Ways to Protect Your Organization from Insider Threats

Many organizations focus on protecting their data from external threats. But as much as some data breaches are caused by external threats, an equal or greater number are actually caused by insider threats instead.

Simply put as much as restricting access to data to authorized users may protect it from external threats – what if an individual who already has authorized access intentionally or accidentally compromises the system? In recent years there have been several cases where that has led to high profile data breaches, including at Tesla, the Punjab National Bank, and Coca-Cola.

New regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, the new California Consumer Privacy Act, and many others require that organizations protect personal data – and impose stiff penalties for failing to do so. Suffice to say it is more important than ever that you make sure your organization is protected from insider threats.

Track and Monitor User Activity

The most effective way to protect an organization from insider threats is to account for the user element of insider threats. To do that you will need to monitor user activity so that you can know what authorized users are doing with the data they access, and how they are using it.

By tracking and monitoring user activity, you will be able to protect your organization in various ways. The relevant parties can be immediately alerted to any suspicious activity as it is taking place, and outright damaging actions such as copying sensitive data to external destinations could be blocked entirely.

The exact requirements to secure an organization from insider threats by tracking and monitoring user activity will vary. In small organizations, all that may be required is a simple system to track users that are accessing specific data. However, in larger and more complex organizations, you will need a more robust system that will take into account varying levels of data access, risks, and user behavior.

Ultimately the goal should be to prevent data breaches by insiders. That being said the information gathered by tracking and monitoring user activity will help with data recovery and forensics as well, if and when a data breach does occur.


Largely the type of tracking and monitoring that is possible will depend on the user activity monitoring software that is used. One option that has made a reputation for itself due to its effectiveness is WorkExaminer.

As a comprehensive activity and internet monitor, WorkExaminer will track what users are doing on their PC throughout the day. It will gather data on the applications that are being used, activity levels, websites that are visited, time spent in each application and website, and so on.

Suffice to say it will capture more than enough data for you to have a full picture of how any given user is using the PC and internet in your organization. That should allow you to flag any suspicious behavior early on, or even while it is ongoing – and take steps to prevent it.

Make no mistake as a self-control computer monitoring software you can tailor WorkExaminer to fit the requirements of your organization. Its features are extremely versatile and will let you record keystrokes, screenshots, email activity, file transfers, and more.

At the end of the day if you want to protect your organization from insider threats by tracking and monitoring authorized users so that they don’t misuse their privileges accidentally or intentionally – WorkExaminer will give you the means to do so. That should, in turn, let you ensure your compliance with new regulations, and more effectively protect your organization from data breaches.

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