PAC-MAN is an Famous Arcade game developed by Namco and released in Japan in 1980, You could have found this PAC-MAN game in Google Doodle, Now Google has created a new Easter egg for Google Maps with this PAC-MAN Game.

Follow the below given Instruction to play this PAC-MAN in your Google Maps PC.

  1. Open Google Maps in your PC.
  2. In the bottom left, click PAC-MANPlay Pac-Man Game in Google Maps - Google Maps Easter Egg
  3. After clicking the PAC-MAN, Google Map will change into a PAC-MAN Maze, and you could find Those Pac dots, and 4 creatures those were the enemies of you.Play Pac-Man Game in Google Maps - Google Maps Easter Egg
  4. After Finishing the Game Checkout the Score at the Top Left Corner, I had been to 8th Level and Scored 15020 ( Beat my Score and Share the link in comments below), Even you can Try Again or Share the Score to Google+, Facebook and Twitter.Play Pac-Man Game in Google Maps - Google Maps Easter Egg

    Here’s Another interesting way to Play PAC-MAN in Google Maps.

  • Search for some Places where you could find PAC-MAN. You can  Get hints from Google help. Or, navigate to a place on the map where you want to start your game.
  • If you find a location, click the PAC-MAN pin on the map .To Play This Game in Mobile or Tablet you have to find the hint or Find the PAC-MAN image in the Map.

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