Top 5 iPhone Clock and Weather Widgets

AppleTop 5 iPhone Clock and Weather Widgets

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Having a clock widget on your iPhone home screen can create a very attractive look and it can also be productive to you as well! Especially, if you have to keep track of multiple cities at once. Most of the clock widget apps on the iPhone also provide weather forecasts that can be really useful in case you are making plans somewhere.

iPhone clock Widget

Best iPhone Clock Widgets

To help you choose better from the collection available on the app store, here are the best picks! These Clock and Weather widgets are ranked based on the no of downloads, user reviews, and ratings in the Apple store.

1. World Clock Time Widget

World Clock Time Widget

With the help of this widget, you will be able to get accustomed to the times of any country any time you wish just with the help of one single slide or swipe. The world’s time is in your one swipe now.

  • Accurate and comprehensive: Be whichever place you chose this widget will always show you the correct and exact time always.
  • Reliable and Convenient: You can fully rely on this widget for the time zone you want to see and also this is very convenient.
  • Customizable and useful: Here you can customize according to your wish and this makes it very useful.

It comes with amazing themes, time-traveling themes and many more attractive features that grab the people’s attention solely.

Download World Clock Time Widget

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2. Weather clock widget

Weather Clock Widget

Weather clock widget as suggested in the name itself is one of the best widget known so far for weather forecast along with the time zone of any particular place you chose. It shows the exact weather condition of the chosen place.

  • Humidity, dew point, precipitation level, etc. are shown along with the temperature of the air.
  • It not only comes with seven different new themes but also it has the night mode facility.
  • You can select multiple icons for this widget and or is supported by Siri as well.
  • Local as well as world time zones are shown here and again it has the 3D touch systems.

This widget has several smooth going and attention-grabbing facilities that make it perfect for functioning.

Download Weather Clock Widget

3. Time intersect – World time

Time Intersect - World Time

This is one of the frequently used time widgets that can convert time with the help of gestures and therefore this widget is preferred by many users. The world clock is supported here in this widget hence it is very beneficial.

  • It has a facility for setting up meeting times in accordance with other time zones. Participants can be minimized as well.
  • It has a digital clock feature that makes the outlook of the clock better and attractive.
  • You can combine your location with any other nearby locations to avoid any kind of duplication.

It may be supported by ads but you can skip those ads and keep adding locations.

Download Time Intersect – World Time

4. World clock by time and

World Clock by timeanddate com has brought up a world clock supporting widget that makes world clock facilities better compared to other widgets and is considered as one of the best widgets clocks for iPhones.

  • You can place it in your home screen of the iPhone and therefore it will be easier for you to access the time.
  • In this widget, you will also get to know the sunrise and sunset timing and also information relating to twilight and dawn.
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates are shown here as well and foreign currencies are acceptable.

The best part is you can sync this widget with Cloud and you can get access to the Gregorian calendar.

Download World Clock by Time and date

5. World Clock – Time Zone Widget

World Clock — Time Zone Widget

With this clock widget, you can check the time of any part of the world in a jiffy! You can also choose between the digital and analog clocks, and also add your favorite cities. It has an extremely simple and neat interface that goes very well on your home screen.

  • You can choose to display the time with seconds and also select between 12 hours and 24-hour clocks.
  • Add the widget to your phone in just 3 simple steps.
  • More than 10,000 cities available to add the time of the widget.
  • You can also rename a particular city to whatever you wish, and make it your own custom clock!

The latest update at the time of writing this article also supports the dark mode. Overall, its an extremely lightweight and simple app to use.

Download World Clock – Time Zone Widget

What’s the best Clock Widget for your iPhone?

So, these are the top clock widgets you can put for your iPhone. Choose between the ones you like the most and make it easier to read time / weather from your home screen!

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