How To Loop a Video on YouTube?

Ways to Loop a YouTube Video:

Have you ever wanted to know how to loop a video on Youtube? Here’s a simple guide that will help you loop your videos indefinitely. There are a couple of hacks that will help you play the videos play on a constant loop.

Just follow these some of these hacks to loop a video indefinitely:

#1 Right-click:

If you are watching videos on youtube on the web browser of Chrome or Firefox, use these steps:


Right, click on the video screen and a pop-up menu appears with many options. Click on the loop option to play the video repeatedly.

However, this menu is unique to YouTube.  If that doesn’t work, change the web browser. If its chrome, you can try another right click, you will get this screen.

You can select the “loop” option from this menu to play the videos repeatedly. However, this menu is specific to the Google Chrome web browser.

#2: Create a manual playlist:

There are some steps involved in this method:

Step1:  Sign into your YouTube account.

Step2: Click on the Icon “Add to” icon.

Add to

Step 3: It will then prompt you to add the video to the playlist.

Step4:  You can add the video any number of times to your playlist and watch them all day long.

#3: Use the websites

Many websites exist on the web that exists for users who don’t know how to loop a video on Youtube?

Use youtubeloop website to loop the video repeatedly. All you need to do is just paste the URL and search the video. You can either loop the video or a part of the video.

#4: Extension:

If any of these methods don’t work, then you have the option of installing an extension. For Google Chrome, there is youtubeloop.


Add this extension to your Google Chrome to watch your favorite videos all long.



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