5 Free Online Photo Editing Websites

Internet5 Free Online Photo Editing Websites

Photo editing is a requirement that is never going away. In the day of Smartphones and smart browsers, people have very less time and patience to download and install native applications to get around photo editing in their applications. Photoshop has been reserved to high end professionals who know what they are doing. Novice photo editings are mostly done in smartphone and on online platforms.

I still remember the day when everyone had no other choice other than to use Photoshop for any small photo editing requirement. The revolution came up when Google came up with Picasa where users were able to make minor changes like photo adjustments, filters, resizing, etc., without having to install a PRO tool like Adobe Photoshop, etc.,

Best 10 Free Online Photo Editing Websites

In this space, we shall list down all some popular and user-friendly Free online photo editing websites, now no need for you to download any photo editing application to your computer. We gauge these platforms based on the following parameters – FREE or Paid, No of users, Ease of Use, Availability on other platforms such as Android and iOS apps, etc. Here we go! List of top 5 online photo editors. You can also check out my recent post on Top Photo-Editing Applications.

Here's a list of 5 top photo editing sites that are available online and its easy to use.

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is probably the greatest photo editing solution for quick changes. It's available as a browser tool and also for Android and iOS smartphones. So, as you can imagine it's mostly for image enhancement and such. If you need to touch up your selfie or picture of a lake for Instagram or Twitter, you can easily load up the image to pixlr and get a small change done as soon as possible.

PIXLR Photo editor

Pixlr has two different photo editors when it comes to the Online version. They are called Advanced Pixlr E and Playful Pixlr X. Pixlr is known for its simple one-click functions that let you do changes and manipulations on the go. Out of all the Photo Editors in this article, Pixlr is probably the easiest to use. The app also contains easy to use tutorials on how to navigate and use the toolset effectively.

I personally have used Pixlr on my smartphone for a long time but the browser version is very much extensive and effective compared to the mobile-only version which has only a few tools.

Pixlr Features:

In terms of toolset, Layers, Filters, Magic Wand, Adjustments, Texts & Fonts, Eraser, Lasso, Collage, Retouching, Digital Inking, Digital Painting, Effects could be used.

One greatest feature of Pixlr is that you can open and modify PSD, PXD, JPEG, and even PNG files. This is a feature that not a lot of other photo editors have. But you have to admit the fact that this is an online rip off of Adobe Photoshop.

So, Pixlr makes sure that their product is easy to use even for a novice user irrespective of your technology experience or even your age.

The Advanced Pixlr E has a very similar look to Photoshop if you have ever used that. According To FinancesOnline, Pixlr has exceptional positive social media interactions and extreme reviews.

2. Fotor

Fotor is available for Web browser to use as an online tool and also for the windows platform to be installed as a separate application. Its a great tool with a not so complicated user interface that makes it super easy to use. Fotor makes sure that the browser is able to run the application seamlessly without consuming too much memory. So, its safe to say that the application is built well.

Fotor Photo editor

Smart Filters and Effects are the main USP of Fotor. The unique filters are not common at all and gives a great boost to your images. It also can handle RAW files without any hassle unlike other photo editing softwares. The templates that are available in the Fotor applications helps you to design content for different end places like business cards, social media designs, posters, banners and other type of documents which means its a great all in one tool for designers and even marketing professionals.

This Fotor is very different from Pixlr Advanced because it allows only to enhance the image and nothing else. So, if you are looking for anything other than resizing and enhancing, its better to go for something like Pixlr.

Fotor has exceptional filter for all seasons. They range from Light Saturation, Lomo, Tilt-Shift and Color Splash to make sure that you as a user has the best editing experience. There are effects like Mosaic and Blur photo effect which are primarily used to highlight and contrast while Cool and Funky effects can give a pep up even to the worst images. This might not the best tool to make exceptional professional photography, but its most effective for your social media and general needs.

Its super easily to actually use Fotor. All you have to do is:

  • Open the particular photo you would like to edit with the Fotor application.
  • Easily apply the favorite photo effect to make sure the picture is great.
  • You can also adjust the intensity of the color and effect for better results.
  • Share and Save your edits by choosing the format you would like and use it wherever you want.

Lomo photo effect is a amazing effecting inspired by Lomography camera. Adding the Lomo photo effect to your photo will enhance the image to give it a dark and also blurry edges and a sharp center.

Link : fotor.com

3. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a paid app which has only a free trial for a few days. So, technically not the best free photo editor but definitely a tool worth mentioning in this list. And this is only because of its extensive features list.

PicMonkey Photo editor

All you have to do is upload an image and then you can add Text, Effects, Touch up with Contrast, Brightness, resize, Add Colors etc., Also, Pic Monkey lets you add templates which are so great for Social media like Instagram etc.,

One another major feature of PicMonkey is their Collage Maker which has extensive templates for amazing Photo collages which can be used easily without any hassle.

Another feature worth mentioning is the Themes Editor. Basically themes are a setting of effects and text fonts that gives a particular vibe to the whole image that you are editing. They are hand picked and created by PicMonkey which I have got to say looks pretty good when you put them on your images of your liking.

Look at their pricing plans below. The Pro Plan is the most recommended because it offers Cloud Storages, background remover, font licenses and also lets you upload your own fonts.

You can also add video clips on your designs. You can either upload and use your own clips or even choose from the royalty-free stock video library of PicMonkey. There are 1000s of beautiful design templates and 1000s of creative graphics and also millions of stock photos from Unsplash and also iStock which is a tool by Getty.

There are so many collage grids that are built in in PicMonkey which you could do for any social media needs. You could choose from a huge array of layouts from two, five, or seven cells up to 64 cells. Coolen up your layout grid with assets like your own uploaded pictures, stock photos, videos, and colors.

Link: https://www.picmonkey.com/

4. LunaPic

Disclaimer: The site looks very 90s but it works well. Its not a complement, let me make that very clear.

LunaPic photo editor

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I can show you how LunaPic looks below. It has the worst User interface but it works just fine since its a stable software and has been well maintained over time.

But, Lunapic is a completely free online photo editing platform that lets users edit their own images without any bullshit of Login, registration or even installation. Users can add images to Lunapic from the URL of the photo they want to edit or upload it from social media sites, Chrome Extension, Stocks Photos or simply upload from your computer. The edit section contains features like cropping, scaling image, skewing, resizing, magic wand, rotating, etc.

You can also add different effects to your own image like color adjustment, focus changes, mirror, and copy, flip, blur, sharpen, replace or change color, etc.

Some of the animation effects that are part of the LunaPic are:

  • Sunburst
  • Rotating Cube
  • Zoom Animation
  • Color Cycle Animation

These animations can come in handy for social media posts and stories. When I was testing out the features, I had instagram in mind but I'm sure it will work fine for other platforms as well.

You can also added different types of borders and filters to any image you would like and upload. Once the editing is done, the user can download, save the image in various formats, and share it within their network.

The Notable features are basic editing tools like Cropping, Transparency, blending, adding text and even basic drawing like annotations over the image you uploaded. The Effects and Filters are not that great compared to PicMonkey or Fotor but it has a decent set of them to use.

The most important features of LunaPic that makes it effective and popular are:

  • Import-Export features with all formats and import file support
  • All Social Media Integration
  • Batch Editing
  • Effects and coolest Filters
  • Enhancement Tools like Contrast, Brightness, Shadows etc.,
  • Import directly from google or any site
  • Remove objects from image
  • Transform objects in the photo editor
  • Adding Text to your design or collage
  • Revision Control

They have this feature called Art Effects which is similar to the ones you would find in Photoshop like Sketch or WaterColor where you turn the uploaded image into something that resembles a Watercolor image or even a sketch.

Only thing is that our experience with modern UI might make it a little difficult for us to navigate through this application. But if you are worried less about that and more about the end product, LunaPic will work just fine for your photo editing needs.

These are just the top 5 ones that I personally found to be useful and effective. There are hundreds of other tools on the internet that would serve the purpose as well. You can check them out as well. There are native options for Windows and macOS if you prefer them more than the web version.

5. PicsArt

PicsArt is a FREE photo editing platform with millions of FREE images to use. A variety of photo editing features are provided by PicsArt.

PicsArt photo editor

6. BeFunky

BeFunky is unique in the sense that it offers 1 click photo editing option. Both FREE and Paid versions are available for users to use this online photo editing tool.

BeFunky photo editor

7. BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is an Image editing service that offers quality service at a much lower cost. They have services like Image clipping, Image Manipulation, Photo restoration, Real estate photo editing, and much more.

You can start a free trial today-

Try Backoffice Pro

8. Aviary

Aviary’s Phoenix is a scaled-down photo editing platform by Adobe. It comes with a variety of features both basic and advanced. It has both FREE and Paid versions of the application. This online editor is very simple and self-explanatory.

9. PiZap

PiZap provides some fun features to enhance photos - adding speech bubbles, cutout faces, effects and more.

10. Free Online Photo Editor

Free Online Photo Editor includes is a FREE tool with functionalities such as cropping, resizing, brightness/contrast adjustments, working with text, and a number of effects.

Go to freeonlinephotoeditor.com

11. Online Photoshop

PhotoShop is one of the most popular platforms offering FREE photo editing tool. On Photoshop offers a wide variety of features including, crop and re-size, basic touch-ups, color and styling, sharpness adjustment, focus adjustment and more. You can try online Photoshop editor (https://www.photoshop.com/tools/get_flash) but you need to install Flash to use, but worth trying.

12. Photo Director

PhotoDirector is an easy-to-use photo editing and adjustment app from CyberLink, that gives the power to quickly add effects and filters, edit and enhance your shots, or create stylish photo collages.

13. Pho.to

Pho.to is an online photo editing FREE tool. The platform offers features like cropping and re-sizing, color and style enhancement, in addition to a variety of artistic effects. One can also automatically create a caricature from a photo.

14. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab is a FREE picture editor that boasts one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects. It houses more than 800+ effect options face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects, photo filters, and more.

15. PhotoSplash

Photo splash is a FREE application that lets users create beautiful photos with selective colorization effects popularly known as Photo Splash.

Best Photo Editing App for Windows

If you are looking for a free software to download and use on your PC, below is the best option for you.


GIMP is a household name for free photo editors. GIMP has been around for a long time and probably will continue to stay so. We cannot deny the fact the use of smartphone photo editors has reduced the usage of GIMP but it doesn't make a dent in its overall users all over the world. I personally use it all the time and have it bookmarked for easy access.

Created with GIMP
Created with GIMP

The GIMP has a customizable interface that could be customized as per your requirement. If you are not convinced of the features of GIMP, you can see in the picture above that GIMP has a histogram. File formats and compressing files are no joke when it comes to GIMP. It supports TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA, BMP, XWD, XPM, PIX, CEL, MNG, PPM, PCX.

If you want to save disk space, any format can be saved with an extra extension like ZIP, GZ, or BZ2 which will easily compress the file as requested. There are features to make corrections like perspective distortion, barrel distortion, and even vignette that could be corrected easily. The below image is an example of how GIMP can do a perspective distortion correction in an image.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and it's the only program that is closest to the user experience of Photoshop and you don't have to use a single penny for it. GIMP packs a huge number of PRO-level features, a configurable interface, and an extensive toolset that lets you take your photos to the next level. It doesn't matter whether you are a designer, photography enthusiast or illustrator GIMP has more than enough tools to cover your requirement.

In November 2020, GIMP celebrated its 25 years of being in the industry. What a great product to have survived so long in the industry and managed to keep the product free of cost for two and a half decades.

Link: https://www.gimp.org/

Best Photo editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Below mentioned Photo editing apps are dedicatedly made for smartphones, you can use them on Android or iPhone to edit your photos.

1. SnapSeed

Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. You can get the Android and iOS apps to edit your photos and do magic.


2. LightX

LightX is a fun and easy way to remove the background, create perfect selfies, add color splash effects, blend for double & multiple exposure effects and apply selective editing effects and blur effects.

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

3. DarkRoom

Darkroom is a very powerful FREE image editing tool where one has to register with the platform to use it. It is a FREE platform. Some of its features include – Auto Horizon Correction, Meta Data Viewing, Copyright export, Library tab & Hold menu, Grid layouts transformation, Mirror image, Adjust tools, Custom filters, Photo imports, Infinite undo option, All in one adjustment tools and more.

Dark Photo

Here are the top Photo editing websites, Android, and iOS apps you can use to make amazing photo edits. if you have any other suggestion please leave in the comment section below.

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