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  • Best Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021.
  • We are listing the hand-picked must have apps for your iPhone.
  • This app list includes Lifestyle, Productivity, Social Media, Utility, Games and News.

Many people love iPhones throughout the World. Why? Cause why not? They’ve got that fantastic camera set-up which does wonder, that extraordinarily smooth iOS, generations ahead powerful chipset and above all, that crazily affordable price; ahh, sorry! 

Whether it’s an Android or iPhone, a phone is nothing much if you don’t have the right apps for it. Sure, you can get the latest, most expensive flagship in the market, but what good would it do without any extra apps? For all those Android users out there, there are plenty of apps on the web to satisfy your needs, and that’s not all; you have alternatives and even alternatives to other options. But what about iPhone users? 

Since iOS is a very secure operating system, it won’t allow app installation from any unknown sources that easily. As a result, people who use iPhones usually have to download all the apps they need from the Appstore.

Must have Apps for iphone

So, it might be a bit difficult to choose which apps to opt for and what to leave. Worry not, because we’re here with 25 crazy, must-have apps for iPhones. These apps aren’t ranked because they do not belong to a common category, so be sure to choose them wisely.

Here are the best 25 apps for iPhone that you’d love for sure:-

1. Find My

Find My iPhone - Featured image

Find My is the #1 Must have app for your iPhone. iPhones are expensive, like really, really expensive. What if you just bought one and after a few days, it goes missing? Anyone would freak out if they were to lose their new iPhone. So, to avoid that, every single person who uses iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Mac, AirPods or AirTag, should install The Find My app on the iPhones. If in case any of your Apple products are missing, this app can be really helpful in finding them. With The Find My app, you can see the live location of your devices and easily pinpoint their location to find them. This is the must-have app not only for iPhone but for all Apple products. 

This is a default app on your iPhone and you don’t have to install it from the Apple store.

2. Google Maps

google maps

Try these Google Maps Alternatives.

What would you do if you were left all alone in a new city? That’s right, Google Maps! Google Maps provides detailed information regarding the places around you or the places you want to search. You can go anywhere without even asking anyone for help.

On Google Maps, if you’re searching for a particular business firm or restaurant or any place with their phone numbers registered with Google, you can directly call them. It displays your current location on the map, marks your destination, and changes your location as you move. It even guides you with Google Assistant so that you can even use it while driving. Wow!

Since iPhones have retina displays nowadays, the Maps look much sharper on them when compared to android. So yup, that’s an extra benefit. 

‎Google Maps
‎Google Maps
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

3. YouTube


You can also try these YouTube Alternatives.

The World’s biggest online video streaming platform, Youtube, is something that smartphone users find hard to resist. Some of you might wonder if YouTube comes pre-installed on iPhones, then why is it on the list. Well, it used to be pre-installed on iPhones, but recently, Apple decided not to include YouTube in their iPhones out of the box. Not a problem, you can always download it from the Appstore.

YouTube does what everyone knows it for, an endless supply of videos. Bored? You’ve YouTube. Wanna listen to some songs? You’ve YouTube. Want tips regarding anything you can think about? You’ve YouTube. There’s no limit to what you can find or search on YouTube and it wouldn’t be surprising if you end up spending all your time on YouTube. 

‎YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
‎YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

4. Uber


Try these Uber Alternatives.

Earlier we talked about Google Maps and its work of showing you the directions. But how will you reach your destination if you can’t drive or don’t own a vehicle? Uber is your very own traveling service, wherever and whenever you want it. By booking a cab with Uber, you can travel from one place to another very conveniently. You can always book a cab immediately for traveling or can pre-book a cab so as to travel in the near future. You can select the picking up address, dropping address, your ride, and the time of traveling and save the booking. When the time comes, you’d get your cab, along with the driver, ready to go. One best reason to have this on your iPhone.

Uber even lets you track the live location of the driver you just booked for a ride and you can check how much time it’d take for your ride to pick you up. What? Too afraid to travel alone? Nothing to fear about, you can always share your live traveling details with the Uber app to someone you can trust and they would get all the necessary information such as your current location, vehicle number, driver’s details, etc. Just be carefree and travel wherever you want to. After using Uber for traveling, you can even select your preferred driver if you have one and liked his/her service in the past. It would make you more comfortable and you’d feel much more secure than riding with different drivers. So, what if you’re with your friends and they wanna be dropped somewhere in between your destination? Uber has got everything under control. Just add multiple drop-off points and you can travel with your friends and drop them at their desired locations. Uber isn’t just limited to these services, but you wouldn’t know unless you try Uber yourself.

5. Twitter


Try these Twitter Alternatives.

As sweet as its name sounds, Twitter is too spicy for all your favorite topics. Didn’t get what it means? Think of Twitter as a microblogging platform where you can post your ideas and thoughts in the form of ‘tweets’ and read others’ tweets to get to know them better. Twitter can be a very effective tool for networking and being up-to-date with all the current affairs. Many celebrities, politicians, big personalities, and policymakers are always active on Twitter and keep tweeting about their points of view, thoughts, and other matters. Twitter is considered to be a place for the smarts, so why wouldn’t you be there? That was a compliment, alright!

You can tweet about your doubts or questions about any major policy or rule introduced by the respective authorities and if you’re lucky enough, you might get a reply from them too. You can even chat with others on Twitter. Though the chatting features aren’t as great as WhatsApp’s, you can still pretty much use them effectively. While tweeting about something, you can even use trending hashtags and can be a part of some great moments with everyone, all over the World. Is Twitter limited to just tweets? Definitely not! You can always upload images and videos to please your audience. You’d be able to watch others’ posts too and can like, comment, share and retweet their posts.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free+

6. WhatsApp


You can also try these WhatsApp Alternatives

I’m pretty sure that you were waiting for this app, weren’t you? Probably the biggest chatting platform, that has been around for ages and helped all of us by making it easier to connect with others. WhatsApp is something that doesn’t even require an introduction, it’s more popular than I can ever hope to be.

WhatsApp lets you chat with anyone who’s in your contact list and has a WhatsApp account. Only chat? Nope, voice calls too. And? Video calls! The time when we all couldn’t meet one another, WhatsApp’s video calling feature was like a holiday to a school kid; yeah, I’m too dumb to give better examples. But you get the gist, right? As of now, WhatsApp is probably the only platform where not having an account may cause you some problems. Whether you’re a student, businessperson, employee, or employer, you definitely need WhatsApp. 

‎WhatsApp Messenger
‎WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free

7. Truecaller


Try these Truecaller Alternatives.

An app that respects your privacy, Truecaller is the World’s best caller ID and spam blocking app. How does it work? Install Truecaller, grant it the permissions it asks for and you’re all set to go. As soon as someone calls you, you’d get a notification for it even before receiving the call. What’s good about this? Well if someone isn’t able to call you because of network or any other issue, you can always call them back after seeing the notification, this really helps in the real life. What else does Truecaller do? You’d always know the person who’s calling even before receiving the call. It shows the user’s name in a small window over the call which is why people have been safe for all these years. How? Truecaller lets the users report phone numbers which can possibly be spam or fraud. When someone who’s reported many times by users, Truecaller labels them as ‘spam’ before you receive their call and you can act accordingly; Truecaller really deserves to be on the list and on your iPhone. Anything else? Yup, there are many more features of Truecaller. This is a one-stop app for calling, SMS, and chatting. Truecaller even lets you search different users with their phone numbers and provides useful information such as their name, location, etc. 

8. Feedly


Try these Feedly Alternatives.

Sorry, this app won’t feed you. But Feedly can definitely satisfy your hunger for news. Feedly is a cloud-based app that gives you all the news you want, in a single place. I wish life was just as easy as Feedly.

You can discover and add different feeds to get never-ending news, that too in the field you need it. But what would happen if all those feeds get jumbled up and you can’t find the feed of your wish? Simple, just use the ‘Organize’ feature of Feedly which lets you organize all your feeds in different categories. You can freely move all the feeds and place them wherever you want so that the next time you use Feedly, you can easily find the required feed. The subscription on Feedly starts from $6 per month but you can try it for free for the first month and if you find it good, which you’d, then you can buy its subscription.

‎Feedly - Smart News Reader
‎Feedly - Smart News Reader
Developer: Feedly Inc.
Price: Free+

9. Amazon


Try these Amazon Alternatives.

Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform on the web. Using Amazon, you can buy almost anything that you require. Just download the app, sign up and you’re ready to go. Order anything on the app and it’ll be directly delivered to your place, saves the trouble to go to the market, right? If you’re worried about the quality of the products you order, just read reviews and comments posted by the previous buyers of the same products. Even after delivery, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, just return it and get your money back or get the product exchanged for something else. What? Edible items? Well, we couldn’t order them earlier but now, with Amazon Pantry, we can order all the edible items required too. What’s there to wait for?

‎Amazon Shopping
‎Amazon Shopping
Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
Price: Free

10. Instagram


Try these Instagram Alternatives.

You all saw this one coming, right? There’s no way Instagram won’t be on the list. It has got crazy stuff to make you wanna use it forever and ever and ever. You can follow your friends, favorite celebs, stars, VIPs, content creators and keep enjoying their posts and stories as much as you want, this is definitely one of the must-have apps on your iPhone. What else? Upload your posts and stories to express yourselves and your lifestyle. Want more? Enjoy those hilarious memes that Instagram is so famous for. Still not satisfied? Make short videos of up to 30 secs, called reels, and live the life you’ve dreamt of. Not impressed yet? Chat with your friends, followers, or the people you follow and connect with them much better. Got your hopes high? 

Developer: Instagram, Inc.
Price: Free+

11. DoorDash


Try these Doordash Alternatives.

Wanna get a bite from your favorite restaurant but can’t drive? Use DoorDash to order whatever you want to, wherever you want to. Ordering food online just gets easier with great apps such as DoorDash with $0 delivery charges. The app is available in the US, Australia, and Canada with more than 310,000 menus to make your mouth watery. The user interface is quite decent and is almost completely bug-free. DoorDash makes sure to deliver your food before it gets cold so that you can enjoy it to its full extent.

‎DoorDash - Food Delivery
‎DoorDash - Food Delivery

12. WPS Office


Try these WPS Alternatives.

Having trouble with editing and reading documents? Can’t find a single app that supports all kinds of document files? Download WPS Office and feel free to test it with any document. WPS Office supports all kinds of documents like word, pdf, Xls, Docs, and many more. It means that you can read any document with this app without any worries. Furthermore, you can edit those documents too with WPS Office in all the possible ways you can think of. The wonders of WPS Office don’t end here, you can create new documents, share them and even change their format. All of these features were more than enough to satisfy the users, then too, there’s another great feature in the app. You get cloud storage too after signing up with WPS Office; complete package…isn’t it?

Get your complete package here: WPS Office

13. Turbo VPN

turbo vpn

You can also try these 5 Best FREE VPN Providers.

iPhones are secure, like crazy secure. You can’t even download apps from unauthorized sources for safety reasons in iPhones. But, what about the internet? Though iPhone’s security level is much higher than that of Android, there’s always a risk of your iPhone getting damaged by some unethical bugs on the internet or maybe a hacker or something else. What should you do? Nothing much, just believe in us and download Turbo VPN. It doesn’t hurt to be more cautious. Now, what does Turbo VPN do? Everything that a VPN does, but better. 

Surf the web securely and with enhanced high-speed internet with the help of Turbo VPN. Even if you’re using wifi connection from different places, Turbo VPN has everything under control. Seriously, Turbo VPN is something that you need.

14. WidgetSmith

widget smith

Try these Widget Smith Alternatives.

Do you like customizing your phone every now and then? Come on, who am I kidding…we all love customizing our phones. Android phones are best known for being customizable from the very beginning. Though iPhones were secure, they were never customizable and it made the users a bit upset. But, recently with the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple has provided the option to customize the widgets of iPhones; something that iPhone users have been dying for. Hence, for customizing your iPhone to your heart’s content, we would recommend using WidgetSmith. WidgetSmith lets you customize widgets like time, calendar, date, etc. for Free. Though there’s a premium version of the app that can be bought to use, the free version is pretty much everything you’d need to customize your iPhone like never before. Now start customizing and showing off your iPhone, the way you like it to be.


15. Freelancer


Try these Freelancer Alternatives.

Can’t find a suitable job due to the current pandemic? You’re a student and wanna help your parents with some money? Have a lot of free time and wanna do something that benefits you? Freelancer can take care of all these wants. Freelancer is an earning platform where different people post job ads and the person who’s suitable for the job, places a bid. Upon selection, he/she can work for the employer and get paid. Trust me, Freelancer is truly magnificent for earning while staying at home. As long as you keep up the good work, there’s nothing to worry about. You can get small jobs for $10/hr or large, periodic jobs for $1000, these are just examples. You can select the skills that suit you the best from the list of skills provided on Freelancer and earn according to your skills. What if you want someone to work for you? Yup, Freelancer even lets you post an ad for your work and you can find suitable candidates quickly and easily. The app has been tried and tested by our team, so rest assured.

16. Coinbase


Other Best Cryptocurrency Apps and Exchanges.

Earned some money through Freelancer, now wanna invest it safely? Try Coinbase, the best and most popular cryptocurrency exchanging platform. Coinbase is available globally and lets you choose from its wide range of coins. Coinbase has all the major coins, moderate coins, and even the not-so-popular, upcoming coins. The transaction rates on Coinbase are among the least one you can get. Coinbase is a trusted platform where you can trade, exchange, and even stake your cryptocurrencies. It provides you a dashboard for analyzing and making decisions based on the current situations of the currencies. Coinbase is your ‘one-stop shop’ for anything and everything you’d need for cryptocurrency exchanging. Try it once, you won’t regret it.

Your investment friend: Coinbase

17. Cash App


Try these Cash app alternatives

Invested money using Coinbase and got good returns, now wanna know how to spend it? Cash App would help.

Cash App is one of the oldest and most popular online banking app that has all the features you’d ever need. You can pay or receive money, anywhere and anytime using the Cash App, how convenient.

Avoid standing in queues for paying bills, just use Cash App to pay bills and save your precious time and energy. Cash App also provides Cash Card to its users which works as a Debit Card and can be used to pay online or at any store, while giving the benefits of instant discount too…is it for real? Yes! If you’re still unsatisfied, read this- Using Cash App, you can even invest in stocks and convert your money into Bitcoins; it’s a miracle to have these many useful features in a single app. 

‎Cash App
‎Cash App
Developer: Square, Inc.
Price: Free

18. Netflix


Try these Netflix Alternatives.

The most famous and loved web series & movies streaming platform, Netflix is too good to be left out. ‘Netflix and chill’ are real when we talk about those awesome series, shows, and movies that Netflix offers. Although not free, the content which Netflix provides is out of the world.  So if you like unparalleled web series and movies, Netflix is worth your money. The user interface of the Netflix App is refined and flawless. You’d love consuming content on this platform and it would be difficult for you to resist Netflix’s original series which are loved by everyone. Netflix truly makes binge-watching more fun. But the content on Netflix isn’t just limited to web series and movies, you can find all your favorite anime series and documentaries. Seriously, Netflix is your ultimate destination for binge-watching. 

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+

19. Terabox

tera box

Try these Terabox alternatives.

Probably the most ‘required’ app on the list. Storage on iPhones has been such a great problem for so long that people have even started to accept it, without even complaining. iPhones don’t have any storage expansion option, which means that you cannot use an SD card to further expand its storage. So, for the people who can’t afford to get the higher variants of iPhones with higher storage capacity, we’ve Terabox. Terabox provides you with 1TB of cloud storage for absolutely FREE. Shocked? Here’s something more shocking- buy their premium version and get cloud storage of 2TB, yay! Upload all your photos, videos, documents, and files to Terabox, free your internal storage and then download them just when you want them. 

‎TeraBox: Cloud Storage Space
‎TeraBox: Cloud Storage Space

20. Inshot


 The name’s cool, right? The app is even cooler. Inshot lets you edit videos and trust me, the editing and effects you can put on a video using Inshot aren’t just for namesake. Inshot has many, many features for you to make your video a phenomenal one. You can add filters, crop, split, speed up, slow down and add pictures or songs to your video using Inshot. But that isn’t the end, there are plenty of features still remaining on this free-to-use app. You can manually select the frame rate of your video and even change the resolution for it. While editing any video using Inshot, just think of it and it’s done. What else? Well, sorry android users but iPhones get many extra features while using Inshot that android users miss on the app. The user interface of the app is also commendable. 

You can edit videos starting from a few seconds to even many minutes. Probably the best video editor which is easy to use and free on an iPhone. 

Start editing now: Inshot 

‎InShot - Video Editor
‎InShot - Video Editor

21. Gmail


If you don’t live on this planet or haven’t used any smartphone till now, you may not know what’s Gmail. Gmail is the best, most secure, and trustworthy app for sending and receiving emails. Gmail help sharing mails and that is the only work for it. So, why would we recommend it? Because even though sharing mails is Gmail’s only work, it does it in the best way possible. There’s no other platform that can even come close to GMail when e-mailing is considered. Gmail is owned and managed by Google, the father of Androids and therefore it’s completely safe for you to share any mail with anyone. Usually, business organizations carry out their business communication through e-mails because they’re really convenient and easy to use. Though the only work for Gmail is to share e-mails, the features it gives for them are insane. It separates different types of e-mails by creating different folders like inbox, outbox, spam, etc. But do you know what’s the best part? You’d get notifications only for the important e-mails and the rest would be ignored. That saves a lot of trouble in our day-to-day life. 

22. Snapseed


Snapseed alternatives.

Have you ever wondered how many people edit photos like professionals with just their phones? It’s possible because of some splendid apps such as Snapseed. Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps which you can use on your iPhone. What’s so good about Snapseed? You can edit your photos however you want. Improve the composition of images by cropping, rotating, and changing their perspective. You can even enhance their colors, exposures, and details with Snapseed. You can choose from the wide range of tools for editing your pic and making it completely flawless. Looking for more? Add blur effects to your pics, create collages, add glitch effects, animation effects, and lots and lots of more features. You’d find it hard to stop using Snapseed over any other app once you get the feel of it. The app is really smooth and bug-free and, therefore, lets you edit your pics soundly without any trouble. Though there are some additions that you’d be asked to buy by the app, the free features are more than enough and can be used without any problems. 

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

23. Google Photos

google photos

Try these Google Photos Alternatives.

“Ah! Why can’t I ever find my photos when I need them?” Probably the most common question we’d ask ourselves when we can’t find our photos. What can you do? Try Google Photos and…yeah that’s it, everything else would be done automatically then.

Google Photos makes sure to daily take a backup of all your photos and videos to its cloud storage and saves it so that you can access them whenever you want to. So, doesn’t matter if you delete a pic or video from your gallery, Google Photos would’ve it completely safe. Google Photos provides you with unlimited storage of photos and videos…how much is unlimited again? You can save images of up to 16 megapixels and videos of up to 1080p resolution. But accessing the backed-up photos would require a network connection, right? Wrong! You can always access those pics without any internet or Wi-Fi connection. Google Photos even organizes the photos for you according to people, places, and objects in them. This magnificent work of Artificial Intelligence even lets you search your photos with the names of objects in it…unbelievable, right?

Furthermore, you can edit those pics as per your liking. Wanna edit videos too? Yup, that’s possible with Google Photos and it’s quite easy too. Too lazy to edit those pics and videos? Lol, are you my sibling? Google Photos even edits your photos and videos and suggests them so that you can share them directly with your friends or save them for later. Just how good can an app be?

‎Google Photos
‎Google Photos
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+

24. 1Blocker


Constantly irritated by those annoying ads while surfing? Get the 1Blocker app, specially optimized for iOS devices which block all the unwanted ads and content without slowing down safari even a bit. Don’t worry about your security too, because 1Blocker has no access to any web pages and they never track the sites that you visit, Thank God!

1Blocker is a native app, which means that it is made and optimized for safari, the pre-installed browser on iOS devices. While using the 1Blocker app, there’s nothing to be afraid of. You can always block trackers, cookie notices, mobile app banners, etc. Get rid of those social media widgets and even block comments when they aren’t your priority. For all the parents out there, 1Blocker provides the feature of even blocking adult content that shouldn’t be watched by kids. What’s the price for all these services? $0, you get 1Blocker for completely free.

‎1Blocker - Ad Blocker
‎1Blocker - Ad Blocker
Developer: 1Blocker LLC
Price: Free+

25. LinkedIn


LinkedIn alternatives.

LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms which aren’t as popular as Instagram but are highly productive in making one’s career. How? LinkedIn provides you a platform where you can communicate with many business officials, professionals, experienced workers and learn from them. LinkedIn also gives an opportunity to seek jobs in many companies and even lets you hire someone for your work. How do you get jobs on LinkedIn? It’s quite simple. Just go to the jobs tab on the app and you’d see many job ads with descriptions that would explain the work and requirements for them. The jobs you’d get would depend upon your qualifications and work experience. But what if you’re just a fresher and undergraduate? No problem at all, you can find internships on LinkedIn to get some experience along with a stipend. what else can you wish for? 

If you don’t want any jobs, you’re a young enthusiast, and want ideas for your new start-up, LinkedIn is the right place for you. You can always contact your business ideals and many great business persons and professionals using LinkedIn and get to know everything you’d want for your start-up.

LinkedIn allows you to like different people’s posts, comment on them and even follow others so that you can learn from them. Additionally, you can even chat with the person you admire or your friends or anyone on LinkedIn. Possibly an ultimate package for helping your career.

26. Quora


There are many people who would’ve many questions and no one to answer them. They’d try taking Google’s help too but, you know, you can’t rely too much on a search engine that shows causes of a brain tumor when you search for a cure of headache.

So, what’d you do if you have many questions to get answers for and want some experts to answer your questions? Use Quora, an app that is a lot like Wikipedia, but a lot different too. You can ask almost anything on Quora and within some time, you’ll get questions answered by a professional or an experienced person. Quora is a platform that has millions of active users daily who believe in this community which has helped people with their doubts countless times.

If you’re an expert or professional, you too can answer and solve others’ queries. Quora is the best place to find, gain and spread knowledge and has been around since the beginning of 2011. Even now if you search something on Google, there’s a strong possibility that your question, along with an answer would appear in the suggestions, that too from Quora’s website. For all those knowledge seekers, Quora is heaven. Now you’d ask “what’s the possibility of getting the right answer from an unknown person over the internet?” That problem has already been solved. The answers with the most upvotes are shown at the top and you can easily tell that the higher the votes, the better the users found the answer and you can conclude that the answer is reliable.

Developer: Quora, Inc.
Price: Free

27. Airbnb


Try these Travel Websites.

We all know that how difficult it is to find a place of accommodation when you’re new somewhere and don’t know anyone at the place. There are many things which can be big problems, like price being too expensive, locality not being so good, not being able to find better place etc.

Airbnb is founded by such owners who’ve been through all these hardships and couldn’t find a great place for themselves too. So in order to save others the trouble, they developed this amazing app. Airbnb has listings in over 191 countries and is used by 150 million people…that’s huge! You can get many places as per your liking such as apartments, houses and even bed & breakfast. Airbnb lets you book many places even at the minute. It means that you can book the place and start living there even on the same day, Airbnb is speed!

Want to rent a place but aren’t sure about the date? No problem, just save the place and whenever you’re ready, just book the place as per your wish. With Airbnb, you can even invite your friends to stay with you and plan a trip together, until and unless you aren’t like me with no friends. If you aren’t much confident about a place, you can always check or share its rating to know if it’s the right one for you.

Developer: Airbnb, Inc.
Price: Free

28. Mint


We all love mint, right? They’re so freshening to cons- sorry, we’re talking about apps. Mint is your personal finance app that provides numerous financial planning and tracking tools. For starters, the app is completely free, sigh! Mint provides many helpful financial tools like bill reminders, budgeting, transaction tracking, etc. One of its most useful features is the credit score tracker. You can track your credit score and accordingly judge your chances of getting a loan in the future. To use Mint, you must sign up and connect the app with your financial accounts. Mint connects with almost any US financial institution so that you can get the best out of your Mint account. As the app detects different transactions, it automatically categorizes them based on different expenses and its accuracy is really high too. For budgeting, Mint doesn’t create a single budget for all your expenses. Instead, it creates separate budgets for different categories and you can set budgets for as many categories as you like. You can set a weekly budget, monthly budget, budget for a few months, or a single budget for once. The money which was spent more than the budget can be shown on the budget of the next month or if less money is spent than the budget, it can roll over to the next month. Seriously, Mint is perfect for financial planning.

‎Mint: Budget & Expense Manager
‎Mint: Budget & Expense Manager

29. Morpho Converter


A simple yet feature-rich unit converter app, Morpho Converter is just too much to be called a normal converter. You can choose from 214 units and 170 currencies to convert at your fingertips. You can view and add common units of measure from 256 countries and areas, that’s vast, seriously vast. Among those 256 countries and regions, you can view the driving side, electrical information, calling codes, and even time zones. You can even get your search result spoken to you with Morpho Converter by choosing between the 26 languages in settings. This is the feature of Morpho Converter that would blow your mind away- you can ask Siri for help with the conversions and the voice assistant would tell you the full list of conversions, easy-peasy. 

Get the ultimate unit converter here: Morpho Converter

‎Morpho Converter
‎Morpho Converter
Developer: Think Tap Work
Price: Free+

30. Streaks Workout

streaks workout

Using your iPhone for other matters is well and good but have you ever wondered if you could use your iPhone for improving your health? Streaks Workout, your personal trainer which would lead you to the path of a healthy lifestyle, is an app that all of us should use. Try the Streaks Workout app, which would help you stay fit without any type of equipment. You can exercise anywhere, anytime with just your iPhone and a floor, that’s not much to ask for…right?

You won’t be able to make any excuses if you can get a free fitness trainer and an option to select the exercise you wanna do from a list of 30 different equipment-free exercises. You can set different workout lengths of 6 minutes, 12 minutes, 18 minutes, or 30 minutes. Working out can be really fun with Streaks Workout which would play workout music if you have an Apple Music subscription. You can even see your workout history and try to figure out what you’d be doing next to get in shape. You can choose what exercises you’d be doing according to your age and abilities. Download and move towards a healthy lifestyle with Streaks Workout.

‎Streaks Workout
‎Streaks Workout
Developer: Crunchy Bagel
Price: $3.99

31. MusicHarbor

music harbor

Songs are probably the only source of motivation for many people in current times. Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t like songs at all? That’s actually not possible. We all love songs. So, ever thought of having a single place that is completely devoted to songs and artists? MusicHarbor is that world of magical dreams where you can find all your favorite artists and follow them. You can get the quickest updates of their recent works and listen to them just like the Apple Music app. With MusicHarbor, along with songs, you can enjoy your favorite artist’s music videos, events, news, and even record labels closely. MusicHarbor is the most formidable app for anyone who loves music and wanna listen to the newest songs from different artists. MusicHarbor is integrated with iOS, which means that it works just like an inbuilt app for iPhones, iPad, and Mac. There’s nothing you could possibly complain about the user interface of the app, it’s well optimized and perfect for anyone. You can see the lists of all the new releases on a single feed and filter them according to your preference. There are different categories of tabs on MusicHarbor such as Released and Upcoming where you can find all the songs you want. 

MusicHarbor has many different artists from big platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and if you can’t find your favorite artists on the list, you can just add them manually.

‎MusicHarbor - Track New Music
‎MusicHarbor - Track New Music

32. LastPass


 Ever tried logging into your Instagram or other social media account and forgot your password? Seriously, remembering passwords for all apps and websites where you have an account can be too much bothersome. Don’t you think there should be someone who’d remember all of your passwords for different platforms and would never disclose them to anyone? LastPass does the same for you. This fabulous app ensures that you safely log in to any app or website of your choice without worrying about the password even for once. How does it work? Just create a master password for LastPass and forget everything else, except that master password. Now while you log in to any of your accounts, you’d just need to enter that single master password and LastPass would take care of the rest. Just download the LastPass extension and install the extension in your browser for saving and accessing your passwords. This way, you’d never ever have to remember any other password besides the master password that you’d create using LastPass. You can add all the sites to the LastPass vault, which you’d ever want to login to, and then the next time you try logging in using your browser, it’d be too for you. LastPass is probably the most useful extension tool which all of us need for our safety.

‎LastPass Password Manager
‎LastPass Password Manager

33. ShareTheMeal

share the meal

 This app may not benefits you directly but it really helps the World and humanity. We all are at our homes, secure and leading our lives peacefully. But not everyone is as privileged as us, there are many people, including young kids, who can’t even find enough food for survival. Thankfully, ShareTheMeal is a divine platform that lets you help those kids without much effort. ShareTheMeal is a charity app from the United Nations World Food Programme.  It allows you to feed a hungry child with just a few taps on your phone. Hunger isn’t just a small problem, it has taken countless lives. But together we can stop it from spreading any further and ShareTheMeal can be our source for it. A small amount and a few taps from you can save a precious life, you cannot be luckier.

Provide your help here: ShareTheMeal

34. Sneaky Sasquatch


Our first game on the list, Sneaky Sasquatch has been voted as the best game of 2020 on the Appstore. Why? Because it’s super fun to play and you’d spend hours playing this game without even realizing it. Sneaky Sasquatch is a roleplaying adventurous game that gives an open-world experience. As creative as the name sounds, the game lives up to its name.

Live the life of a Sasquatch and fo everyday Sasquatch stuffs such as sneaking around camps, disguising in human outfits, cooking sausages on the engine block, digging up buried treasure, racing vehicles, crushing cars with monster trucks, and many more. Sounds fun, right? The game is even funnier. Not to mention, the graphics quality of the game is also pretty amazing considering the mere size of 300MB. This game is seriously hilarious and something that you must try at least once if you like roleplaying games.

Start your adventure now: Sneaky Sasquatch

‎Sneaky Sasquatch
‎Sneaky Sasquatch
Developer: RAC7 Games
Price: Exclusive to Arcade

35. Genshin Impact


Another game on the list has been rather popular among gamers lately. The game starts in Teyvat, which is a huge world, teeming with life and flowing with elemental energy. Genshin Impact includes the legends of many Gods and lets you fight many powerful characters while seeking answers from Gods of each element. You, along with your sibling, arrive at an unknown world and your powers are taken away from you. Try and find all the clues on your journey and team up with different characters in the game. You’d even come across many mysteries of Teyvat and would explore this world full of adventures and powerful characters. The only problem with this game is its big size, which is 4GB.

Yeah, that’s way too much. But after playing the game, you’d have no complaints at all.

Download the game here: Genshin Impact

‎Genshin Impact
‎Genshin Impact
Price: Free+

Ready to Install the Must have Apps for your iPhone?

Ok, we understand that these are way too many apps but hey, we’re talking about iPhones. Just as amazing they are, they’ve many amazing apps for them too, and therefore, it’s too difficult to minimize the list to just a handful of those apps. Then too, we tried our level best by picking up only the ones which we felt that you should try and we’d love to get your feedback on them. These apps are available on all genuine platforms and are completely safe to use, have faith in us. We believe that these apps are too good to cause problems for you in any way, then too if you have any doubts or problems regarding them, we are always there to help you out.

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