How to Play Dinosaur Game Online (T-Rex Runner)?

GamesHow to Play Dinosaur Game Online (T-Rex Runner)?

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Want to Play that Dinosaur game even after your internet is back? Hands down, the Chrome Dinosaur game is extremely addictive no matter how simple and basic it looks. It is one of the best part – times for us when the internet is down and you have time to kill (you can also try our offline games). Well, many of them also do not know that this game can be played while being online! The source code of the game has been used in various platforms to provide online versions of the game. You can also check my previous post on Google Easter Eggs.

Play T-rex game online

4 methods to Play Chrome T-Rex game Online:

You can use any of the below methods to play the Dinosaur game without going offline, in your PC and mobile.

1. Chrome://Dino

Open your Google Chrome and Type “Chrome://Dino” This will open the Dino game and you can play this online.

Dino Game Online

2. Play the game offline in Chrome Browser (PC)

If you do not want to access any website to play the T – Rex game, there is a way to do it through the Developer Console. To access the same, simply, press on Ctrl + Shift + I, click on the Network Tab and look for the option titled, ‘Offline’ next to the ‘Disable Cache’. Tick mark on the ‘Offline’ option and now you can play T- rex game by simply browsing through any website.

3. Use GitHub to play the Dinosaur game (Mobile/PC)

GitHub is a major source of almost all information, games, codes required by developers, individual, and gamers. One such online code has been published on the website which can be accessed using this link:

4. Play the T – Rex game written in the Scratch language (Mobile/PC)

T–Rex game being a very simple one has been replicated by many coders and developers over the Internet. One such popular version is the one written in the Scratch programming language, and you can also access the code of it and see how it is working. Perhaps, even you can create your own modification. The game can be played at this link:

Do note that you will need the Flash Player to be enabled to play the game.

Play T-Rex Dino Game in 3D Online

Now you have an option to play the Black-White Dino game in colourful 3D view. Go here –

T-rex game

First seen on Reddit.

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So, these are the three primary ways to play the t – rex game without turning Internet OFF (online) via the Chrome browser. Now feed your addiction with the best offline game of all – time, arguably!


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