Play Guitar Online with keyboard and mouse in Google

Play Guitar Online:

Playing Guitar is Awesome and Now you can play Guitar online with both Mouse cursor and even with Keyboard. This is really easy for Kids to play with Online Guitar. is a website similar to google and contains many online play tools, This site has Google Doodle Guitar which is very easy to Play.

Play Guitar online with the mouse:

  1. Go to and Here you'll be finding your Guitar
  2. Just hover over the strings of the Guitar and you'll find the sound with the color change in the strings.

Play Guitar online With Keyboard and mouse cursor

Play Guitar online with Keyboard:

  1. Go to and Here you'll be finding your Guitar
  2. Below the Guitar, you'll find "Melodies you can play with Google Doodle Guitar."
    - You can play " Twinkle twinkle little star " by Pressing " QQTTYYT RREEWWQ TTRREEW TTRREEW QQTTYYT RREEWWQ ", There are "Happy Birthday" music and "Harry Potter" music too.

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