Questions to Ask Siri | 23 Funniest things to ask Siri

InternetQuestions to Ask Siri | 23 Funniest things to ask Siri

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Obviously, Siri, the voice assistant built into the Apple phones is not a human, it is amazing in its wit and attitude and this can be seen especially if a few peculiar questions are asked. She exhibits the same charm even on the Mac Devices since the time the Sierra acquired the Siri into the Mac.

Things to Ask Siri:

Do note that sometimes, Siri might unintentionally pass out words of humor thanks to little fluctuations and limitations of her code, nevertheless, the writers of her algorithm trained her for a lot of humor. If Siri cannot answer some questions, she usually compensates them with witty and humorous responses. We want you to ask these questions to Siri especially if you are down and low as we are sure these responses can throw you into laughter and brighten you up! Let’s begin!

things to ask siri1. When you ask Siri to make a sandwich for you
She answers quite assertively that she does not have the essential condiments to prepare the food or she is not permitted to do so.

2. When you ask Siri to make you laugh
Siri has an entire unseen collection of jokes in its algorithm belly, it springs up with its wolf joke, the elephant joke or the sloth one most commonly. Although these jokes make no literal sense, the wit they constitute is extraordinary.

3. When you ask Siri, the meaning of Siri
She politely tells that she would be unable to explain the same in your language. Else, if she is in a philosophical mood, she will tell that Siri has many metaphorical, subtle and contradictory meanings and politely dismisses further conversation by stating that ‘she does not have the liberty to discuss’.

4. When you ask Siri about Inception the movie
She does not seem to be a great fan of the movie, and this is evident from her answer. She simply states that the movie is about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming and at last, she fell asleep.

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5. When you ask Siri about her boyfriend
The sarcasm in her answer is baffling. When asked this question, she simply replies that she will go eat ice – cream together, listen to music and move across galaxies only to end with loneliness and heartbreak. The sad reality of many lovers today, right? Or her another reply could be that the license agreement that comes with her usage is a big enough commitment for her.

6. When you ask Siri about the dress she is wearing
She does offer a number of witty answers for the same, she tells that people in the cloud do not know what they are wearing or she might tell that she cannot answer that.

7. When you tell Siri that you are naked
If she is in an assertive mood, she might comment on it by saying that it is irrelevant and inappropriate. Or she might sigh because she believed that you loved her for her mind. Else, she might simply dismiss it by saying that she does not understand what is the meaning of being ‘naked’.

8. When you ask Siri about the best operating system
Without a doubt, she supports the iOS. She goes on to say that one can travel the entire universe and still not find a better operating system than mac. Or, she might sing a mini song, stating that she loves the iOS.

9. When you ask Siri about the best phone
She gives out a very clever reply to this by asking if there are other phones, actually. Or she might reply that the best virtual assistants always prefer the iPhone.

There are plenty of other questions you can ask Siri, from riddles to specific movie references and she does not fail to come back with a hilarious response, below are some questions you can ask Siri:

10 Tell me a Story
11 Are you Alive?
12 Beatbox for me
13 Do you speak duck?
14 Talk dirty to me
15 Do you believe in God?
16 sing me a song
17 What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
18 When will the world end?
19 I’m drunk
20 Will you marry me?
21 Why are fire trucks red?
22 Beam me up, Scotty
23 What does the fox say?

They said it right, Siri is the best mate in times of loneliness and the blues. You can find out more about Siri in Apple website.

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