Instagram now lets 10 photos and videos in single post

Instagram Galleries - Send 10 Photos in 1 Post

Instagram was going through a series of tests on making some bigger transformation in its social image sharing platform. The test is now a success, finally, in your Instagram post, you can share multiple images.

This is indeed a great success for Instagram and an awesome treat for all the insta fans around the globe. Earlier this multiple image sharing was available to only advertisers, but now it’s spread across all.

If you are thinking how to get this new exciting feature in your Instagram account; well, it’s just one simple click on the new icon, on the bottom right of the images you select. The additional excitement comes when one can see that, you can upload up to 10 images in a single post. This is indeed a great transformation and a big bonus for all the Instagram lovers.

How are the followers going to view the images?

The new photo feature can be viewed by the followers through swiping the carousel side to side. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that for the time being Instagram has limited to using only one caption for the entire post of maximum 10 photos, and all are in the viewing angles of square aspect ratio. One can view each photo of the post through some dots that will be highlighted in each square which they can hover to swipe over to see next photo.instagram-galleries

With Instagram being owned by Facebook it has seen some new waves when it comes to photo sharing socializing. People always were skeptical like how much of transitions will they see over the years but Instagram has always proved themselves to be standing tall against all odds.

Thus the new feature will benefit the individual as well as business users to raise a toast of their photos in more compact and lucid form.


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