Omegle random chat alternative ( Top 4 Omegle Alternatives)

InternetOmegle random chat alternative ( Top 4 Omegle Alternatives)

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Omegle is a popular random chat room site where you can converse with strangers via plain texts or audio or video messages. But like Facebook or any other social networking site, Omegle is overpopulated. If you want something friendlier and less flashy then here are some websites that you can use instead of Omegle. Oh, did I mention all of them are free?

Top 4 Alternatives of Omegle:

  1. TINYCHAT: It is one of the largest voice and video chat services on the Internet. The company boasts that its users produce a total of 5 million minutes of airtime per day. There you will find a lot of chat rooms, some of which were even started by people in your local areas, and if you don’t find that you don’t like those topics then you can create a chat room of your own. TinyChat allows up to 12 video feeds per chat room and it doesn’t cost a thing. People come together online to converse via audio, video, or plain texting.
  2. CHATROULETTE: It is a webcam-based chat service that has a unique approach of pairing users with random strangers worldwide. It’s supposed to be like playing Russian roulette, but instead of dueling with the help of a gun, you parry verbally via typed messages or webcam, and if you say or do something your partner doesn’t like, they leave the chat, i.e., they will “kill” the conversation. It was created in 2009 by a 17-year-old kid who ran this site single-handedly from his bedroom in his parents’ home. Without advertising, this site grew to its now enormous size by word of mouth. After several years of trial and error, it has finally reached the point where it can effectively filter out inappropriate behavior and will ban out the culprit. The majority of users are under 30, and there are more male users rather than female users. It’s definitely R rated, to say the least. It’s free too.
  3. CHATRANDOM: This site has some big future goals for itself, one of them being, to become a household name like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. It came into existence as an alternative to Chatroulette as that site kept changing its terms and rules too often. To meet its goal, they let you connect with people from all over the world and keeps on adding new countries and languages every time. You can choose to interact randomly with other person, or with a group, or with girls/boys only. You can also select a preference for conversations via video, with gay/lesbian users, or in a particular language.
  4. HEY-PEOPLE: It claims to be an experimental and non-commercial project. There are no ads and the site’s main aim is to pair you up for random chats with strangers. It has an easy and friendly user interface. Once you are ready to hit it off, you can connect with a stranger based on your mutual interests. Once you’ve made your selections, just click the “ZAP” button and you will be connected. It’s completely free, friendly and easy to use.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you tried any of them? If yes, then let us know your thoughts on them. If you haven’t and are a user of Omegle then go ahead and try these apps out. All of them are free and easy. Do make sure that you download all of them to your device and work with only the one that best suits you.

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