Top 3 Global Online Shopping Sites 2019

The eCommerce websites have taken the world by a storm. Online shopping sites have replaced the need for conventional retail stores. From toothpaste to vehicles, almost everything is available for purchase on these websites. I’ve ranked Top 3 Shopping websites of the world, based on their Popularity, Global website ranking (, I’ve also given their Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iPhone) Apps with the ratings.

Top 3 Global Shopping Websites 2019

Shopping on these sites has several benefits over shopping in conventional retail stores. The top 2 critical benefits offered by the most popular online shopping sites include:

Free Home Delivery: With the free home delivery feature, now the shopping site personnel do all the heavy lifting for you. You do not need to step out of your AC room in the summer heat to purchase an item anymore.

Large Variety of Choices: You can window shop for millions of products on online shopping sites without any restrictions. Unlike conventional retail stores, these websites offer you a large variety of products to choose from and are nearly never out of stock for an item.

Here, I shall list down the top global online shopping websites for both Men and Women that are famous for serving their customers with the utmost respect and dedication. In my previous post, I wrote about Top 15 Online shopping sites in the USA, and Top Shopping sites in India.

1. Amazon


Amazon is the world’s number one eCommerce store. This website has received critical acclamation from shoppers all over the world.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon has taken the company to achieve an unmatched potential in the market. In return, the company has made him one of the richest people on the planet! One of the innovative policies launched by Amazon Partner Program is that it allows the seller to market their items on the platform for free of cost. Amazon does not charge for its services unless the seller is able to make a sale on the website. Only after making the sale, Amazon takes a small cut of the profits as a commission.

The best features that make Amazon number one in its field include:

  • Largest Collection of Merchandise: Amazon offers millions of different products on the platform. The global approach of Amazon has allowed it to compete in various markets in the world including Asia, America as well as Europe. Amazon provides true A to Z services for people who love to shop online.
  • Seller Friendly Policies: The credit for the large collection of merchandise on the platform goes to the seller friendly policies. These policies allow more and more individual sellers across the globe to avail the benefits of the smart door to door delivery system and competitive prices.
  • Innovative Use of Technology: Amazon is one of the only companies in the world that has filed thousands of different patients over the past couple of years. These patents include business models as well as technological patents. Amazon is responsible almost single-handedly for giving tough goals to all the eCommerce websites across the globe.
  • Electronics: Amazon is especially popular for selling electronic items at competitive prices. You will often find several deals on Amazon that offer you up to 40% discount on premium smartphones, gadgets as well as other costly electronic equipment. Amazon also hosts a Great Sale twice or thrice a year where it offers additional discounts in form of cashbacks.
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 10
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 12,858,203

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Download Amazon iOS App – 3.2


2. eBay


eBay is another one of the popular eCommerce stores. Although not as popular as Amazon in terms of conducting sales of fresh merchandise, eBay is recognized for allowing one to one transactions.

eBay is also known for providing great deals on new, genuine products on several days across the calendar year. Black Friday deals, festive season deals, etc. make a large portion of sales for the website. eBay relies on the business model that focusses on bringing the power of selling via a website, to common people on an intuitive platform for a small fee.

Some of the reasons that make eBay one of the top online shopping sites include:

  • Sales of Used Products: eBay allows the sales of used products on its platform. You can post an advertisement for an article that you wish to sell as easily as a certified seller. The sales of used products allow atrue peer to peer transactions for items/merchandise to occur without a middleman. eBay collects only a small amount of transaction fee for all the products that you sell via the platform.
  • Sales of Refurbished Products: Refurbished items, official or otherwise, are often available for a fraction of the price of the new product. eBay is the largest seller of refurbished items online. In fact, the sales of refurbished items account for a large fraction of the total sales on eBay.
  • Global Network for Delivery of Products: eBay is also home to one of the world’s widest distributor network that allows it to ship products to a global audience.
  • Reliability: eBay helps connect buyers and sellers through the platform in a systematic manner. It also handles the disputes between people in case the seller or buyer feels that they have not got the value for their money while conducting business on the platform.
  • Global Alexa Ranking –42
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 3,545,335

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3. Walmart


After revolutionizing the retail industry, Sam Walton’s beloved company, Walmart entered the online shopping business a few years ago. Although the online shopping model presented by Walmart is not as strong as that of Amazon on a global scale, it incorporates the Walmart philosophy of customer success at its heart.

Walmart has taken its tried and tested method of making the customer number one from it retail stores all the way to its online shopping website. This philosophy has allowed Walmart to achieve great growth in the past couple of years in the offline as well as online retail industry. The wide circle of trust also allows the customers to often find heavy discounts on all kinds of products offered by the store.

The features that make Walmart a truly favourable online shopping website include:

  • Reliable Sales: Walmart family has employed thousands of people across a time span of four decades. With the associate partner program in place, Walmart is home to one of the healthiest and happiest task force on the planet. Since the company has acquired a lot of acclamation
  • Offline Support: Since Walmart has its primary business established in offline retail stores, it provides excellent offline support. It can easily refuel all the necessary supplies for order delivery from its offline stores that are directly linked to the eCommerce platform.
  • Fast Delivery: Walmart has established the widest network of retail stores in the US. It also has several strategically placed distribution centres throughout North America. This wide network of stores and strong distribution network allows Walmart to serve its customers better with a fast delivery feature.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Walmart training program is one of the most immense and acclaimed training programs in the retail industry. The Walmart enthusiasm is filled in each employee be it manager or a store helper, equally. This provides a great service and shopping experience for all the customers of the store.
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 175
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 1,441,845

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It is safe to say that these top online shopping websites have transformed the global retail market in an unprecedented manner. With an ever-increasing demand for faster services and discounted prices, these websites are receiving tough competition from relatively smaller players like Flipkart, Target and Bestbuy. So, the next time you are searching for a new product and wish to purchase it at a discounted rate, do not forget to check out these websites once.

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Top 3 Global Online Shopping Sites 2019

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