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Data storage about online public information has now become easy, replacing the telephone directory. Now, people search engines and people finder websites have become great advisors for individuals and organizations to trace down any possible legal or business threats with its public information database.

People search engines give complete information access to the individual, especially the personal background details. These sites have created wonders by reuniting and reconnecting family and lost friends. From legal to business, personal details to social media, educational qualifications to employment history this has been (almost) a boon to finding people.

people search websites

Who needs this?

People search finder websites provide information about individuals based on their online, and in some cases, offline activity. It can be used to find information for legal cases, to search the background history of individuals, and to their online activities. It is also beneficial for landlords to assess potential tenants, employers, or HRs to find ideal employees, organizations to find reliable donors, etc. 

How to use the People Search Engine to find someone:

3 quick steps to find someone without signup and 100% free people finder website.

  1. Go to whitepages.comOpen any browser in your Mobile or PC and go to whitepages.com

  2. Type in the Name and City, State or ZipNow, you’ll find a search bar, you’ll be asked to type a Name of the person you want to find and the City, State or ZIP and click search

    Search name and address
  3. Pick the person you are looking forFrom the list of names, find the person you are actually looking for and click on view detail to see more about him/her. You can see their age, address, and more. Also, you can monitor.

    Click on the person you want

15 Free and Paid People Finder Websites: 

Based on the Quality, popularity, User-friendliness, and reliability here are the best True and Fast People Search Engines. And some of the sites here are 100% totally free people finder websites and most of the sites here doesn’t need Sign-ups or credit cards.

  1. whitepages.com
  2. beenverified.com
  3. Truepeoplesearch.com
  4. TruthFinder.com
  5. pipl.com
  6. US Search
  7. spokeo.com
  8. instantcheckmate.com
  9. intelius.com
  10. peoplesmart.com
  11. peekyou.com
  12. radaris.com
  13. 411.com
  14. zabasearch.com
  15. anywho.com

1. Whitepages.com (Free basic info)

Whitepages emerged in 1997 and can be used to access information regarding a person, business, institution, or legal issues, checking the genuine over fraudulent ones. Whitepages is updated with records of 275 million people across the globe, especially with cellular device information and contact details. The legal records and court proceedings of the entire 50 states of the USA are updated on time for intensive background study. Rent applications screened in the Whitepages provide eligible tenants to Landlords after the comprehensive scanning of their background details. Whitepages is listed in the top-ranked domains, with over 2 million searches per day. 


See how Whitepages works in the example below, I’ll be using random contact names and location to see how deep we could see about someone.

Search Example: Thomas Andrews in NY location

Search name and address

If you couldn’t find the person you are searching in the list, then you have to pay and take the premium service.

Services Provided by WhitePages:

  1. Reverse Phone number lookup
  2. Reverse Address
  3. Business Search
  4. Screen a Tenant
iOS AppAndroid App
WhitePages iOS AppWhitePages Android App
  • Pros: Being the popular people search domain, it maintains systematic detail about everything. The search results are vast and detailed.
  • Cons: The Whitepages has many services for deeper search results like tenant checks, phone scams, Yellow pages, etc. It requires separate subscriptions for each to access these. 

2. Beenverified.com (Paid Service)

Beenverified.com the best premium service which strives to secure and record public data. With detailed safety protocols, this domain addresses the people about crime, relationships, lifestyle, law, and real estate issues. It prevents email spoofing, neighbor spoofing, robocalls, online dating scams, bankruptcy, tampered home checklists and classifieds, etc.


Bonus: Screen Tenant using TransUnion SmartMove

Since Beenverified is a paid service, you can’t see any contact info without paying them, But, it’s worth trying Beenverified. You can easily get quality info by spending few dollars.

Services Provided by Beenverified:

  1. Phone Number Lookup
  2. Email Lookup
  3. Address Lookup
  4. Username Search
  5. VIN Lookup
  6. Unclaimed Money
  7. Criminal Records

Pricing: $26.89/mo – unlimited reports (dated: 25.4.20) If you are not satisfied with the results, refund guaranteed.

iOS AppAndroid App
WhitePages iOS AppWhitePages Android App
  • Pros: Not only is it reliable and saves time, but it has advanced technology for phone lookup, email lookup, address lookup, VIN search, username search, and other ways to track identity. 
  • Cons: Not advisable to use legally to research employees. No options for non-digital users too.

3. Truepeoplesearch.com (Free basic info)

True People Search is another best people-finder website that is quick, easy, and helps you with basic person info without any signup. You can find a person from their billions of public records. You just have to use the search bar to type name and address and search for the people you want.

True People search

I did a sample search here using the random name and location – John Smith from all location. and found 247 records with age, location and related to. Clicking on the result also gave me the individual person’s phone number and many more detail totally for free, and again to get the full report including criminal records and more you need to pay.

True People search sample

4. TruthFinder.com (Paid Service)

TruthFinder is another premium service like BeenVerified, You have to spend some bugs to get quality contact info, which is totally worth the money. Apart from the background check, Truthfinder goes deep into the dark web for scanning, which I haven’t seen in any other service.


If you opt for this provider, then I’ll suggest you to take the standard pack, where you’ll get unlimited reports at very affordable cost.

iOS AppAndroid App
TruthFinder iOS AppTruthFinder Android App

5. Pipl.com (Paid Service)

Be it information for organizations or individuals, Pipl.com is the one-stop solution. With the rise of Cyber identity-related issues and fraudulent cases, this domain focuses on tracking down the details of the person behind the online ‘claimed profile.’ This domain works with great standards of privacy, ethics, and compliance. Online transaction malware detection and indexed profile search (over 3 billion) reduces possible threats. It is the most beneficial comprehensive tool for insurance and finance sectors, government institutions, and media houses.

Pipl - people Search Engine

Pipl is another people search tool, but you have to pay to see the basic contact info. There’s an option for everyone to give a try on the Pipl search preview, You can simply create an account and give that a try.

Pricing: $298/mo with Annual Subscription

  • Pros: Easy to access and provides accurate search results.
  • Cons: If a particular IP system sends more people searches in a day, then it may jam the IP system for the next 24 hours.

6. US Search (Free basic info)

US Search.com allows users to access various individual public records information. The search engine provides addresses, phone numbers, aliases, property ownership, judgments, criminal records, corporate affiliations, etc. Even the date of birth and date of death information is provided on this website. 

US Search

US Search Pricing starts from $1.45

  • Pros: The reports of this search engine can be downloaded for free.
  • Cons: Current email addresses are hard to find and locate.

7. Spokeo.com (Free basic info)

Just like the many other search engines, it serves the same purpose. The striking feature in Spokeo enterprise lets the companies connect to customers. Prevention of fraud on e-commerce, finding legit donors for non-profit services, tracking individuals skipping debt collection trace are some of its most accessed services. Reconnecting with family, friends, and associations, reading real estate listings, and barring of the calls and texts are prominent services of Spokeo.com, which you can rely on.


Below is the sample search using a random name and location to help you readers to understand more about Spokeo.

Search Example: John Smith in USA

Spokeo sample search

You can see the contact location, age, related to and more, but when you try to see the results, you have to pay Spokeo to see the complete result.

Spokeo pricing starts from $0.95

  • Pros: Adequate pricing for the services provided and quick and easy to use.
  • Cons: Crime results are quite basic, and if you try to trace extra information, it will create more confusion with its content.

8. Instantcheckmate.com (Free basic info)

Commended as the “best public criminal records search engine.” It provides easy access links for people to search, criminal records database, arrest records, sex offender database, inmate search, and “Crimeware Blog.” A perfect search engine to know an inmate, master of a felony, and sexual offenders, this is the one to look out for!

In Instant CheckMate you have an option to search yourself. Type your name, location, and check “This is me” option and search.

Instant Check Mate

I ran a sample search on Instant Checkmate to give you an idea on what contact info you’ll get, I choose a random name and location – Thomas Andrews in All location, and the results are below.

Instant Checkmate search results

To uncover work, education, roommates, ex-spouses, online relationships, co-workers, associates, and social media info you have to get the premium package.

1 month of unlimited reports starts at $34.78

  • Pros: The information or representation provided is accurate with basic data and has a clean design. Even criminal history would be accurately provided in detail.
  • Cons: It has an arid and neutral language. The search engine is expensive and has too many additional costs.

9. Intelius.com (Free basic info)

This Seattle based search engine is the one where you can find the public details of an individual by just using the name, address, and phone number. Criminal records from States, information on bankruptcy, liens, and property fraud are some of its much-appreciated services. 


I’m running a contact search sample on Intelius on the random name to show you how this works, I’m using Thomas as name and location the United States.

Intelius search results

I’ve got a list of names, with their age, phone number (masked), location, relatives, and few. When I tried to get the full report, I was taken to the payments page.

Pricing starts from $0.95

  • Pros: Affordable services and search results have educational and work history attached.
  • Cons: Accuracy of information is pretty weak and also poor customer and critics reviews.

10. Peoplesmart.com: (Paid Service)

PeopleSmart is the longest-running search engine in privacy education and public records. It helps individuals with their personal information that can be accessed, decoded, and managed online too. The search engine lets you trace the complex court trials, court record retrievals, or serve as a general search tool to find contact information obtained from the associate online data partner Beenverified.com.

people Smart
  • Pros: Reliable, accurate, multiple search results to narrow down from and straightforward results. No pop-up ads or banner intervention.
  • Cons: Basic details and demands for an expensive upgrade to find specific information.

11. PeekYou.com:

PeekYou is the search engine which works towards the motto of ” reconnecting people.” Through PeekYou, you can find close and relevant associations like family, friends, old classmates, and reconnect with them over PeekYou. 

Peek you

I’m using the search bar with random name and location – Thomas Andrews in Alaska, USA. I could see list of names with good data from age, location and where he is employed to and more. You can also find the person’s Facebook, Instagram, twitter and more totally for free.

Peek you search results
  • Pros: Gives permission to edit and correct details by attaching social media links and pictures. One can choose to remain ‘unlisted’ if you are concerned about privacy.
  • Cons: PeekYou is still categorized under beta search engines and often has small glitches. It can access friends or entrepreneurs with more online visibility profiles than real friends or family.

12. Radaris.com: 

Radaris is the people search engine with ten years of service and is still running smoothly. Radaris uses comprehensive methods to find information from federal, state, and local authorities. Radaris scans the entire World Wide Web and provides the details we are looking for at lightning speed with many trusted sources of information.

  • Pros: You can access website profile results for free with social media and public outcomes. It has in-house customer care to hear people’s concerns and help them with the search.
  • Cons: Radaris can pose some threat to people who have a good online reputation and worried about their privacy.

13. 411.com: 

A search engine that is only equipped to search for contact details (phone and people) address, business, and background service. It is a minimized version of White Pages’ collaboration. Even region-wise Yellow Pages can be accessed too.

  • Pros: It is developed into an “app” version and is easy to use for iPhone and Android users.
  • Cons: You will be often redirected to the official White Pages while accessing background review.

14. Zabasearch.com

Zabasearch is powered by the Intelius search engine and is used to provide information about people with their contact and address details. 

Zaba search
  • Pros: It can be accessed free without registration and also provides residential detail three times than that of WhitePages telephone directory.
  • Cons: One cannot rectify their personal information because of the database constraint. 

15. Anywho.com: 

This is the people search engine with a wider media, and helps in efficiently finding information through area code and zip code. Reverse phone lookup and the phone directory is updated weekly with comprehensive information of all the 50 states of the USA. 

  • Pros: Online free access to any search results. 
  • Cons: Best results are only available if the first and last name is mentioned along with ZIP code.

16. 123people.com (Discontinued)

123people.com used to be the popular people search engine just like White Pages by gathering information from the deep web along with over 200 external links as data sources. It also introduced “WebCleaner” to clean the content from the web, like photos, comments, or articles. Another one of its creations was “Social Network Monitor” to check Facebook profile privacy and reputation issues. It was an effective search engine platform for 12 years. The search engine discontinued its service on 31st March 2014.

  • Pros: Aggregates search results from different platforms and sources, both online and offline. 
  • Cons: Does not primarily show the correct search result while searching for Facebook information. 

15. My life.com (Discontinued)

This unique search engine believes the credentials of a person is based on their reputation meter or graph. These meters or graphs are based on education and work history, income, property, liens, social media, lawsuits, and criminal offenses. With these representations, one can analyze and assess an individual’s background and reputation by using Mylife.com. 

  • Pros: It is the only search engine that provides each individuals’ reputation score. It reviews the personal background and even social media posts for better scrutiny.
  • Cons: It has an option to find “someone who checked on you” to get the solicitations you need to have a minimal subscription.

Bonus Websites to find People:

Below are the 3 world famous websites, using which we can find people in seconds.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and has over 1.7 billion people on it. That means to say it features 2 out of every 10 individuals on the planet, thus making it a must seek a platform to search people, especially friends and family members. You can use the Facebook search bar to search for your friends and family. Also using the Facebook filter option you can pick Location, School, company, and more.

2. Google

Google, as we all know is the world’s largest search engine and allows internet users to search for almost anything and everything they seek. People search too is possible as most of them are on the internet these days. Search the name along with their profession or location or whatever detail you know about the person. and with that you there are high chances of finding the person or in the worst case, you’ll get a clue.

3. LinkedIn

If you are looking for some hire or get to know about your colleague, LinkedIn is the best platform for you. Go search with the name, Employer, and location. If the person is there on LinkedIn with a proper profile build then you can find him in no seconds. Also, you should have a good number of connections to see other connection profiles, else you will be shown the person’s name as “LinkedIn user”.

How to remove yourself from these search portals?

If you don’t want your information to be shown to anyone outside you can visit the respective contact page and send them removal request or find the opt-out forms and submit them, I have given you few below-

  1. WhitePages Opt-out form
  2. BeenVerified Opt-out form
  3. Intelius Opt-out form
  4. PeekYou Opt-out form

What’s the best way to find Information about someone?

If you just want to know about a person about his location, employer or hobbies you can make use of the social media listed above, but if you want a proper background check, criminal records and more for dating or finding a tenant or more then go with the websites which gives you free basic details, if you want more pay them and get the quality report.

These people search engines provide accurate, well-regulated content gathered from millions of platforms and sources from the deep web. Most people like to keep their contacts in check, and sometimes they could be invading privacy as well. Still, none of these search engines is liable to the accuracy of the information provided about the character or integrity of the person being inquired about. These people search engines access public domain details, and the information is liable for only legal, employment, service, and goods domain, adhering to FCRA compliance.

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