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Sharing files using Nearby Search

How to Turn ON Nearby Share to send files?

Transferring files between Android devices is going to be very easy, You no more need apps like ShareIt or Xander to transfer...
How to delete apps on iOS 14

How to Delete Apps on iOS 14 for iPhone and iPad

iOS has drastically changed the way you delete apps over the years. There are a couple of ways to delete apps in...
Hacks to fix streaming errors

5 Hacks to Fix Streaming Errors on Netflix, Prime Video, and...

The availability of many and varied online streaming services has steadily swept out traditional means of accessing content such as cable connections...

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Add WhatsApp contact using QR

How to Quickly add a WhatsApp Contact using QR code

Sending a WhatsApp message to a new contact is a pain, you have...
3D Tiger in phone using Google search

How to See Google 3D Animals and Objects list [Updated]

3D animals like Dog, Cat, Tiger, Panda, Shark, and more in Google search...
Made in India products

How to Find Indian Products, Apps, and Games online?

Remember the Remove China app trending a week back in India, which was...
Mental health and Therapy Apps

8 Free Mental Health and Online Therapy Apps 2020

Feeling depressed or worried? relationship problems? looking for a Depression chat room or...
How to delete All posts on Instagram

How to Delete All Instagram Posts at Once?

Are you a professional photographer looking for ways to delete all your Instagram...

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Android video editing Apps

11 Free Android Video Editing Apps [2020]

Making videos these days has become a trend among people. Especially when a...
how to create Action Blocks

How to set up Google Action Blocks quickly

Google announced Action Blocks a new way to make your routine works easy...
how to add a widget on android

How to Add a Widget on Android Mobile and Tablets

Adding a Widget to your mobile phone is not a frequent task we...
Best Free VPN for Android

5 Best free VPNs for Android in 2020

VPN – short for the virtual private network – has become an essential...
Android Emulators for PC

Top 5 Android emulators for Windows 10 [Gamers and Developers]

Looking for a Good Android Emulator to use in your Windows PC, for...

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How to delete apps on iOS 14

How to Delete Apps on iOS 14 for iPhone and iPad

iOS has drastically changed the way you delete apps over the years. There...
How to Take Screenshot on Apple Watch

How to Take Screenshot on Apple Watch

There are plenty of reasons why you need to take a screenshot on...
How to change Airdrop name

How to Change AirDrop Name on iPhone, iPad or Mac?

Looking How to change your AirDrop Name on iPhone or iPad or Mac...
iPhone 11 screenshot

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11, Edit and Share

Some months back we saw all the options to take screenshot on iPhone...
Use iMessage on Windows

3 Ways to use iMessage on Windows PC

New to Windows and missing your iMessage? Came out for a trip without...

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Surf Game on edge browser

How to Play Surf Game on Microsoft Edge Browser (Online)

Played or Heard about the Google Chrome T-Rex Game? When you don't have...
GTA 5 for Free

How to Download GTA 5 for Free [Legally from Epic Games]

Epic Games just announced that they are going to free the sale on...
Browser games

Best 20 Browser Games [No Flash & No Signup]

Are you bored at home or work and looking for some good time...
How to Host Twitch

How to Host on Twitch using PC and Mobile

Twitch is the leading platform for live-streaming. It gives you the option to...
Skyrim Mods

10 Best SKYRIM Mods in 2020

Skyrim came out about nine years ago, and it has established itself as...