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After WhatsApp’s announcement on the new privacy policy change, many started searching for another good messaging platform, and some already started using the Signal app, which is an open-source messaging platform with better privacy than WhatsApp. After a few days of Elon Musk’s tweet about the signal, people started rushing to use the Signal App. In this post I’m going to guide you on “How to use signal app on desktop”, It can be Windows or Mac, or Linux, Signal app has a dedicated app for all these computers.

Steps to download and use the Signal App on PC.

Keep your PC and Mobile ready, as you need both to sync and use your Signal Messenger on PC.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to see the download section
  3. Choose your Operating System (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
  4. Download the App
  5. Install and Scan the QR using your Signal app on mobile.
scan Signal app QR code

To scan QR on your mobile phone, Click settings, and choose linked devices and click the + icon. Click OK and you can see the contacts, Groups, and messages appearing, give it a few seconds to completely show up. Now your Signal Messenger will be ready on your Desktop.

You can also Download the App for your PC, using the below URLs.

  • Signal for Windows –
  • Signal for Mac –
  • Signal for Linux – #Signal
Is there a Web version for Signal Messenger?

No, unlike WhatsApp you don’t have a Web version on Signal at the moment, You have to Download the App for your PC and use.

How to Delete Signal App on PC?

If you just want to remove the app from PC, go to Add or remove program section and uninstall the app. But, You’ll still have the signal account on your phone.

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