internet tips and tricks:

                Internet is something an essential thing now-a-days. But many tricks of internet are going unknown to people. Here are some internet tips and tricks that you’ll often need


1. Incognito:

Some people don’t want others to view their browsing history. Such people could use incognito which refers “disguise”. To do this just press “Ctrl + Shift + N” which takes you to a private browser in which chat histories can’t be viewed once you close all the tabs. Remember this will work only in chrome. To do the same in Firefox and internet explorer use “Ctrl + Shift + P”.

2. Search term trick:
You would have read some article a while ago and you need it now. You do remember only some of the words in that article. To find it use the trick “AROUND”. For example: you know very well that the article holds the word “popular” and “devious” re within 15 words of each other. Now search “popular” AROUND (15) “amazing”. This in turn shows you your search results.
3.”define” trick:

At times people uses google to look for synonyms. Instead of just typing the word in the search box use define, which will shows you the definition or synonym of the word initially.

4. Font size:
Many people don’t know that font size can be increased in the browser. To do so use “Ctrl + +” and to minimize “Ctrl + -“. “Ctrl + Shift + T” reopens the tabs that you have just closed.

5. Address bar trick:
Do you feel very lazy to type the whole address in the address bar? Then this trick will be useful. For example, instead of typing www.waftr.comjust type waftr and press “Ctrl + Enter”.
6. Google as a timer:
If you are in need of a timer when you are browsing, then don’t waste your time in searching for a timer. You could use Google as a timer. In the search box type “set timer 2 minutes” and click search. When the page is loaded the timer starts and when your timer runs out it will raise an alarm to notify you.


 7. Search a keyword:
In the search box type “intext:<Keyword>” to highlight a certain keyword or phrase you are looking for. example: intext:blogger

8. Browser as notepad:

You can use your browser as a notepad. Jus copy and paste the code in the address bar. This trick works for chrome and Firefox. The code is,
9. do a barrel roll:

 In the Google search box type “do a barrel roll” and click search button. You will see the magic. The entire page will turn upside down once.

10.  magic “O”
 In the search box type “zerg rush” and click search button. You will see some magic o’s destroying the content of the page. This is just a game. This works in chrome, Firefox and safari.


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