How to increase Internet speed

Increase Internet speed:Increase internet speed in Windows

Webpages loading very slow, Downloads taking more time, Youtube videos are buffering till night. Huff, Having very low internet speed is frustrating. A Good internet speed is needed wherever you are. Below are the ways to increase your Internet Speed. Before Everything, Check your Internet Speed.

Steps to increase Internet speed

Step 1: Be clear with your Internet Plan.

Check what you are Paying for the Internet consumption, Whats the Internet Package you are using and what is the speed they assured, You can check your Internet Speed here. If the assured speed is not found, contact the customer service and report the problem.

Step 2: Restart your Modem

Press the restart button or Trun off and On your Modem, sometimes a single restart wil speed up the Internet. Just give it a try. If you experience the same speed then go ahead with Step 3.

Step 3: Change your modem or router Position

       Just relocate your Wireless router, may be the router gets bad signal, moving it to some other place will help router get some good signals, Hence you will get high Internet speed than the previous.

Step 4: Use Ethernet Instead of Wi-Fi

         Even after moving the router from one place to a better place doesn't works, try using Ethernet Instead of Wi-Fi routers, Ethernet will give the PC the direct Internet signals. Hence you may experience good internet speed by using Ethernet than the Wi-Fi.

Step 5: Configure your PC     

Normally  20 % of bandwidth is reserved by the Microsoft for its own purpose, such as windows update and for the interrogation in your pc. So you can increase internet speed by doing the following.

  • Click on then start option and then run
  • Type gpedit.msc
  • Group policy editor window will get open
  • Goto local computer policy
  • select computer configuration ->administrative templates->network -> QOS packet scheduler ->limit reservable bandwidth.
  • Double click on the limit reservable bandwidt
  • It will display as it can't be configured
  • Just click on explain tab it will have the explanation  as By default the packet scheduler limit the system to 20 % of the bandwidth but you can override the default”
  • Enable the reservable bandwith in the limt reservable bandwidth and then set that to zero

This Helps increase Internet speed and It will not allow the system to reserve the bandwidth rather than the default 20 % and you could Experience a great speed of the Internet in your Windows 7 or Widows 8 and even in Windows Xp PC. Check your Internet speed after doing the above steps surely your Windows PC will get increased Internet speed.

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