How to increase score on Snapchat 2022

InternetHow to increase score on Snapchat 2022

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Snapchat is an Android and iOS app, headed by co-founder Evan Spiegel. The basic idea of the Snapchat App lies in the core concept that any pictures or videos or messages you send are only available for a short time before they become inaccessible. The natural flow of interaction was encouraged and gained huge popularity from the temporary nature of the app.

Snapchat Score

Originally started for private, person-to-person photo sharing, Snapchat can now be used it for a range of different tasks, which includes sending short videos, live video chatting, messaging, creating caricature avatars apart from the sharing feature of videos and photos through a unique chronology ‘story’ that is sent to all your followers. Adding on the charm there’s even a designated “Discovery” area within the app that is designed to showcase short-form content from major publishers. Snapchat also boasts of a “Memories” feature, allowing you to save snaps and stories to a private storage area.

To get things rolling, we first need to understand what exactly is a Snapchat score? Now to start just drag your finger from the top to the bottom of your screen to reveal your profile page. Right next to your name is you’ll find a bunch of numbers. This is not something that shows the number of snaps that you have sent to your friends rather this number is actually your Snapchat score. It shows your social health on Snapchat.

Nothing comes easy, and so is the Snapchat score, to get a high score, you need to work on it. The geeky heads with the auto bods re not sitting in the headquarters looking for you, so that implies that you have to raise the level of your game.

Steps to improve Snapchat score in 2022:

Let us help you with these five simple steps to improve Snapchat Score. Ready?

1. Shut down

The best way of defense is offense, which here means, that uninstall your app for a while. And believe me or not this will boost your score to a great extent. So the magic lies in the fact that when you uninstall and then reinstall the app Team Snapchat is so pleased you’re back they boost your rating! Also, shower some love on the Team Snapchat, they will like to be involved and feel some love from followers.

 2. Be open to opening

To gain something, you got to do something. Ignoring those long stories of your friends isn’t a healthy option, as you are losing out on crucial points by doing so. To keep the math simple, the simple act of opening snaps *gives you points*. An opened snap = a single point. Although this won’t help you overnight, in a longer run, it’s definitely a YES.

3. Friendly fun

We are not asking you to be that person who keeps on sending good morning and good night texts. But the reality lies in the fact that the more snaps you send, the more will be your score.

Something worth remembering is the fact that it’s one point. Not one point per person. Which means you can’t just send a snap of you to every single person you follow and bag tons of points.

4. Hit up celebs

Here is a little secret, I am dishing out for you , it’s obvious that Sending 150+ different snaps a day could end up alienating you from your real friends. Do they really need to see, what you are doing every second? But if you start sending some celebrity loads of different snaps in a day, the star is probably too inundated with her other followers sending snaps to open a bunch of boring ones.

So the secret lies in the plain truth that, scatter-bombing celebs with pointless snaps (is actually a very good way to boost your points.

5. Hack off!

Don’t ever fall in the trap of websites telling you that they can increase your points by astonishing numbers. This can never happen as the Snapchat algorithm cannot be hacked. Plain Simple. By reaching out to these websites, al l you will get is your inbox filled u with surveys, and the inbox will look more like spam box.

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