Top 10 Best Job Search Sites to find your Next Job in 2022

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If you are looking for a job that suits your requirement, it is important for you to make yourself known and available to potential employers. If you ask me, one of the best ways to be visible to your ideal employers is by having your profiles on some of the well-known job search sites. Online job sites have become a default way to commence your search for a job. As there are many employment search websites (generic and niche), social platforms for jobs, job aggregators etc. available on the internet that showcases employers and their job requirements. If you as a job seeker don’t approach them, you are losing a great deal.

List of Job Search Engines in 2021 to Change your Career

All you need to do is be visible to on these platforms with the best of your resume/profiles. Your dream job is just a couple of clicks away when you are on these job search sites.

I am compiling a list of 10 best job search sites that you must definitely have your profile on. Here we go!


Indeed job search is a popular search engine for jobs across the globe. In simple terms, we can say that a job aggregator that lists down millions of jobs compiled from across hundreds of job portals. In addition to listings, they also provide additional features such as Job alerts, reviews of each company listed on their portal, advanced job searches and much more.

If you are a job seeker, all you need to do on is to feed in information that mainly includes what you are looking for and the job location. On click of a button ‘Find jobs’, you simply have a list of all jobs available. also has an advanced search facility, where you key in information such as – estimated salary, job types, job portals, company name, keywords, location range from where you reside, the age of job listing and many more. All in all, I can say, what Google is for web searches, is for job searches.

Be it a job seeker or an employer, creating a profile on this job portal is a piece of cake. You can have your account up within few minutes.


monster jobs is one of the oldest and widely popular job search website offering millions of jobs across geographies, job types, niches etc. You can find jobs related to every career field that you can think off, which range from hourly based local jobs or full time to part time employment opportunities as well. Furthermore, you also get help on getting your resume written, career advice and much more, all within the website for a decent cost to you.

With separate sections for employees and employers, has offered for all. additionally has a feature, which will post job listings for job providers on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


career builder

Unlike many other job portals that are mostly aggregators, CareerBuilder directly secures jobs from employers for listing. too is a similar website. CareerBuilder over the years has grown to be one of the largest job portals assisting job seekers and employers alike.

Their job search feature on their home page is that we have to definitely talk about. This search functionality has just 2 fields that can pull out jobs very effectively. One field that requires Job Title, Skills or Company, while the other field filters search based on location parameters – City, State or Zipcode. CareerBuilder as per my experience with them has one of the best customer support that you can rely on 24X7.

4. jobs is a well-known job search sites for technology professional. Unlike some of the other job portals, caters to employers and job aspirants only in the technology space – both software and hardware related jobs.

Searching for your ideal jobs too is made easy by and as a job seeker, all you need to feed in is some basic job and location-related information. With just a click of a button, you have an exhaustive list of jobs on your screen.

One thing that blew my mind away is their list of blog articles. If you are looking for some valuable insights into the current happenings in technology space, you must definitely subscribe to this job search website.

5. LinkedIn

Linkedin jobs

Unlike most other job search sites, LinkedIn is a professional network, where employers and employees can converse on a daily basis. On LinkedIn, you can easily find contacts of prospective employers, search jobs, follow companies and recruiters and more. The best part is you can simply create a resume within seconds all with a click of a button, and share your profile with employers almost immediately.


glassdoor jobs is majorly known to be a job review community, where professionals provide feedback on their organizations. In addition to being a community, Glassdoor also has employment-related services like others that we discussing in this write-up. Glassdoor has unique job search functionality, where anyone visiting the website can search for jobs based on Job description, companies, salary expectation, available interviews and more.

Glassdoor also gives access to additional information including – company specific – interview questions, salary reports, reviews and more.


JoobleJooble is one among the Global Job search sites, which spread wide across Globally and serve Europe, Asia and the Middle East, North and South America, Africa and other Oceanic Countries.

Features of Jooble is, you won’t see duplicate job postings, postings from different portals will be shown as one, very good filter option to make custom personalization.


Idealist jobs is a job portal much like others, but with a catch. It is the ideal one for individuals looking for full time volunteering jobs and internships. These jobs are mostly in non-profit organizations.

Additionally, also compiles and lists other job opportunities as well. The best part is finding your ideal organization is a walk in the park for the no of filters they have provided in their search functionality. A must try job portal for all.


Linkup jobs

If you are a job seeker looking to eliminate job-related scams, spams, duplicate job listings etc. you must definitely try LinkUp. This is because‘s criteria to list jobs are very rigorous and only job opportunities listed on company website make it to the list.


This Job specifically is for the US geography that has access to millions of unique jobs and positions from employers within the country. is a direct partnership between Direct Employers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) engineered to develop the labor market and unswervingly unite employers and job seekers.

The part of that I found very interesting is that it maintains a separate category for jobs for disabled persons, veterans, senior citizens, youth etc.

Bonus: Google Jobs

Google jobs

Another jewel in Google’s product line, Google job is a job search platform for job seekers in almost all career fields, including in – Engineering & Technology, Sales & Support, Marketing & Communications, Designing, Finance, Legal, Facilities and more.

Backed by Google search engine’s top-notch search algorithm, Google Jobs help you find the right job opportunities from different portals and job websites.

Job seekers, keep one thing in mind. There are always jobs available for everyone, that too within their vicinity of residence. It is just that you are your potential employer are disconnected. Only and the best way to connect with them and grab your dream job is by being on job search sites where they can find you.


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