious and amazing manufacturers such as the Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. The game lets you make each car just like your own version of it with a customization feature that includes materials, colors, and rims. It can then be taken out for a spin in the career mode which features more than 60 seasons and 800 events, also supported with an online multiplayer. Asphalt’s focus is crudely on arcade fun and thus, it has nitro pulse speed boosts, 360-degree knockout spins which are combined with slick, hyper-detailed cars and console-quality visual effects to add to the thrill of the game.

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Need For Speed: No Limits

This is a free racing game that delivers a comparatively shorter but definitely more intense racing zone as you blast through an underground street racing circuit. The techniques of drifting, drafting and smart use of nitro are totally necessary to win and victories in turn earn you parts to modify your cars or blueprints that further unlock new machines. NFS: No Limits features a wide range of in-game systems, as well as a well modeled fuel system which make it an all the more exciting game.

Grand Prix Story 2

Grand Prix Story 2
Price: Free+

For something that is a little less intense in comparison to the Motorsport Manager, Grand Prix Story 2 is a light management RPG in the signature peculiar cartoon style of Japanese developer Kairosoft which is known for this. As the manager of your own racing team,what you do is train your drivers, find sponsors for the team along with getting the vehicles and parts that you need to dominate the races. This definitely seems like a good approach for those who like racing, but still would prefer a more hands off approach to the track and race.

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2
Price: Free+

This game combines some really nice graphics along with some neat and straight urban drag racing type of gameplay. As the players are competing in flat-out drag races, you don’t steer a lot during the whole time. The game thus, is won by who has a precise start, perfectly times the gear-shifts, and meticulously tricks-out other cars. Players can work through a single-player campaign if they feel like it or even a head-to-head online multiplayer if they feel like battling against other players. It’s not just about the street racing though and the players can also go all out with different car customization, tweaking the paint job here and there, rims, interior trim and technical elements such as gear ratios and tire pressure as it pleases them.


Price: Free+

With PAKO 2, the three Men Games’ endless insane driving game puts a player in the driver’s seat as he races fast to pick up the crew escaping from a heist which makes this gaming interface different from other gaming interfaces. Later from there, one finds himself in a frenetic and exciting getaway chase against the cops eager to shoot a bullet. As one scrambles to near the final escape point, earning numerous points and power ups, upgrades cruising along the way, the game gets interesting. One can choose to spend those earned points on purchasing new vehicles and upgrading levels. All in all, it is a fun game.


Price: $1.99

This game has a stylish and endless driver who rides you to an interesting neon-lit scifi cityscape where you move down a circular rail. It involves a lot spinning around and dodging the various obstacles in an ardent attempt to last in the game for as long as possible. The simplicity game mode of the game gives you a smooth introduction, but as you keep moving forward, the increasingly difficult Futile and Ultra modes offer comparatively more challenging, exciting and downright killer experiences.

Horizon Chase World Tour

Taking immense inspiration from various console racing games like Rush, Out Run and adding to it some modern mobile sheen is the game called Horizon Chase. This chase makes you cruise through a third-person perspective in a competitive arcade race through amazing racetracks around the world as you jockey smartly for the pole position. The game in its totality features roughly 73 different tracks to race through,cruising across 32 different cities and exciting 16 upgradeable race cars to collect which make the game all the more interesting.

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Dirt Tracking

This is a very interesting retro racing game. The graphics used, controls added, and various other elements are immensely influenced by the racing games with the past titles. Apart from that, this game features some real and mind-blowing racers right from the off-roading circuit. With 24 cars to choose from and ten tracks to cruise through, you can even choose to have the controls on-screen if you don’t like tilting your device time and again to steer. One can even choose to run races up to 100 laps if they want to spend some real time playing this game.

Horizon Chase

This amazing game was one of the best and most played racing games of 2015. It features brilliant retro-inspired graphics and provides so much to do for a rider. It flaunts off dozens of tracks, a wide variety of cars to unlock, and lots more. What makes this game completely unique is that it also comes with a complete Android TV support, a NVIDIA Shield TV support, and a player can easily use most game controllers with it. To add to all of this, there is also an online multi-player mode and leader boards to round out the experience and add more fun to the whole game.

Best Bike Racing Android Games:

Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider
Price: Free+

For a more arcadey take on motorcycle driving, the game that fits totally is the Traffic Rider. It is a first-person motorcycle game in which you have to bob and weave through lanes of congested traffic. The game is all about hair-raising near-misses which are not easy to always tackle with, players scoring extra points or sometimes bonus time for smartly dodging past cars and trucks, and even bigger bonuses for dodging the oncoming traffic. The points which are earned can be spent to upgrade your motorcycle or purchase newer motorbikes as and which one chooses to go for. There’s also a career mode that lets you cruise through a variety of missions and challenges to face.

SBK 16

If lightning-fast crotch rockets are your kind of things to explore, then you must try out SBK 16, which is the official game of the Superbike World Championship. Players can take the role of some amazing international star riders such as Tom Sykes or Sylvain Guintoli and race incredibly fast bikes down some really challenging, real-world racetracks which is bound to excite racers. Players can also engage in some quick races, play a championship mode and also relish some test rides. Some really cool additions to the game include a new cockpit view that puts the player right into the action zone, a mobile controller support, and the ability to upgrade to the ad-free experience which can be done by two methods- either through in-app purchases or by beating the Test Ride challenge mode. This game is promising.

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Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade, this is the latest installment of Vector Unit’s Riptide science fiction which is called the jetski racers. This game features a single-player career mode along with online and local multiplayer race events that can be played. As a racer, you ought to make a name for yourself in the coveted racing circuit by slowly climbing up your way back up to the top to regain the glory. Riptide’s stunt mechanic encourages players to take wild risks, on big jumps to build up a turbo gauge which adds thrill to the game. The players can also collect a variety of different racing craft during the game and also unlock various new skills, stunts and character models as they proceed in the game.

Bonus: Flight Game

Red Bull Air Race 2

Red Bull Air Race 2

If you want to jump into the cockpit right away and take part in the world’s fastest motorsport, then this is the game for you. Red Bull Air Race 2 facilitates you taking control of some of the world’s most maneuverable aerobatic planes as you fly high to compete in far more than 400 different races coupled with various regional, global, and class tournaments. The sequel of the previous game introduces precise slick graphical improvements, as well as stunning new mechanics such as configurable crew and aircraft upgrades for tuning your ride’s performance and increasing the appeal and realistic feel of the game for the rider.

I hope this list of the various racing games gives you a fair idea and also amazing options to choose from and instantly get cruising. Happy riding or driving as you choose. Cheers to speed!

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