8 Things You have to know about Google

Internet8 Things You have to know about Google

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Google Birthday is just a few days ahead and it is the right time to update my old post (3 years ago) about Google.

I’m writing this post on 9/27/16, Yes, Today is Google’s 18th Birthday,

This is Google’s doodle today on its 18th Birthday.

Happy B’day Google! – May God bless you!

8 Things to know about Google | Meet Data

Here are some 8 videos Google uploaded today, and you should watch them understand Google and how they use data to serve us better.

1. How Google Search finds the right answers

When you search something in Google, you may end up with Million results. So, How Google helps you with the better results? Google uses data to work find what you really need for, they use your location, the trustworthiness of the website, and much more, check the video below.

2. How YouTube Finds videos you want to watch

YouTube shows you the perfect video that you are searching for, by what is trending, Liked and Shared. And YouTube keeps notes on your Searching patterns and shows you related videos next time and helps you see the right video.

3. How Google Organize your photos

So the below Video says How Google Organize your Photos.

4. How Google helps you Shorten your commute

Google calculates your commute so that you can go far work in correct time.

5. Find your new favorite song

Below Video shows How Google find your new favourite song

6. How Google Maps gets you places faster

Google Maps, one of the Best Services by Google. Google maps helps you in Showing directions, shows you how quickly traffic is moving, Accident alerts,  Road closures, and much more

7. Translate your words

Google translate helps you to find right words to say in any language,

8. Finally, Google says Why your data matters

Here is the final video, Google saying about what it does with your Data,

Once again, Happy Birthday Google!!

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